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GEOLOOKUP -- lookup geo location by IP address or domain name

  • The %GEOLOOKUP{}% variable is handled by the GeoLookupPlugin
  • Syntax: %GEOLOOKUP{"host" format="..."}%
  • Parameter "host": Host IP address or host name
  • Parameter format="...": Format of geolocation, optional. Default is "$city, $region, $country_name". Supported variables:
    • $latitude: Latitude
    • $longitude: Longitude
    • $city: City name
    • $region: Region name
    • $country_name: Country name
    • $country_code: Two letter country code
    • $postal_code: Postal code (USA only)
    • $metro_code: Metropolitan code (USA only)
    • $area_code: Telephone area code (USA only)
  • Examples:
    • %GEOLOOKUP{""}% shows default format (city, region, country code)
    • %GEOLOOKUP{"" format="$latitude, $longitude"}% shows comma separated Latitude and Longitude
  • Related: GeoLookupPlugin
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