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The Koala Skin

Discussions on this skin are on the topic KoalaSkinDev
Current development status is in KoalaSkinTodoList
Viewing topics Editing topics Creating new topic Generated site map No margin view style No webs bar style

Live demo: http://koala.ilog.fr/wiki/ (The Test web in the Wiki tab is not protected, feel free to add/edit topic there)

If you use this skin, please subscribe to the announcement of new versions: http://koala.ilog.fr/mailman/listinfo/koalaskin-announce . You can also be mailed on changes on this topic (no more than once a day) by the nice free service at changedetection.com

Below is a copy of the pub/Plugins/KoalaSkin/TWikiKoalaSkin.txt included in the distribution:

Please, if you edit this page, as I overwrite it with the page in my distrib on new versions, mention your change on KoalaSkinDev to warn me

Koala Skin Version 3.2 - Instructions

By Colas Nahaboo. http://colas.nahaboo.net


Skin Info

Description: To provide a look and feel close to well known web sites, but not hiding too much the Wiki-ness of it. We wanted also to do it in clean HTML+CSS code, with as little images as possible
Screenshot: Click for full screen image
Base Name: koalaskin
Skin Author: Colas Nahaboo
Skin Version: see TWiki:Plugins/KoalaSkin
Skin CVS Infos: $Revision: 1.59 $, $Date: 2008/12/10 12:31:54 $
Change History: see TWiki:Plugins/KoalaSkin#History_of_revisions
Skin Home: http://TWiki.org/cgi-bin/view/Plugins/KoalaSkin
Feedback: http://TWiki.org/cgi-bin/view/Plugins/KoalaSkinDev

Design goals

This skin has been designed to be able to use TWiki to replace an internal web site, with potentially a large number of webs (one site of 62 webs, and one of 38 now) and users (200+). The goal was to provide a look and feel close to well known web sites, but not hiding too much the Wiki-ness of it. We wanted also to do it in clean HTML+CSS code, with as little images as possible.

It should be both simple to the novice and close enough to traditional wikis for the expert. We emphasized the coherence of the look and the runtime efficiency over ease of modification by anyone from the web. Note that it is a full replacement of the whole TWiki templates... the 23 of them, this is not just a quick hack.

Although this is freeware code, and there is no formal support, as this skin is in use daily at vital sites for our company, it will be maintained actively, incorporating enhancements of the main TWiki tree, and try to retrofit its goodies to the main tree (the save/quietsave/checkpoint/preview system for instance). Expect an easily installable release per month.

This implementation also keeps a lot of the templates structure of the original TWiki templates.

  • A wiki page KoalaSkinWebList is written to describe the web pseudo-hierarchy.
  • A shell (bash 2.x) script generates the TWiki templates from this description. This script can be called offline or from TWiki.
  • This is developped on unix only, but it works on windows with cygwin (with the gcc devel package installed) since version 1.8. Note that templates can also be generated on a unix machines (on each new web creation), and then uploaded to a non-unix web server running the TWiki system.
    Warning: on cygwin, do not use winzip, which is quite buggy and can corrupt files. Use cygwin's tar xfz .

Features of the skin:

  • a navigation bar on top with tabs for web names provides a pseudo-hierarchy and allows handling many webs. All the webs are still in a flat space, so that adjusting the hierarchy do no break the URLs.
  • there is one level of hierarchy: a web can have sub-webs (the system could be expansed easily for any depth, though)
  • only top level webs ("group webs") can have specific colors. This is to reduce the "rainbow effect" plaguing big TWikis. Subwebs use the same color scheme as their group leader
  • user only give the hue of the webs and common page background color, rest of color scheme is deduced
  • hierarchy is flexible: it is changed by editing just one central wiki page, no actual file or directory moving takes place.
  • editing saves directly without going through preview. Note that convenient buttons are provided to also from the edit view, in one click:
    • Save Save topic and return to normal view
    • QuietSave Save but will not trigger email notification to people monitoring the page (same as checking the "Minor changes" checkbox)
    • Checkpoint Save, and re-edit immediately
    • Preview The old behavior: Do not save yet, but show what the topic would look if saved
    • Cancel Discard changes and return to view mode, release lock Note that these buttons are also available from the Preview view, with a convenient Back button to get back to the Edit view.
  • a search menu in the left margin provides a quick familliar central point to search in the site, web group, web, or topic names. This can also be put in the top bar to free the margin.
  • a convenient familliar "New topic" icon to create a topic, listing existing topics as a guide, optionally using the current page as a template, and allowing to set its parent from a menu.
  • nearly nothing is used from the web preferences, for ease of management of a big number of webs. Everything is defined in a single wiki topic KoalaSkinWebList. A script then generates (compiles) templates from this information, lowering runtime overhead. Note that this will generate about 500k of templates per web.
  • As the templates are "compiled" from a description, it is possible to have some fancy customisations that would be too costly to implement at runtime.
  • We tried to use CSS for defining the looks, rather than the %XXX% twiki variables, but staying within a subset of CSS understood by most browsers. Additional per site and per web CSS can be added.
  • New WebPreferences variables:
    • %TOPICS% can hold a web-specific list of interesting topics for the web, to place in a box in the left margin.
  • a site map (similar to the WikiWebTable) is generated.
  • TWikiForms position is settable globally and per-web.
  • Uses access keys: alt-e edits, alt-s saves...
  • Uses favicons, so tabs/bookmarks can have a differnt icon per web
  • Incorporates useful fixes: As TWiki releases tend to be more sparse, I tend to incorporate useful fixes in releases of KoalaSkin (approx. once per month), so that people keeping up to date with KoalaSkin releases will get the most important TWiki fixes this way.
  • skin is easily upgradable: just untar a new Koala Skin distrib in the wiki dir, and re-run the generating script! Distributed files should not be customized: customization happens in other files for which the distributed script can generate an initial form. For instance this file is distributed as an attachement that is included in the locally-modified topic. Thus upgrading will overwrite the attachement but not the local text.

Known Problems

  • Normal use works on Netscape 4.x. Bugs in this browser will show easily for some user constructs due to the use of nested tables. (blockquotes with long lines) I provide an ugly hack for this, FixForNS4Blockquote.patch on TWiki:Plugins/KoalaSkinDev


For the impatient, here is what to do to use it:

New installation HOWTO

  1. Go into your wiki dir. You must have the last 01 Feb 2003 TWiki release. If you may have applied additional patches, it should not cause major problems however. The wiki dir is the one under which you find a directory bin with scripts view, edit, etc...
  2. Uncompress the Koala Skin distrib there. You must have write access to the templates, bin, pub and data directory, adn subdirectories of data.
  3. If the data, templates, and pub TWiki dirs are not directly where you will run the script, either:
    1. (preferred) Use symbolic links to have links to the relevant places in the current dir for:
      data templates pub
    2. Generate a configuration file by running
      bin/koalaskin-generate -c
      and edit it to set its variables. Note that you will need to do this if your Web Home topics are not named WebHome.
    If needed, create a bin/koalaskin-generate.cfg file to hold customisations of the bin/koalaskin-generate script, see sample at the start of the script itself. You can set in it:
  • these directory paths
  • the path to the GNU utilities grep, sed and gcc if they are not by default in you PATH (no need to on unix and cygwin) Tradition versions of Sun, HP, etc,... will not work
  • Set in your global web preferences TWikiPreferences:
    6 spaces * Set SKIN = koala
    6 spaces * Set TOPICS =
    6 spaces * Set TOPICSTOP =
    6 spaces * Set EDITBOXSTYLE = width: 99%
    6 spaces * Set CSS =
    6 spaces * Set PRINTCSS =
    6 spaces * Set KSBUTTONS =
    6 spaces * Set RELATEDWEBS =
    (otherwise some %XXX% strings will show in the pages)
  • Apply the following fixes if they are not already on your system: (apply a patch for instance by: patch -p0 -E -s < PATCH_FILE ). Patches marqued [optional] are not needed for operation of the KoalaSkin, but are recommended in general.
    For CAIRO version (use the versions labeled for Cairo)
    1. TWiki:Codev/TerserSignature
    2. TWiki:Codev/ViewUseCssInKoala
    3. TWiki:Codev/DiffsFunctionDoesNotAuthenticateProperly
    4. TWiki:Codev/TopicMovedMessageTooVisible
    5. TWiki:Codev/SecurityAlertExecuteCommandsWithSearch (you should already have this one applied)
    6. Copy the image changes.gif into TWiki/TWikiDocGraphics/ in your =pub/=dir
      For BEIJING version:
    7. [not needed] TWiki:Codev/ViewMetadataPatch
    8. TWiki:Codev/TerserSignature (ignore the warnings)
    9. TWiki:Codev/ViewUseCssInKoala (2nd one, for Feb 2003 release)
    10. [optional] TWiki:Codev/LinksToWebHomeShowWebName
    11. [optional] TWiki:Codev/ExtraneousLineInHttpHeader
    12. [optional] TWiki:Codev/DiffsFunctionDoesNotAuthenticateProperly
    13. [optional] TWiki:Codev/AttachmentActionLinkBadName
    14. TWiki:Codev/TopicMovedMessageTooVisible
    15. Copy the image changes.gif into TWiki/TWikiDocGraphics/ in your =pub/=dir
  • In bin/.htaccess, say that savemulti and searchmulti needs valid-user, i.e. add:
    <Files "savemulti">
       require valid-user
    <Files "searchmulti">
       require valid-user
  • Create a topic KoalaSkinWebList
  • Execute the shell (bash 2.x) script bin/koalaskin-generate You must have write access to the templates/ subdirectory
  • Execute the shell (bash 2.x) script bin/koalaskin-generate -ccg (you only need to do it once) to create additional topics in webs.
  • Subscribe to koalaskin-announce@koalaPLEASENOSPAM.ilog.fr, See: http://koala.ilog.fr/mailman/listinfo/koalaskin-announce to be kept informed of new versions
  • For uninstallation, see the -r option below.


    Some common mistakes to check if it does not work:
    • Check that the scripts in bin/ dir (koalaskin-generate, savemulti, searchmulti) are executable
    • Check that the first line of the distributed scripts savemulti and searchmulti are correct for your system, for instance on cygwin it may be:
      #!c:/cygwin/bin/perl -wT
    • Check that you have not trailing spaces after the "* Set XXX =" declarations (TWiki bug). Especially the line " * Set SKIN = koala " will not apply the koala skin if there is a space at the end.

    Upgrading a previous KoalaSkin install

    Upgrading an existing Koala Skin installation is much simpler.
    1. Go into your wiki dir, and uncompress the Koala Skin distrib there.
    2. check history at the end for new features, things to do, patches to apply since the previous version.
      items prefixed by ALERT! indicates actions you must perform manually at this step, generally patches to TWiki or variables to set.
    3. re-generate templates by running bin/koalaskin-generate
    That's all!

    Changing web hierarchy

    To change the web hierarchy, colors, web descriptions, web options...
    1. edit KoalaSkinWebList under TWiki
    2. re-run bin/koalaskin-generate

    Optional components

    You may want to also install plugins that the KoalaSkin is designed to provide facilities for:

    Options of the bin/koalaskin-generate script

    • -i only outputs a template of what should be the KoalaSkinWebList topic, ready to cut and paste, with description of the available options.
    • -c creates a new configuration file for you to edit, bin/koalaskin-generate.cfg. Will not clobber an existing file.
    • -d only generates a tar/gzip distribution in /tmp
    • -r only removes Koala Skin installation: distributed files and generated templates. Leaves the local customizations (KoalaSkinWebList topic) untouched. You need also to change or remove the * Set SKIN = koala in TWikiPreferences to complete the uninstallation.


    If you change the distributed templates, please provide feed back so we can see if we can change the skin to get your changes as configuration tweaks in KoalaSkinWebList, to ease your future upgrades. The goal is to provide variables in KoalaSkinWebList to specify your customizations, so you only have to call the generate script without remembering to add options or patch things afterwards.

    TWiki preferences variables

    Moreover, users can at any time define the following TWiki vars in the WebPreferences topics of each web:
    • Set TOPICS = list of links
      defines a set of favorite links to appear in the "Topics" box in the left margin. Usually topics separated by <br>.
    • Set TOPICSTOP = list of links
      defines a set of favorite links to appear in the "Topics" row at the top for webs using the NOMARGIN. Same as above, but layouted differently: separated by |, and prefixed optionally by a
      <hr noshade size=1 width="90%">
    • Set CSS <link  rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="XXX">  
      Where XXX is the URL of a stylesheet local to the current web.   (that you have attached to a page, for instance).  
      Note that you can also directly include some CSS code in it, e.g:  
      =Set CSS = <style type="text/css">body {background:blue}</style>

      Warning: just setting it to the URL of an external stylesheet will not work, you will have to include it in the above "link" tag. This is done to allow direct inclusion of inline CSS code for small modifications, this is not the same as the KoalaSkinWebList variable KSCSS which must be an URL.
    • Set PRINTCSS = css code
      optional CSS code to add to the print view
    • Set KSBUTTONS = html code...
      Allow to place per-web customization (links, buttons) on the top right of the page under the top-right buttons (home, edit,...). It will be right-aligned just above the webs bar.
    • Set RELATEDWEBS = Web1.WebHome | Web2.WebHome | ...
      If the web has the WEBSRELATEDBAR option set in its entry in the KoalaSkinWebList topic, no other web will be shown in the web bar, except the contents of this var will be expansed in the web tab bar, so you should put there links to other webs related to the current one (or any kind of other links). For simple webs, the group web will also be shown left to the current web, and only the web tab if the web is a group.
    Note that you can set up new variables yourself to add customisations per web and possibly per user (if your set up forces people to authentify for just browsing). For instance, if you want to allow people to define topics that will be seen in all the site, and that local web topics are appended to these but do not override them (as is the case if you redefine TOPICS in a web), define in your site prefs TWikiPreferences:
    • Set TOPICS = some globally visible topics... %TOPICS_WEB%
    • Set TOPICS_WEB =
    Then, in your webs local prefs, you can redefine TOPICS_WEB and not TOPICS...

    Note: The following standard TWiki variable have no effect when the KoalaSkin is used and can be ignored:


    Adding per-web specific topics in left box

    (to the Topic menu on the left), define the TOPICS variable in the web WebPreferences topic, as a list of topics separated by <br> (line breaks)

    KoalaSkinWebList global variable

    You may want to allow for redefining some of the globally-defined variables in the KoalaSkinWebList topic such as:
    • KSCOLORBG the color of the page background
    • KSCOLORUNSEL color of tabs of unselected web groups
    • KSCOLORSEL color of the text of the selected tab
    • KSICON upper-left wiki icon IMG tag, with dims. If you want it to appear in mailed changes, do:
      • use full URLs, like %PUBURL%
      • put two spaces between img and src in the tag to fool the image-removal code of TWiki
    • KSTITLE html code to put after the icon. Defaults to nothing
    • KSLMARGIN left margin (default 150)
    • KSTABWIDTH minimum width of web tabs (default 80)
    • KSNOICONS if set to true (actually any non-empty string) generates templates not using any images for the row of buttons on the upper right: Home/Edit/Attach/Sitemap/Help
    • KSHELP the url the user gets to when clicking the Help icon defaults to: /cgi-bin/view/TWiki/WelcomeGuest
    • KSNOEXPAND if set to something else than "false", will not expanse templates at generation time, saving space (for a 18-web wiki, makes templates dir use 2.3M instead of 5.7M, compared to 0.4M without KoalaSkin). Expansion saves disk access on each web request, though.
    • KSWEBBAR=topic If present, will add links in the left box to a special topic to show a map of the current web with the TWiki:Plugins/TreePlugin that should be already install, as well as the TreePlugin.topics-v1.tar.gz from TWiki:Plugins/TreePluginDev Will also add links to maps from the global site map. The link will point to the topic given as a value, or to WebTreeBars if value is "on" or any non-empty, non-topic word.
    • KSNOWEBSBAR if set to non-empty, does not show the navbar with all the webs in the template. Useful for sites wanting a simpler look, or for webs dealing with very different topics where users of one web do not care to see other webs. This variable sets the default for the site, that can be overriden per-web with the NOWEBSBAR and WEBSBAR options below.
    • KSWEBSRELATEDBAR if set to non-empty, does not show the navbar with all the webs in the template, use just the name of the web (if in a groupe preceded by the name of the group). Each web can then add webs related to it as links in the right part of the bar in the TWiki variable RELATEDWEBS in its WebPreferences topic.
    • KSFILEPERMS if set to ALL will change permissions of generated templates so that other people can re-generate the templates afterwards. If set to some other string "xxx", will make the files writables by the group "xxx".
    • KSFORM_POS is the default position value of TWikiForms. Must be one of: FORM_LM, FORM_TL, FORM_TO, FORM_TR, FORM_BL, FORM_BR. Defaults to FORM_BL
    • KSCSS can be set to the URL of an external CSS stylesheet to further customize the site.
    • KSNOMARGIN if non empty, puts the main topics of webs and search box are at the top of the page rather in the left margin, allowing for a greater usable width for text.
    • KSNOACCESS if non empty, will disable use of Access Keys, in order not to conflict withe the browser ones.
    • KSLEFTTOPICS=text... If defined, will be used as default contents for the "Topics" box present in all the left margin of non-empty webs. Default is to include the contents of ks_lefttopics template.
    • KSNOLEFTTOPICS=text... Same as KSLEFTTOPICS, but will be used for webs in the "no-leftmargin" form (see the NOMARGIN option). default is to include the contents of the ks_nolefttopics (generated from ks_lefttopics).
    • KSTHEME=themes,... Can be used to redefine any KoalaSkin template, see Theming.
    To do this, set in KoalaSkinWebList the variable to a %-var, that you will have to define the default in the site preferences in TWikiPreferences, that then can be used to define things per web. For instance, in KoalaSkinWebList, with the following declaration you will be able to use %=%TOPICON%= to redefine the upper left icon per web.
      • Set KSICON = %TOPICON%

    Per-web options

    Must be found at the start of the descriptions, blank-separated
    • EMPTY means for groups the web should not be used, only its sub-webs. Thus only the search box is generated in the left margin and a table of subwebs is shown in its front page. Note: you can also %INCLUDE the table of subwebs, search WebSiteMap in this page.
    • HIDDEN means that the web is not listed in the navigation bar to save space, nor listed in the sitemap but will be still be accessible, searchable, and decorated with the Koala Skin features.
    • NOTAB means that the web is not listed in the navigation bar to save space, but is listed in the sitemap.
    • NOSHOW=XXX where XXX is a comma-separated list of webs (without spaces) lists the webs whose tabs will not appear in the current web view. This is useful to remove group tabs from some particular webs, but not for all. It is like a local NOTAB.
    • COLORBG=XXX where XXX is the background color of pages in the current web, overriding locally KSCOLORBG. For HTML users, it can also be written BGCOLOR.
    • FORM_LM, FORM_TL, FORM_TO, FORM_TR, FORM_BL, FORM_BR indicates that you want the optional TWikiForms in the topic at different places, not just at the bottom left. You can set more than one option, howevere for editing the edit form will be just at top or bottom, depending of the last option seen. The default value is set by the value of the FORM_POS global variable.
      • FORM_LM: in the bottom left margin. Will messes the layout if the form is too wide, use with caution
      • FORM_TL: top left of the text, text will flow on right
      • FORM_TO: top left of the text, text will begin under it
      • FORM_TR: top right of the text
      • FORM_BL: bottom left of the text (default)
      • FORM_BR: bottom right of the text
    • NOMARGIN means that the main topics of this web and search box are to be presented at the top of the page rather in the left margin, allowing for a greater usable width for text.
    • NOSEARCH means do no search this web when searching its group. Has the same effect that using NOSEARCHALL in the web preference topic, but can be used when generating offsite, with just the KoalaSkinWebList topic as input but no access to the wiki site itself.
    • TABNAME=XXX means that the name that will be shown in the navigation bar tabs will be XXX. useful to give a shorter form for webs with long names. The real name will be mentioned also in the sitemap. This is especially useful if using extended web names, see TWiki:Support/WebNameAsWikiName . If the name has spaces, please use the "&nbsp;" form to represent them, e.g:
      • Quality_Assurance TABNAME=Q&nbsp;A Q A web
    • URL=url means that the tab will not refer to an existing web, but instead will redirect to an external URL
    • NOWEBSBAR removes the navigation bar on top with all the webs. Similar to KSNOWEBSBAR, but only for the current web
    • WEBSRELATEDBAR removes the navigation bar on top with all the webs to show only the current web name and a per-web list of related webs. Similar to the global KSWEBSRELATEDBAR variable.
    • WEBSBAR allow to see the webs bar in the current web even if it was disabled by default with KSNOWEBSBAR
    • THEME=XXX can be used to redefine templates, see Theming. Note that the XXX themes are not appended to the global theme list defined by KSTHEME, unless you explicitely say so by including SUPER as in: THEME=SUPER,big_fonts,blue. SUPER means the list of themes used in the web group leader, of the global KSTHEME for groups.


    If you insert in your TWikiPreferences site-wide preferences the contents of the provided file templates/ks_boxes.koala.txt you will have %-macros to create colored boxes of text in the colors scheme of the current web, see http://koala.ilog.fr/wiki/bin/view/Test/TestBoxes . See examples at http://koala.ilog.fr/wiki . You can have:
    • %BOXHEAD% title %BOXBODY% body %BOXEND%
    • %BOXSTART% body %BOXEND%
    • %BOXLEFT% title %BOXBODY% body %BOXEND%
    • %BOXRIGHT% title %BOXBODY% body %BOXEND%
    • And, to use in the left margin (in the TOPICS var in the prefs):
      %MBOXHEAD% title %MBOXBODY% body %MBOXEND%
      (See the "Public Webs" box in the margin at: http://koala.ilog.fr/wiki )


    In order to customize further the KoalaSkin look, you can redefine any of the provided template files ( templates/*.koala.tmpl ), via theming. Choose a name for theme, say XXX, then copy the template you want to change, for instance templates/ks_header.koala.tmpl, into templates/ks_header-XXX.koala.tmpl and modify it.

    Then you can make all the site use this template via, in the KoalaSkinWebList topic the KSTHEME global variable, or the use of per-web THEME=themes option, in our example:

    • Webname THEME=XXX description...

    Theme value can be a theme name or a list of themes (comma-separated). If more than one theme is given, it is a priority list: for each template, if a "themed" copy exists with first theme, use it, else fall back on the second, etc... If no file is present the default koala file is used.

    So, if you want to adapt the provided templates to your use, but it is not yet in a properly separated ks_.. file:

    1. cut out the part you want to modify from template XXX.koala.tmpl to create the new file ks_YYY.koala.tmpl
    2. replace it by a %TMPL:INCLUDE{"ks_YYY"}% in the file XXX.koala.tmpl
    3. Copy ks_YYY.koala.tmpl to ks_YYY-ZZZ.koala.tmpl where ZZZ is your theme name.
    4. Edit ks_YYY-ZZZ.koala.tmpl to suit your need.
    5. Mail me (or post on wiki) the modified XXX.koala.tmpl and ks_YYY.koala.tmpl so that I can modify the main distrib accordingly so that you will have nothing to do manually on next upgrade.

    Distributed themes

    The distrib includes some small themes:


    If the generation script finds attached "favicon.ico" files, it uses it as favicons, depending to which topic they are attached:

    If you add or remove a favicon somewhere, the script must be re-run. No need to re-runafter modifying an existing one. To generate a favicon.ico in unix from a favicon.gif, see ppmtowinicon. e.g:
    giftopnm favicon.gif | ppmtowinicon > favicon.ico


    • Quoting %WEB% in templates is done by: %<WEB>% (for search templates, which use the %REPEAT% construct)


    The Koala Skin defines style for some selctors, that you can thus use in your contents:
    • The colors of webs are defined as CSS classes:
      • bg1-%WEB% for the darker color
      • bg2-%WEB% for the lighter color
    • Classes:
      • footer small xsmall : smaller text
      • buttonBar : small bold text
      • title : topic title font
      • headline : biggest font
    • Tables of class topic will be styled like the "Topics" boxes in left margin (use th and td ) See examples at http://koala.ilog.fr/wiki/bin/view/Koala
    • HTML elements b, i, and q are rendered with a colored ink. Use strong and em if you do not want color.
      Class color can be used to use the current web color for text.
    • blockquote are rendered in colored frames. Use blockquote inside pre tags to get examples inside colored boxes.
    • definition lists are rendered in a nicer way: tag outdented and in bold, no newline after tag
    • misc usable classes - on which tags
      • ks_icon: default site icon - img & a)
      • ks_form: formfield (view mode) - table)
      • s_sitemap: site map - table

    Advanced use

    Enabling generation of templates via the web

    You must allow the UID under which runs the web server (nobody, www-data...) able to modify, if they exist already:

    • templates
    • pub/_ks/ and files in it
    • templates/sitemapwebs.koala.tmpl
    • templates/*/*.koala.tmpl
    You can do for instance (once will suffice) a:
    	chmod a+rw templates pub/_ks pub/_ks/* \
    	  templates/sitemapwebs.koala.tmpl templates/*/*.koala.tmpl

    Then, add to the KoalaSkinWebList topic the following HTML code:

    After editing this topic, you must click on this link:
    <a href=%SCRIPTURL%/koalaskin-generate>Regenerate templates</a>
    to commit your changes.

    Then, after editing the topic, clicking on the above link will re-generate the templates. But once you do this, you may not be able to re-generate from the shell from a non-root account.


    Access Keys:

    In the main view, pressing ALT and a key does:
    • t Top, goes t(o the root home page of the site
    • e Edit, edits the page
    • a Attach, attach a document
    • n New, create a new topic
    • s Sitemap, go to the site map
    • h Home, goes to the WebHome of current web
    • c Changes, goes to the changes pages
    • i Index, goes to the index (lits of topics, alphabetical)
    • f Find, goes to the search page
    • p Printable, switch to printable skin
    • r Raw, switch to Raw view
    • d Diffs, see diffs
    • m More, goes to the More page (move/rename/delete/reparent...)
    In edit and preview view:
    • s Saves
    • q Quietsaves
    • c Checkpoints
    • p Preview mode (in preview, goes back to edit mode)
    • z (undo) Cancels
    • r toggles Release edit lock checkbox
    • m toggles Minor changes checkbox
    In other pages:
    • z Cancels
    You can disable them by KSNOACCESS if it conflicts with browser keyboard shortcuts often used by your users.


    Files in distribution

    • data/TWiki/KoalaSkin.txt This Wiki page, documentation for the skin.
    • bin/searchmulti CGI script to implement the multipurpose search menu.
    • bin/savemulti CGI script to implement save/checkpoint/cancel/preview choices in edit templates.
    • bin/koalaskin-generate Shell script to compile per-web templates from the main ones.
    • templates/sitemap.koala.tmpl Stub template for the site map of all webs.
    • templates/style.koala.tmpl Stub CSS stylesheet.
    • templates/twiki.koala.tmpl Main template definitions
    • templates/view.koala.tmp, templates/edit.koala.tmpl, ... main templates per scripts
    • templates/changes.koala.tmpl Emailed template on WebNotify
    • templates/ks_*.koala.tmpl Template modules, prefixed by ks_ to differentiate from full standalone templates
    • pub/_ks/home.gif pub/_ks/edit.gif pub/_ks/attach.gif pub/_ks/help.gif pub/_ks/print.gif pub/_ks/sitemap.gif Icons used in the view templates.

    Generated files by shell script

    For each web Foo, the script create a template dir templates/Foo and generates in it the files:
    • attach.koala.tmpl
    • changeform.koala.tmpl
    • edit.koala.tmpl
    • moveattachment.koala.tmpl
    • oopsmove.koala.tmpl
    • oopscreate.koala.tmpl
    • rdiff.koala.tmpl
    • renamebase.koala.tmpl
    • search.koala.tmpl
    • searchbookview.koala.tmpl
    • searchformat.koala.tmpl
    • searchmeta.koala.tmpl
    • searchrenameview.koala.tmpl
    • sitemap.koala.tmpl General outline of the sitemap pages
    • sitemapwebs.koala.tmpl The actual sitemap seen from this web (current web is higlighted for a "you are here" effect)
    • style.koala.tmpl The CSS definitions for this web
    • twiki.koala.tmpl Definitions used in other templates
    • view.koala.tmpl The most used template: viewing pages
    • websbar.koala.tmpl The navigation bar on top of page with web names in tabs

    Generates also the common templates dir:

    • pub/_ks/style.css The common part of the CSS style (without per-web colors) to use for the sitemap
    • templates/sitemapwebs.koala.tmpl The template stub for the actual per-web sitemap templates

    The following topics are also created in webs:

    • In web TWiki, to be included like e.g. %INCLUDE{TWiki.WebSiteMap_Foo}% to import the site map for the group of webs of parent Foo:
      • WebSiteMap a site map as a wiki topic that you can %INCLUDE anywhere
      • WebSiteMap_GROUP for each web group, a subset of the site map limited to the group that you can %INCLUDE anywhere

    The skin maintains additional generated data in the pub/_ks/ directory (css files)

    Templates changes from standard TWiki ones

    Most templates changes consist in adding
    • a CSS style: <style type="text/css">%TMPL:INCLUDE{"style"}%</style>
    • optional inclusion of an external site-specific CSS, plus web-specific style
    • a header definition %TMPL:DEF{"heading"}%...%TMPL:END%


    May be be done for next (or future) version: May be done in the future, no guarantee.

    History of revisions

    Warning: ALERT! denotes actions you MUST perform when upgrading from previous version

    Versions 3.x supports the Cairo (Sep 2004) and Beijing (Feb 2003) releases.

    • 3.2 18 Aug 2006 Fixes
      • fix: left margin search box wasnt working (redirected to the WebSearch page) in the default theme
      • fix: search for titles always searched the web group
      • New per-web variable COLORBG to set the page background per web. Can also be spelled BGCOLOR for html likeness. e.g.: COLORBG=white
      • printable view now include forms, at their web-sepcific position (top/bottom left/right) the print skin is thus now distributed as templates/view.koalaprint.tmpl and expansed in each web
      • skin description metadata for twiki.org gallery provided by Soraya Arias
      • some mention of NAVBAR in some templates removed
      • for theme writers: new functions: _KSLEFTBOX_link, clean_variant
      • ks_lastchanges.sh was outputting tons of "grep: writing output: Broken pipe"
    • 3.1 04 Feb 2005 Fixes
      • ALERT! THEMEINHERIT option was not working properly, removed in favor of using KSTHEME in THEME= values to explicitely indicate inheritance of themes. So if you have in your definitions: KSTHEME=x and in webs things as THEMEINHERIT THEME=y, you should change to THEME=SUPER,y to keep the same behavior.
      • NAVBAR support removed
      • corrections to this documentation: WebList -> KoalaSkinWebList, removed offsite generation
      • search in left column now searches both in titles and body
      • fix for Cairo braindead behavior of leaving the topic locked on quietsave
    • 3.0 12 Jan 2005 Cairo support
      • new PRINTCSS twiki var
      • ALERT! you must add a * Set PRINTCSS = to your site global prefs, in TWikiPreferences
      • new NOSHOW option
      • bin/koalaskin-generate config: new lib var
      • Beijing: ALERT! you must add a * Set BROADCASTMESSAGE = to your site global prefs, in TWikiPreferences Cairo users do not need it.
      • the topic list is now TWiki.KoalaSkinWebList, not Main.WebList anymore. The generate script will rename the topic on the first run
      • fix for WikiWords in web descriptions by Benoit Hamet (see 22 Dec 2004 entry in TWiki:Plugins/KoalaSkinDev )
      • patch to apply #1 not needed anymore
      • various fixes for Cairo
      • everything should be functional, but with the same looks of the previous KoalaSkin. We will incorporate pattern skin enhancements in future releases.

    Versions 2.x support only the Beijing (Feb 2003) Stable TWiki release.

    • 2.14 12 Aug 2004 bugfix
      • Warning KoalaSkin is still untested on Cairo. The first KoalaSkin to work with Cairo will be labelled 3.0. In the meantime, I try to gather the fixed for Beijing in the 2.x series. Expect a 3.0 in mid-september. Also 3.x may not support obsolete browsers like Netscape 4.x. Also I will be in vacations till end of August, so in case of problem, just revert back to 2.13 until I get back.
      • KoalaSkin files migrated out of Plugins and into TWiki web
      • A new topic must be created: WebChangesGroup in each web. run once bin/koalaskin-generate -ccg to create them. This is linked by a new entry named "Group Changes" above "Changes" in the left margin. Can be redefined via the ks_changesgroup.koala.tmpl template. Actually the first generation will try to do it but you may not have the write permission in the data dirs in this case. Do it by hand with the relevant rights if you get an error trying to create the WebChangesGroup.txt files.
      • Theme XXX files can also be in a dir, like templates/_koalathemes/XXX/foo.tmpl instead of only as files templates/foo-XXX.koala.tmpl
      • made the generator script put CSS classes in all outputted html, and have html themselves redefinable: outputted strings moved to templates/ks_config, that is loaded then all templates/_koalathemes/XXX/ks_config or templates/ks_config-XXX for all used XXX themes in each web
      • Variants: theme writers can define "variants", such as "YYY", that is just (bash) code defined in functions in a ks_variants file that will be executed after creation of templates for the theme (but before their expansion of includes), that should perform postprocessing of generated files to create a new skin in the webs templates dirs named koala_YYY that users can use in their web or topics with a 'Set SKIN =" declaration, while keeping the efficiency of fully compiled/expansed skins. In each web, a $variants var is defined, then the main ks_variants and all the ks_variants for the themes in use in the web are loaded, and all the function names (blank-separated) listed afterwards in $variants are executed (this allows overriding a standard variant)
      • unknown KS... global vars are just exported as shell vars to be used by themes
      • WebSiteMap generated topics in TWiki webs for inclusion e.g. %INCLUDE{TWiki.WebSiteMap_Foo}% imports the site map for the group of webs of parent Foo
      • new web option URL=url, allows to have "fake" navigation tabs towards external urls, not only actual local webs
      • bugfix: link to text formatting rules help in edit view was broken on sites with non-standard bin/dir reported & fixed by Beat Doebeli
      • new shell scripts in bin/. first one is ks_lastchanges.sh used by the lastchanges theme
        if using mod_perl or mod_speedycgi (but it does no harm to add them anyways) you should add to your bin/.htaccess the 3 lines:
        <Files "*.sh">
        SetHandler cgi-script

        Normally the script will do it for you.
      • auxillary files (icons, css) migrated into a pub/_ks dir instead of the attachement dir of the KoalaSkin topic in Plugins.
      • CSS is no more included in topics but linked to a css file in pub/_ks/ to save bandwidth (identical csses are shared) and disk space
      • new THEMEINHERIT web option to inherit current themes
      • the name of the bin/view script is now a configuration variable, view (request from Beat Doebeli) in bin/koalaskin-generate.cfg for: TWiki:Codev/ShorterURLs
      • some hosted installs forbids you to execute code in /tmp (symptom: ./koalaskin-generate: line 1: /tmp/rgb2hsvhex: Permission denied ) now you can specify a directory where you cane xecute things as the exectmp var in bin/koalaskin-generate.cfg (thanks to Martin Cleaver)
      • bugfix: in savemulti: TWiki::redirect without web name, fix by Stephan Pulver and Joachim Blum
      • bugfix: some seds seemed to not like newlines (macintosh) should be better now (for Xiu Bao, Roopesh Chander, ...)
    • 2.13 15 Jan 2004
      • allowed size for attach comments increased 50->128
      • new template to put things above the search box in left margin: templates/ks_lefttopbox.koala.tmpl . Empty for default skin, but you can redefine it in your themes. Unused in NOMARGIN modes.
      • if an included template do not exist, issue a warning but do not abort anymore
      • fonts: websbar is in arial (less wide), rather than verdana
      • searchmulti updated to work with the new search from beta 18 Dec 2003 (fix by Nathan Neulinger). Automatically use old code on 01 Feb 2003 release.
      • documented that searchmulti should also be set for authentication via "valid user" in bin/.htaccess (otherwise search in read-protected web/topics will not work)
      • bugfix: 'Z' accesskey for cancel in preview view was broken
      • bugfix: Cancel in edit/preview and existing topic was returning to WebHome, not the topic
      • documented that we must use the GNU versions of grep, sed and cc. Can be setted in config file (Alexander Shugayev)
    • 2.12 19 Dec 2003
      • added edit help text a la TWiki:Codev/HelpTextInEditPage, with triple-clickable signatures
      • CSS fonts: to have working-anywhere fonts we use http://www.richinstyle.com/masterclass/fonts.html
      • New "Realated webs" feature: you can have a simplified navigation webs bar with only current web and user-choosen related ones. Suggestion by Martin Cleaver. See KSWEBSRELATED, WEBSRELATEDBAR, RELATEDWEBS
        ALERT! You must add a line:
        3 spaces * Set RELATEDWEBS =
        to your TWiki.TWikiPreferences topic
      • bugfix: the script searchmulti ignored the templatetopic parameter (searchmulti can be used to create topics, with the parameter type=create, so it must supports all parameters of the edit script). This is not needed in normal operation, however.
      • troubleshooting hint for cygwin (1rst line of bin/ scripts)
      • fixed some chars that did not work in UTF-8 in templates
      • bugfix: icons to web maps in sitemap linked to the current web only
      • new value FORM_TO
      • new CSS class: "topic" for tables, allowing to replace the use of %BOX... vars
      • New section CSS to document CSS tags
      • better CSS for definition lists
      • HTML page Title is now "topic in web @ site" for easier managing of browser tabs which show only the title start
      • new templates/ks_title.koala.tmpl subtemplate for the title to be theme-settable, with new default beign to be topic first, then web
      • new "slim" theme by Nils Boysen. Use by KSTHEME=slim
      • theme spacedtopic to have the window title use the spaced topic, needs patch TWiki:Plugins/SpacedWikiWordPluginDev#SPACEDTOPICP_patch
      • bugfix: (by Hans Pype) forms in preview views:
        • was appearing twice
        • save from preview cleared the fields
      • bugfix: new could create topic with spaces (SearchMultiCreateNoSpaces.patch)
      • bugfix: searchmulti in create mode now preserves the formtemplate parameter
      • bugfix: cancelling an initial edit of a being created topic was triggering an error page. Now it comes back to previous topic
      • When creating a topic by "new", one can create now a topic only exists in another web - Req. by Martin Cleaver
      • bugfix: groupmaps would be messed up with group names with underscores in them
      • bugfix: with KSNOMARGIN, KSWEBMAP would induce a line break (reported by Edward Plumer)
    • 2.11 14 Aug 2003 Web Maps
      • new KSWEBMAP option to make use of the TWiki:Plugins/TreePlugin, see its doc.
      • With KSWEBMAP defined, site map points to web maps, (and changes for each web)
      • ALERT! you must, to use KSWEBMAP, install the icon changes.gif into TWiki/TWikiDocGraphics/ in your =pub/=dir
      • some fixes to theme expansion, on the inheritance of themes
      • new template: ks_otherindexes
    • 2.10 08 Aug 2003 performance fix
      • this fixes the performance bug of 2.9. 2.10 is only 15% slower in generating templates now than 2.8, (2.9 was more than 50 times slower - 30mn for 20 webs!!!)
        Nothing else is changed for this update, (I wanted to fix this bug ASAP), so I recommend you upgrade all to 2.10.
    • 2.9 25 Jun 2003 bugfix
      • This version fixes a bug where a newline is always added when including subtemplates, which bothers people testing the theme feature when beginning to do lots of small template elements.
        however, the generation is now much slower than before, so if this bug do not affect you, I advise you not to upgrade. I will be away for 3 weeks and will try to fix this performance bug afterwards.
    • 2.8 12 Jun 2003 Theming
      • Now can use a configuration file bin/koalaskin-generate.cfg to store local settings. No need to edit the script on each update. New "-c" option to create a configuration file.
      • ALERT! If you had to re-edit the bin/koalaskin-generate script on each new upgrade, then generate once a config file to edit by running bin/koalaskin-generate -c
      • "New" proposes to set the parent of new topic (default being the current one). Suggestion by Martin Cleaver.
      • Theming. You can now cleanly and per-web redefine any distributed template file. I began to split the provided templates into smaller ones for easier customization, but more work is needed, especially on how handling templates generated by code (the web navigation bar for instance).
        For instance to customize bottombuttons, copy ks_bottombuttons.koala.tmpl to ks_bottombuttons-xx.koala.tmpl edit the copy, and set the KSTHEME variable in WebList to xx.
        New sub templates in this release:
        • ks_bottombuttons: the links inside the bottom bar
        • ks_topbuttons: the links at top right
        • ks_leftsearch: the search box in left margin
    • 2.7 06 Jun 2003
      • Final bugfix for macintoshes (by Jon Reid)
      • ALERT! new variable KSBUTTONS. You must declare it in your TWikiPreferences as a:
        * Set KSBUTTONS =
      • ALERT! Apply patch TWiki:Codev/TopicMovedMessageTooVisible The skin is modified to show moved info only in More... screen.
      • New variables KSNOWEBSBAR, and options NOWEBSBAR and WEBSBAR to have a simpler look without all the webs. (request by Martin Cleaver).
      • New option both in More... and in New, to create a new page as a copy of the current page, see: TWiki:Codev/CloneTopicLinkUnderMore
      • bugfix: "New" immediately displayed the "not a wiki word" warning.
      • bugfix: non closed "a" tag in view template
      • New explicit entries in templates to delete topics and attachements, separate from move/rename
      • recommended optional patch: TWiki:Codev/AttachementActionLinkBadName
      • default CSS class is now "headline" for KSTITLE
    • 2.6 16 May 2003 bugfix for macintosh
      • No more use of control chars (^A, ^B) for internal delimiting, it seemed to break on macintoshes. ("unterminated substitute pattern" bug)
    • 2.5 13 May 2003 Topics customization
      • new vars KSLEFTTOPICS & KSNOLEFTTOPICS (for Martin Roberts)
      • looks for data TWiki dir in current dir before the value of DIR in the script
    • 2.4 07 May 2003 bash bug workarounds, work on cygwin
    • 2.3 29 Apr 2003 offsite generation
      • facilities for offsite generation: see Offsite generation to be able to generate the templates even if you are not able to run the script natively.
        • KSNAVBAR option to force generating templates working with the Navbar plugin.
        • NOSEARCH web option since we cannot read the web preferences
      • no more embedded control chars in the script.
    • 2.2 09 Apr 2003 bugfix
      • TABNAME=xxx option to set a (shorter) web name to show in the top navigation bar.
      • better -i option, thanks to Peter Morch and its TWiki:Plugins/KoalaSkinGeneratePatch .
      • recommended patches ExtraneousLineInHttpHeader & DiffsFunctionDoesNotAuthenticateProperly added.
      • generation added some whitespace to templates, fixed.
      • help to delete topics in More screen.
      • update of templates to Beijing release functionalities: rename (checkbox to allow non-wikiwords)
      • new option NOTAB (like HIDDEN but appears in sitemap)
      • Still no fix for cygwin and the @(... bug on some linuxes
    • 2.1 04 Mar 2003 bugfix
      • update of templates to Beijing release functionalities: oopsmore
      • TWiki:Codev/ViewUseCssInKoala patch fixed (on TWiki.org)
      • bugfix: impossible to create a topic in a non-wikiname, new "forcecreate" command for bin/searchmulti.
      • koalaskin-generate -i was broken
      • ALERT! new version of ks_boxes.koala.txt , update your TWikiPreferences with it (MBOXHEAD, MBOXBODY, MBOXEND)
      • ALERT! New recommended patch TWiki:Codev/LinksToWebHomeShowWebName
      • script checks that we are running in a bash 2.x, not 1.x
      • bugfix: NOSEARCHALL correctly detected
      • detects the WebPreferences SEARCHINGROUP setting
      • bugfix: ignores * Set VAR = declarations in WebList for vars not beginning with KS (ALLOWTOPICCHANGE...)
      • Documentation on how to set up a TOPICS_WEB var
    • 2.0 25 Feb 2003 Migration to 01 Feb 2003 Beijing TWiki release
      • Adaptation to the new release, TWiki:/Codev/TWikiRelease01Feb2003 Previous stable (01 Dec 2001) TWiki version is no more supported. You should re-install the KoalaSkin v2.x after you have migrated your site to the new TWiki stable release (see TWiki:TWiki/TWikiUpgradeGuide). Be sure to re-apply the needed (3 for now) patches.
      • This is a first pass. Things now work, I will now in detail see all enhancements to the standard templates, and add them to the KoalaSkin ones in a next release.
      • hidden webs now do not appear in sitemap anymore
      • if NOSEARCHALL is set in a WebPreferences of a web, do not include it in group searches, unless the variable SEARCHINGROUP is also set (to on) in the same WebPreferences. This setting NOSEARCHALL and SEARCHINGROUP will make the web not searched when searching the whole site, but searched when searching its web group.
      • some html bug fixes in ks_leftbar template
      • typo fixed in the doc: TOPIC instead of TOPICS found by Nathan Neulinger
      • default CSS: class "compact" can be used in ul and table tags to set left margin of bulleted list to none
      • still does not work on cygwin, but hints by Beat Doebeli indicate that there should be hope.

    Versions 1.x support only the Athens (Dec 2001) Stable TWiki release.

    • 1.23 21 Dec 2002 accesskeys in tooltips
      • WARNING does not work on cygwin. please use 1.22 on cygwin (it triggers a bug in cygwin: "cannot fork"...)
      • doc: all accesskeys documented in tooltips ([Alt-E]...)
    • 1.22 21 Dec 2002 bugfixes
      • bugfix: Wiki Words in web description messed up tabs
      • bugfix: some wrong title colors in search results pages
      • hidden webs are indented a bit more in sitemaps
    • 1.21 17 Dec 2002
      • ALERT! You should apply the Patch TWiki:Codev/ViewUseCssInKoala
      • tooltips to all the tabs and links in view mode
      • bugfix: background color for sitemap was omitted.
      • docfix: TOPICSTOP was not documented
      • script now checks that the needed variables are defined in TWikiPreferences, and issue warnings on missing ones
      • default css for html tags <b> and <i>, and twiki __ constructs are rendered in a colored ink. Note that this is not the case for the twiki * and _ constructs as they are mapped to strong and em tags
      • Access keys supported, on mnemotechnic letters. Disablable via the KSNOACCESS variable
      • favicon.ico supported
    • 1.20 11 Dec 2002
      • ALERT! Apply the patches NoWebHome.patch and NoWebHome2.patch from: TWiki:Codev/SettingParentTopicToNone (it is only cosmetics, will not break if not applied)
      • ALERT! define the variable %CSS% in the TWikiPreferences to nothing.
      • ALERT! define the variable %TOPICSTOP% in the TWikiPreferences to nothing.
      • New %CSS% TWiki var to override CSS per web
      • New global Koala Skin KSCSS var to define an additional external style sheet local to the site
      • New layout:
        • left margin is smaller
        • left margin do not depend anymore on web/topic names (long names could ruin the layout before)
        • "breadcrumbs trail" to give the hierarchy at the top instead of the left margin
      • New global variable KSNOMARGIN, and per-web option NOMARGIN to specify a different layout with no left margin for webs having wide contents.
      • New option KSFILEPERMS (= ALL for all users, or unix group name) at Martin request.
      • New options to set position of TWikiForms per web: FORM_LM, FORM_TL, FORM_TO, FORM_TR, FORM_BL, FORM_BR, and global variable KSFORM_POS for the default.
      • checkbox labels are clickable, see TWiki:Codev/FormsUseLabelTags
      • New link to directly create a new topic, via new template oopscreate
      • Cleaner layout (skin) for printing.
      • textarea {width: "90%";height: "60%";} removed from style (bug in IE 5)
      • fix: quoting of "%TOPICPARENT%" in savemulti by Esteban Manchado
      • -r option to script to uninstall
      • reorganisation of the code, it should be easier to add features now.
    • 1.19 18 Sep 2002
      • Support for Navbar Plugin: See KSNONAVBAR variable To enable Navbar support, install the plugin, and re-generate
      • some macros in templates/ks_boxes.koala.txt to do text boxes in the color scheme of the web
      • bugfix: lock remained when previewing before save with mod_perl
      • new feature: option HIDDEN possible on sub-webs to save navigation bar space. (contributed by Fabio Spreafico and Wenzel Kalus, Biomax)
    • 1.18 23 Aug 2002
      • bugfix: navigation bar was badly generated in some cases
    • 1.17 21 Aug 2002
      • ALERT! add the line to your Site Prefs (TWikiPreferences), to be forward-compatible with the upcoming TWiki release.
        6 spaces * Set EDITBOXSTYLE = width: 99%
      • bugfix: names like WebHome have been replaced by their "meta" name, (e.g.: %HOMETOPIC%)
      • bugfix: sitemaps were broken in 1.16 (bad html comment syntax: -- is forbidden in comments, but browsers didnt mind before...)
      • bugfix: search result pages header colors were broken since 1.14
    • 1.16 09 Aug 2002
      • bugfix: CSS was misplaced on some views (search, diff...) (bug introduced in 1.14 found by Jon Reid)
      • bugfix: some garbage could be seen in some views in the parents field on some pages.
      • bugfix: cleaning pass on html to pass W3C validator http://validator.w3.org/ . Tested: view, diffs, changes. Work remains to do for other scripts (edit), but may imply more fixes to TWiki itself.
      • for validation, you may want to apply also this patch: http://twiki.org/cgi-bin/view/Codev/InvalidHtmlFixRdiff
    • 1.15 08 Aug 2002
      • new option variable KSNOEXPAND for space-tight people, to use the same template/ space as 1.14 and before. (no need to upgrade if you do not need this option)
    • 1.14 07 Aug 2002
      • ALERT! bugfix: when saving with the bottom save button from the preview view, parent field was overwritten by garbage with %TOPICPARENT%. You must repair the damage done to some pages, see: http://twiki.org/cgi-bin/view/Plugins/KoalaSkinDev#topicparent You can either:
      • mail template redesigned.
      • Hints for writing KSICON
      • Tests /tmp/hsv2rgbhex & /tmp/rgb2hsvhex before using them
      • new %KSHELP% variable
      • %TMPL:INCLUDES are now expansed at generation time. Much slower at generation, but cuts disks access at runtime.
    • 1.13 18 Jun 2002
      • ALERT! you may want to apply the patch to Dec 2001 version: TWiki:Codev/SkinParamOnAllTemplateReads (but nothing serious will happen if you dont)
      • A way to re-generate templates from the web added
      • bugfix: the WebList template outputted with -i was buggy (the * EMPTY line was mistaken for a web declaration)
      • bugfix: when previewing a page containing html forms (such as the registration page), save buttons were inoperant Bug found by Samuel Tardieu.
      • bugfix: Internet Explorer rendered badly the sitemaps, workaround for this IE bug.
      • doc: which patches to apply are more explicit
      • announcements of the koalaskin@koalaPLEASENOSPAM.ilog.fr and koalaskin-announce@koalaPLEASENOSPAM.ilog.fr mailing lists
    • 1.12 05 Jun 2002
      • ALERT! Terser signature patch used, but you must apply the TWiki:Codev/TerserSignature patch to bin/edit
      • empty groups by declaration. Suggestion of Matt Wilkie. Put the word EMPTY at the start of the Web description.
      • cosmetic: attachements table left-aligned in view mode
      • %MAINWEB% everywhere, instead of Main. variable main settable in the script also.
      • Wiki Name syntax is checked on create topic by menu
      • CSS declarations trimmed (and bugfixed) to be smaller. Simple pages went from 50k to 13k.
      • new KSNOICONS variable for the Web List topic
      • non-clickable links are now not white to differentiate them visually from clickable web tabs
    • 1.11 11 Apr 2002
      • bugfix: was not working well if your directory structure differred from the distribution.
        Note: No need to upgrade if you had no problem installing the 1.10 version
    • 1.10 28 Mar 2002
      • bugfix: editing failed (javascript error) on old versions (5.0) of IE.
    • 1.9 18 Mar 2002
      • ALERT! Forgot to mention that the RefreshEditPage patch should be applied. Apply it if you didnt already!
      • Minor bug fix: QuietSave would not remove lock (change to bin/savemulti)
    • 1.8 12 Mar 2002
      • Some fixes to the script to make it run on windows under cygwin.
    • 1.7 10 Mar 2002
      • ALERT! Name of install topic changed from KoalaSkinPlugin to just KoalaSkin. You must rename the topic Plugins.KoalaSkinPlugin if you have one!
      • This readme is now fully in TWiki syntax. You should create the topic KoalaSkin to include it (it is installed as an attachement), see new install instructions.
      • script can be run from twiki dir without setting DIR
      • Created the official distribution page on TWiki: TWiki:Plugins/KoalaSkin
    • 1.6 8 Mar 2002
      • fixes to colors in search results in bookview mode, and in rename topic (result of search for pages refering to page to be moved)
    • 1.5 4 Mar 2002
      • ALERT! NOTE: if you already applied the fix TWiki:Codev/PostfixArgToParentMeta you need to change all 5 occurences of postfix to suffix in lib/TWiki.pm
      • -d option to bin/koalaskin-generate to generate a distrib
      • Note that the RefreshEditPage fix is not needed anymore (but is not harmful)
      • Use of the ?time=nnnn hack in edit pages
    • 1.4 28 Feb 2002
      • ALERT! patches to apply: #3
      • new script bin/savemulti (needs a similar entry to save in bin/.htaccess), to provide in edit template 4 buttons: Save, Checkpoint, Preview, and Cancel
      • Raw view with metadata option in More... (new koala templates for oopsmore & preview)
      • understands the new var %EDITBOXCSS%
      • uses the new version of the PostfixToArgParentMeta
    • 1.3 24 Feb 2002
      • Checkpoint save
    • 1.2 23 Feb 2002
      • everything works (but with patches to distrib).
      • Announced on TWiki.org
    • 1.1 20 Feb 2002
      • First functional internal release.
    • Nov 2001 First sketches in HTML+CSS by Thierry Kormann


    Get the attached TWikiKoalaSkin.tgz file. This whole topic is included in it as the file data/TWiki/KoalaSkin.txt
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    Compressed Zip archivetgz KoalaSkin.tgz r1 manage 136.9 K 2008-12-10 - 12:31 SopanShewale See KoalaSkin for details. Untar and run the installer script, Uploaded as a part of Release Process
    Compressed Zip archivetgz TWikiKoalaSkin.tgz r37 r36 r35 r34 r33 manage 67.0 K 2006-08-28 - 12:24 ColasNahaboo Distrib v3.2 (Cairo) Includes everything for install
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