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TWiki Shorthand

  • Separate each paragraph with a blank line.
  • To display a word or phrase in bold type, put it in asterisks: *bold type*.
  • To display a word or phrase in italic, put it in underscores: _italic_.
  • To display a word or phrase in bold italic, put it in double underscores: __bold italic__.
  • To link to another Wiki topic, type the WikiWord for that topic. To link to a Wiki topic in another web, type the name of the web, and a dot, first: Sandbox.WebHome.
  • If you enter a WikiWord for a topic that doesn't exist, it'll appear highlighted with a red-link, prompting you (or someone else) to start off the new topic by clicking the link - NewTopic (click the link, but don't save, to preserve the example!).
  • When entering WikiName signatures - like, guest - include "Main." as a prefix, since all TWiki member pages are in the Main web: Main.YourName.
  • For an external link, type the full URL: http://twiki.org/.
  • To prevent a WikiWord from becoming a link, type <nop> or an exclamation point first: <nop>NoLinkPlease or !NoLinkPlease.
  • To indent with a bullet, enter [space][space][space][asterisk][space].
    • Use multiples of 3 spaces to start nested bullets.
      • That's 3-6-9-...
  • To create a numbered list:
    1. Start items in a numbered list with [space][space][space][1][space].
    2. The "1" (or any number) will be replaced by the correct number, in order.
    3. To add a new paragraph without restarting list numbering, use the %BR% variable, like below:
      Text added (in new paragraph)
    4. and list numbering continues.
  • Always start counting spaces for bullets and such from the beginning of a new line.
  • To include an image, type its URL. You also can Attach an image to the page and display it with text
  • To display a word or phrase in MONOSPACED TYPE, put it in equal signs: =like this=.
    Use ==two== for bold: bold mono.
  • Use <verbatim> to enclose code excerpts, filenames, and other unformatted text:
    unformatted text!

    ALERT! NOTE: VARIABLES can be set within verbatim tags, that is, they are not disabled
  • Use <literal> to enclose anything that TWiki must not touch under any circumstances, such as in-line HTML code.
  • Follow GoodStyle recommendations when editing topics.
  • See TextFormattingRules for the complete set of formatting rules.

Related topics: WikiSyntax, WikiWord, WikiNotation, TextFormattingRules, TWikiEditingShorthand, TWikiRenderingShortcut

Comments & Questions about this Distribution Document Topic

This topic includes WikiSyntax for now (the 01 Feb 2003 release)

-- PeterThoeny - 01 Feb 2003

Everything else on this page is easy to grasp on first reading, except ATTACHURL.

-- GeorgWrede - 10 Apr 2003

I cant figure out the use of BR variable . If there is an example it will help to understand that

-- TapeshAgarwal - 09 May 2006

I figured it out now. Attaching the sample

Numbered List
   1 Item1
   2 Item2 %BR% here I can insert some description
   1 Item1
   1 Item2

This will be displayed as:- Numbered List

  1. Item1
  2. Item2
    here I can insert some description
  3. Item1
  4. Item2

-- TapeshAgarwal - 09 May 2006

It's hard to figured it out.

-- HuangCindy - 29 Sep 2008

Does anyone know if it is possible to have ordered lists where the type of character used to indicate the order depends on the level of sublist that it is?

For example, we need there to be some lists like this:

    1. first subtopic
    2. second subtopic
        a) first sub-subtopic
        b) second sub-subtopic
              i. this is a sub-sub-subtopic.
              ii. another sub-sub-subtopic
              iii. another
         c) the third sub-subtopic
     3. This is the THIRD subtopic
     1. etc,
     2. etc,
     3. etc.

We also may need the following style:

1. First topic
    1.1. first subtopic
    1.2. second subtopic
        1.2.1. first sub-subtopic
        1.2.2. second sub-subtopic
     this is a sub-sub-subtopic.
     another sub-sub-subtopic
         1.2.3 the third sub-subtopic
     1.3. This is the THIRD subtopic
     3.1. etc,
     3.2. etc,
     3.3. etc.


-- EnriqueEder - 2010-02-14

Your first list is possible, see details in TextFormattingRules

Your second list is not directly supported, but see NumberedHeadings and NumberedHeadingsWithNesting.

Best to ask support question in the Support forum.

-- PeterThoeny - 2010-02-15

Please use the Support forum if you have questions about TWiki features. This comment section is about the documentation of this topic.
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Topic revision: r11 - 2010-06-13 - PeterThoeny
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