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BugsContribDev Discussion: Page for developer collaboration, enhancement requests, patches and improved versions on BugsContrib contributed by the TWikiCommunity.
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Discussion on BugsContrib

-- CrawfordCurrie - 14 Apr 2006

Thanks Crawford for this TWikiAppPackage. From a user centric perspective it might be better to separate website admin stuff (Perl ContribPackages installed by admin on server) and end user / user developer stuff (TWikiAppPackages installed by users). See TWikiAppPackageHowToDiscussion.

-- PeterThoeny - 14 Apr 2006

Oh, I just realize it is categorized as an AddOnPackage, but package name is ending in ...Contrib. I am a bit confused. What is the reason for this?

-- PeterThoeny - 14 Apr 2006

I see a bug in the BugsContrib package. I have the MarkupEditorContrib and SpellerPagesPlugin installed on my TWiki server. I have modified the TWiki edit.pattern.tmpl template to get the Markup Editor and the Spell Checker when I open a topic for editing. While the links for Markup Editor and Spell Checker are shown, the functionality is not available.

-- AlokNarula - 06 Jul 2006

I tried to install this package. Th installation completed with message, "BugsContrib installed with 1 unsatisfied dependencies"

Checking dependency on #PatternSkin.... * BugsContrib? depends on twiki package #PatternSkin >=1000 which is described as "Pattern skin" But when I tried to find it I got this error:

Module is type twiki, and cannot be automatically checked. Please check it manually and install if necessary

-- BhuvanaAradhya - 08 Sep 2006

Hi, It's great that you can configure WebRss so that it states the Item Nr, the summary and the state. Would be great to have this in notifucation e-mail as well...

Is there a way to configure the e-mail template in such a way that the expected behaviour is shown for both a Bugs web and a 'normal' Web (assuming no WebForms with the same form fields as in the BugsContrib)

-- JosMaccabiani - 14 Sep 2006

I added a SHORTDESCRIPTION to the Add-On Info section so that this add-on is represented properly in the AddOnPackage topic and query topics. Please take this into the release.

-- PeterThoeny - 06 Oct 2006

I have successfully installed this contribution. An excellent tool!

I made an important change. I added an Assinged field to the item to track the wiki user assigned to handle the issue. This required changes to the Tabulator.txt and another file that escapes me at the moment. It works well.

However, never happy, I now want to create a topic that will list all the items assigned to a particular person. It would appear similar to the AppliesTo page without the table at the top. The Active Items for drop down would be replaced by a Assigned To drop down where the wiki name of the assigned person could be selected. The page would refresh with a list of items assigned to that person. The list of people could come either from the Main.TWikiUsers page or from the metadata in the Bugs web items themselves. One person in the list would be Unassigned so the unassigned items could also be reported.

This is all very nice except I don't know how to do it. I have created an AssignedTo.txt file based on the AppliesTo.txt file. However, the query to get the user names is beyond my non-skills in Perl. I know there is code somewhere already in the TWiki that can search wiki user names but when I find it, I'll be mostly guessing on how to adapt it to my needs.

Does anyone have any tips to offer to accomplish my goal?

(I have asked this question over in AssignedToReportInBugsContrib thinking it may be better suited for discussion there.)

-- AlanDayley - 17 Jan 2007

Hi , has anyone tried on Twiki 4.1.2 release? New bugs that i report just go missing frown . When i click "Open reports" on the left bar i get a page with following chars (maybe i need some perl modules. where can i know which ones to install?)


-- SibiJoseph - 26 Mar 2007

Note i run Twiki 4.1.2 on Apache 2.2.4 (running on winXp SP2) with Active Perl 5.8.8, I have the LDAPPlugin,LdapNGPlugin, GluePlugin NewUserPlugin and WYSIWYG enabled

-- SibiJoseph - 26 Mar 2007

You probably need to refresh the basic topics buy re-installing the contrib. A re-installation won't overwrite any bug data, but it will overwrite any customised topics, so take a backup first.

-- CrawfordCurrie - 02 Apr 2007

Is there some way to get the EditTablePlugin to work with BugsContrib? I am pretty green at TWiki, but was trying to be able to be looking at an issue/item and be able to quickly change one of its values (status, for example). I'm using it mainly with the CommentPlugin to log changes and would like to be able to type something to close an issue, hit "Add Comment", and once the page reloads, be able to quickly close the issue.

-- MatthewKoundakjian - 02 Apr 2007

You can't use the EditTablePlugin to change form fields. However, you can create a custom CommentPlugin template to easily change the state, as has been done in the Support web on twiki.org. Support questions have a comment box with a picklist to add a comment and to change the state in one step. This is defined at UserCommentsTemplate#Query_in_Support_web

-- PeterThoeny - 02 Apr 2007

I have the same problem as SibiJoseph, reinstall the contrib is not doing any help.

-- TonyTse - 12 Apr 2007

BugsContrib is known to be compatible with twiki-4.0.0 but needs AUTOINC feature wich only appears with 4.1.0 release. What am I missing ? (understand "should I really install latest twiki release" ? )

-- RichardHitier - 17 Apr 2007

It looks like the latest BugsContrib release uses the AUTOINC feature which is new in 4.1.0 release. You can replace AUTOINC1 with XXXXXXXXXX (10 or more Xes) to make it 4.0 compatible.

-- PeterThoeny - 17 Apr 2007

10X works fine, thank you.

-- RichardHitier - 23 Apr 2007

Hi TonyTse Did you get any solutions for the issue?. If so pls to post. I still have the problem

-- SibiJoseph - 18 Apr 2007

Hi SibiJoseph, no I don't have any solution. Looks like the tabulator is not running, it shows a bunch of script. Do I need any other plugin or perl module in order to let the tabulator run normally?

-- TonyTse - 18 Apr 2007

storing link to MultipleBugsContribInOneWiki for the winter

Tony and Sibi - the BugsContrib does not require extra plugins that I know of - and as we run it on http://bugs.twiki.org as out bug system, i can confirm that it works on 4.1.2 and on the mainline development. there is a chance that one of your plugins is causeing trouble, but really, from your reports, i can't tell whats wrong frown

-- SvenDowideit - 15 May 2007

I have the exact same problem as SibiJoseph and TonyTse.

/Edit: This is actually not a bug, but a property of TWiki. If you install the BugsContrib fresh, it will have no bugs and so the SpreadSheetPlugin cannot find them. In this case, it will print out ugly %CALC{... etc into the tables. This really makes the bug database look broken though. Is there any way to suppress this output?

-- MikkoLaakso - 01 Jun 2007

Use a conditional $IF().

-- PeterThoeny - 01 Jun 2007

I have a fix for this. Edit the Tabulator page and search for the line containing /font. Then replace the line before this line with

| %IF{"%CALC{$ROW()}%='1'" then='<span style="background : #808080;"> %WHITE% No entries found matching your query %ENDCOLOR% </span>' else="Summary"}%  | | %IF{"%CALC{$ROW()}%='1'" then="" else="%CALC{"$COUNTITEMS( R2:C$COLUMN()..R$ROW(-1):C$COLUMN() )"}%"}% | %IF{"%CALC{$ROW()}%='1'" then="" else="%CALC{"$COUNTITEMS( R2:C$COLUMN()..R$ROW(-1):C$COLUMN() )"}%"}% | %IF{"%CALC{$ROW()}%='1'" then="" else="%CALC{"$COUNTITEMS( R2:C$COLUMN()..R$ROW(-1):C$COLUMN() )"}%"}% | | |
Then you get a much better looking result.

-- TonyFarrell - 22 Jun 2007

    • Thanks Tony, that makes it look professional, much easier to get going quickly with this package. And for those who are more at home with a diff than a mouse, you can do the same thing using this: add-if.diff
      -- SueBlake - 12 Oct 2007

I just completed an install on TWiki version 4.0.5 and noticed that in addition to changing the AUTOINC1 to XXXXXXXXXX in the WebLeftBar topic (to get incremental bug topics working), I had to make a couple of other mods as well to deal with a problem caused by using .pl as the script suffix in configure:

1. remove the %SCRIPTSUFFIX% tags from each of the bug status page links (otherwise the links came out with 'view.pl.pl')

2. change the Add New Item link from '%SCRIPTURL%/edit/%INCLUDINGWEB%...' to '%SCRIPTURL{edit}%/%INCLUDINGWEB%...'

Aparently there was a change in the way that the %SCRIPTURL% handles the script suffix?

BTW, I wanted to say THANK YOU for this contrib package... for our application we were using Bugzilla and it was sort of like swatting flies with a cannon wink

-- MichaelMerten - 14 Jun 2007

Thanks everyone, and sorry for the long time between updates. I've commited most of the bug fixes you have suggested, and will be working on updateing it to use the 4.2 query SEARCH (while making sure there is a fallback to the old search for 4.0 and 4.1) and then will release it in the next days.

-- SvenDowideit - 23 Oct 2007

I've just uploaded a bug fix release that brings together the reports from this topic. I will update it again for 4.2 as a demo showing how to use the new QuerySearch, and to set up for the DatabaseStore.

-- SvenDowideit - 01 Nov 2007

A few bugs were on the latest revision. I am using TWiki 4.1.2.

And I have another question

  • Where is it written how to make the script for an auto Webnotify as on the org website

-- FrederikBeun - 19 Dec 2007

Please file bug reports in TWikibug:WebHome

-- PeterThoeny - 01 Jan 2008

I've attached a tool to automaticall generate the WebNotify for a BugsContrib web:

You must change the AGENT to a username who has Change permission for the WebNotify topic. Whenever the topic gets updated it will automatically add that user as an ALLOWTOPICCHANGE, but the user needs initial access.

Warning: this tool will completely blow away the existing WebNotify text, and does not support a DoNotBug topic.

I have it running in a crontab every 20 minutes as:

*/20 *  *   *   *     cd $HOME/twiki-4.2 && perl -I bin tools/makebugsnotify -q Bugs && perl -I bin tools/mailnotify -q Bugs

-- ChrisJacobson - 26 May 2008

I've updated makebugsnotify to support comma- and space- separated lists of usernames in ReportedBy and WaitingFor, as well as specifying a list of fields to search for names.

Locally, I've installed FilterPlugin and changed ReportedBy and WaitingFor in ItemTemplate so that I can get a popup list of registered TWikiUsers for ReportedBy, defaulting to the current user, and a multi-select list of TWikiUsers for WaitingFor:

| ReportedBy   | select+values | 1      | %EXTRACT{topic="%MAINWEB%.%WIKIUSERSTOPIC%" expand="off" pattern="\*\s(\w+) - \1" header="%WIKINAME%=%WIKIUSERNAME%" format=", $1=%MAINWEB%.$1"}% | | M |
| WaitingFor   | select+multi+values | 20 | %EXTRACT{topic="%MAINWEB%.%WIKIUSERSTOPIC%" expand="off" pattern="\*\s(\w+) - \1" format="$1=%MAINWEB%.$1, "}% | | |

-- ChrisJacobson - 26 May 2008

Updated makebugsnotify again, now configurable to skip topics that have a specific state. The field and states are configurable, pre-set to 'CurrentState' and the states 'Closed' and 'No Action Required'.

-- ChrisJacobson - 27 May 2008

Thanks Chris for contributing the script, useful for some deployments. Someone might integrate and package it.

-- PeterThoeny - 30 May 2008

Chris - I have been contemplating acheiving something similar, but configurable using SEARCH on the WebNotify topic - so that a user could subscribe to query SEARCHes like fields[name='ReportedBy']='SvenDowideit' AND fields[name='State']!='Closed' - see Bugs:Item5663

can you think of any combination that won't be possible?

-- SvenDowideit - 30 May 2008

If it supported expansion that would probably work well and reduce the need for the tool, as general automatic subscriptions could be set up.

-- ChrisJacobson - 30 May 2008

I've upladed version 4 of makebugsnotify.

This version adds a new feature that keeps a topic 'alive' in the notification list for a limited time after the last edit, even if the topic has been changed to a no-notify state.

This timeout is adjustable by the parameter $NONOTIFYTIMEOUT, which specifies the number of minutes a topic should remain alive.

This allows individuals to be notified when the topic is closed or changed after it is closed, but still keep the WebNotify list fairly clean.

-- ChrisJacobson - 15 Jun 2008

I'm having a problem. I have installed the Bugs web and verified that the proper forms are enabled in the WebPreferences, but when I view an item, I only see the comments and not the state, priority, etc. Also, when editing, I only see the comments. Any ideas what might be wrong?

-- DerekDresser - 03 Sep 2008

FWIW, this seemed to be a problem with the view templates. I edited the template to only include the base view template and I was able to see the form data. As soon as I added another template to display form data in the page, the entire "view" template went away along with the edit/attach buttons, etc. I upgraded TWiki from 4.1.0 to 4.2.2 and it is now working as expected.

-- DerekDresser - 05 Sep 2008

I installed BugsContrib but when I do a search I have no results and if I go for "Recently Used" page I get this error:

Could not perform search. Error was: c:/PROGRA~1/GnuWin32/bin/grep -E -i -l -H -- %TOKEN|U% %FILES|F% Grep for 'META:FIELD{name=""CurrentState.*?value=.(Waiting for Feedback)' returned error

Can anyone help me? I am using a win32 server.

-- RuiGuimaraes - 17 Dec 2008

That looks like a TWiki installation issue. Best to ask a question in the Support web.

-- PeterThoeny - 18 Dec 2008

-- DanielNeuenschwander - 2009-04-28

I set up a TWiki for use as a knowledge base and as a bugtracker, so I've installed the BugsContrib-Plugin as well. It works correctly and is really simple in it's usage, however It seems to me, that there is a bug in the WebLeftBar of the Bugs web (List by CurrentState). The name of the "state"-variable should be "CurrentState" instead of "state", which causes TWiki to select none of the values in the drop-down form overgiven by clicking at a link in the WebLeftBar.

-- DanielNeuenschwander - 2009-04-28

Thanks for the heads-up. Yes, this application is a good start; it needs some work for better usability. If you inclined feel free to update the application. ReadmeFirst has more on how to get involved with the TWiki community.

-- PeterThoeny - 2009-04-29

I changed the ModificationPolicy of this extension from ContactAuthorFirst to PleaseFeelFreeToModify due to inactivity. Anyone please feel free to work on this extension.

-- PeterThoeny - 2012-12-03

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