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List of obsolete TWiki Installations

View, edit: Installed at: Org: Installed by: Install Date: Customized: Type of Use: Used by/for: TWiki URL: (if public)
View entry Edit entry LufWiki Non-profit JamalWills 1999/01/25 Some Internet Collaboration on Living Universe Foundation http://www.luf.org/bin/view
View entry Edit entry Eastern Oregon University Academic JeffPutnam 1999/12/03 None Internet Experimentation and academic use http://cs.eou.edu/twiki/bin/view
View entry Edit entry JosWiki Non-profit IainShigeoka 1999/06/25 Some Internet Collaboration on JOS project. TWiki replaced the original JosWiki, later it was replaced by a Java based Wiki  
View entry Edit entry TakeFive Software Corporate PeterThoeny 1998/06/23 Some Firewalled Knowledgebase for support, see TWikiSuccessStoryOfTakeFive  
View entry Edit entry Nebula Device Non-profit LingLo 2002/06/26 Some Internet Support The Nebula Device, a realtime 3D game/visualization engine http://nebuladevice.sourceforge.net/cgi-bin/twiki/view
View entry Edit entry Brandeis University, IT Academic RichGraves 2002/05/07 Some Internet Technology resources and services for university http://web.brandeis.edu/pages/view/ITS
View entry Edit entry Local community, UK Non-profit AndrewGambier 2002/10/06 None Internet Stop the Annandale Road development http://www.annandaleroad.org
View entry Edit entry XNS Public Trust Organization Non-profit Eric Aiken 2001/08/14 None Internet Forum for discussing and maintaining the XNS (eXtensible Name Service) specifications http://wiki.xns.org/bin/view
View entry Edit entry IPCop Firewall Non-profit Brian Coyle 2001/11/14 Some Internet Collaboration area for development of the Linux based firewall IPCop http://www.ipcop.org/cgi-bin/twiki/view/IPCop/WebHome
View entry Edit entry University of London, Imperial College of Science... Academic ChrisJanuary 2002/09/17 Some Internet Experiment in collaborative journalism http://www.doc.ic.ac.uk/docsoc/typo/bin/view/Typo
View entry Edit entry CMU Sphinx Speech Recognition Engine Non-profit Evandro Gouvea 2002/06/20 None Internet Design and collaboration of Sphinx in Java http://cmusphinx.sourceforge.net/cgi-bin/twiki/view
View entry Edit entry Bill Gatliff's web site Individual BillGatliff 2002/01/30 None Internet Crossgcc FAQ, GNU tools for embedded and cross development http://billgatliff.com/twiki/bin/view/Crossgcc/WebHome
View entry Edit entry EmDebian.org Non-profit FrankSmith 2002/01/12 None Internet Collaboration on Embedded Debian Linux Project http://emdebian.sourceforge.net/cgi-bin/twiki/view
View entry Edit entry Portland State Aerospace Society Academic JamesPerkins 2002/05/28 Some Internet Expermental rocketry general information website and detailed engineering collaboration, see TWiki Success Story Of Portland State Aerospace Society http://psas.pdx.edu/
View entry Edit entry Geekmind Network Non-profit RobertHennig 2002/11/03 Some Internet Collaboration and making documents publicly available http://geekmind.net/twiki/bin/view/Geekmind
View entry Edit entry DarkSide Inc. Individual MarcoVanLienen 2002/11/26 Some Internet learning about wiki webs for implementation on an intranet http://wiki.lordsith.net/
View entry Edit entry Chung Kuo BBS Individual Bob Newell 2002/11/29 Some Internet Public PIM discussion; private diabetes discussion http://www.chungkuo.org/twiki
View entry Edit entry Empyrean Web Site Individual TWikiGuest 2002/11/30 Some Internet Developers of the game Empyrean, to collaborate and discuss. http://empyrean.sf.net/
View entry Edit entry IST, TUG, Austria Academic WolfgangSlany 2002/10/09 Some Internet University course on extreme programming (in German language) http://www.ist.tu-graz.ac.at/courses/swt02/cgi/view/VO/WebHome
View entry Edit entry private server (named calf) Individual JoshuaHorowitz 2002/08/12 None Internet individual site, software development http://kine.dyndns.org
View entry Edit entry Simtech Racing Other FrankGilroy 2002/12/13 None Internet Collaboration on Racing, Racing Simulation, and Racing Technology http://www.simtechracing.com/cgi-bin/view
View entry Edit entry SYSTOR AG Corporate PeterKlausner 2001/02 Some Firewalled Instruction interface for OpenView; issue tracking; project und system documentation  
View entry Edit entry SCM Patterns Site Other SteveBerczuk 2002/12/01 None Internet Discussing Patterns for Software Configuration Management http://www.berczuk.com/wiki/bin/view/Main/WebHome
View entry Edit entry Code Spelunking Corporate GeorgeNevilleNeil 2002/11/6 None Internet Web site on Code Spelunking tools and techniques http://www.codespelunking.org
View entry Edit entry ISU Game Developers Club Academic ChadAustin 2002/12/27 None Internet Game Development Collaboration http://isugamedev.sourceforge.net/cgi-bin/twiki/bin/view
View entry Edit entry Tissot Homepage Individual SvenTissot 2002/12/27 Some Internet knowledge collaboration/addition to weblog/bookmarks/fun http://www.tissot.de/cgi-local/view/Tissot/WebHome
View entry Edit entry http://cardiff2004.co.uk Other DaveMorgan 2002/12/01 None Internet experimental collaboration web sites http://cardiff2004.co.uk/cgi-bin/twiki/bin/view/Mytown/
View entry Edit entry Gentoo-Wiki Individual ThomasBonk 2002/11/15 None Internet Ziel von gentoo-wiki.de ist die kollaborative Sammlung von Know-How rund um Gentoo Linux. http://www.gentoo-wiki.de
View entry Edit entry Open Talk Other MartinHardie, VicBrown 2003/01/17 Some Internet FSU Panama Peace Studies Students, Cycling, Timor Leste (East Timor), Perpetual War etc http://dev45217-01.sp03.fsu.edu/cgi-bin/view/TWiki/WebHome
View entry Edit entry Lorenz Individual LorenzBertschi 2003/01/22 None Internet private usage http://www.lololo.ch
View entry Edit entry iChilli Non-profit DanielHaischt 2003/01/25 Some Internet iChilli FAQ and documentation http://ichilli.sourceforge.net/cgi-bin/twiki/view/Main/WebHome
View entry Edit entry CS dept. at BYU Academic MattVargas 2003/02/04 Some Internet me as a notepad mostly although you are welcome to contribute http://students.cs.byu.edu/~nate/twiki/bin/view
View entry Edit entry Ars Technica Linux Kung Fu Forum Other WalterMundt 2003/01/15 Some Internet As a knowledge base for the forum http://arswiki.dragonfeathers.org/cgi-bin/view/Main/WebHome
View entry Edit entry The Alfa Wiki Non-profit MarkDenovich 2002/12/21 Some Internet Alfa Romeo Community Knowledgebase http://alfa.denovich.org
View entry Edit entry T++ home page at Sourceforge.net Non-profit AntonioTerceiro 2003/02/21 None Internet home page of the T++ project. http://tplusplus.sourceforge.net
View entry Edit entry Home Individual SpencerUnderground 2003/02/24 Some Internet A place to VOICE your thoughts http://stfu.autonomous.tv/bin/view/Main
View entry Edit entry LUGS ( Linux Users Group of Singapore ) Non-profit AnandVaidya 2002/01/01 None Internet Encourage Collaboration among Singapore Linux/OSS users http://www.lugs.org.sg/twiki/bin/view
View entry Edit entry IBM Almaden Corporate TedAnderson 2002/05/28 Some Firewalled Storage Tank Collaboration  
View entry Edit entry ccc Non-profit ((((( radar ))))) 2003/04/14 Many Internet The community and documenation of the Chaos Communication Camps and Congresses http://wiki.ccc.de
View entry Edit entry Gundtofte-Bruun family webserver Individual TorbenGB 2003/05/30 Some Internet Work on TigerSkin; also for ordinary use by myself and friends/family. http://twiki.no-ip.com
View entry Edit entry WebTutoring Non-profit DouglasGreen 2003/05/28 None Internet Computer Science tutoring and the InterLang Artificial Language Development Project http://www.webtutoring.net/
View entry Edit entry http://www.bittransfer.de Other ((((( radar ))))) 2003/05/27 Many Internet The Worms Community http://sir.bittransfer.de/WormsWiki/view/Main/WebHome
View entry Edit entry Wesleyan University (Middletown, CT) Academic MitchellModel 2002/09/24 Some Internet documenting technologies, URL collections, course materials and discussion, collaboration (projects, interests, information, etc.) http://wiki.wesleyan.edu
View entry Edit entry http://wiki.trommetter.com/ Individual JasonTromm 2003/06/07 Some Internet This site no longer uses TWiki, we've switched to MediaWiki http://wiki.trommetter.com
View entry Edit entry mattsiegman.com Individual MattSiegman 2003/06/10 Some Internet Experimenting with Wiki http://www.mattsiegman.com/wiki
View entry Edit entry GE Research Corporate PeterSanza 2002/12/05 Some Internet Collaboration web site for a global team of engineers http://www.iecsa.org
View entry Edit entry Koldark's World Individual MikeWills 2003/06/10 Some Internet My Homepage on the Web http://koldark.hopto.org
View entry Edit entry kndrdsystms.com Individual KennethArnold 2003/07/04 None Internet self/experimentation,learning,public collaboration http://www.kndrdsystms.com/twiki/bin/view/
View entry Edit entry Øresundskollegiet Non-profit KimHansen 2002/07/25 Some Internet website at student hostel http://www.oek.dk/
View entry Edit entry Webfolks.US Individual DanielMahoney 2003/07/14 None Internet Learning about TWiki http://www.webfolks.us/twiki/
View entry Edit entry The SpringsBoard Individual AlexLane 2003/05/01 Some Internet experimentation, mostly. http://www.springsboard.com/cgi-bin/view.cgi
View entry Edit entry Southeast Texas Linux Users Group Non-profit JasonHuebel 2003/08/11 None Internet SETXLUG uses this for group editing of LUG Information and Training Material. http://wiki.setxlug.org
View entry Edit entry The Temple of the Immortal Spirit - Spirit, Arts, Science Nexus Corporate StevenEricssonZenith 2003/07/01 Some Internet Members of TIS Home Pages and Topics http://www.thetemple.com/twiki
View entry Edit entry OpenTV Inc. Corporate DavidEsposito 2003/06/20 None Firewalled Development and operational topics.  
View entry Edit entry Nirgendwo Individual MatthiasKoch 2003/09/25 Some Internet Documentation, Tutorial, FAQ, Glossar, HOW-To's  
View entry Edit entry University of Koblenz (Germany), Research Project: Knowledge Transfer Academic ChristianKohl 2003/08/11 Some Internet Collaboration in research and teaching http://lenz.uni-koblenz.de/twiki/
View entry Edit entry kurdistan-gate.org Academic TWikiGuest 2003/10/02 Many Internet Mazda Sabony http://scince-gate.org
View entry Edit entry Seamless Distribution AB Corporate SteveRapaport 2003/11/26 Some Firewalled Employees for document distribution and rev control  
View entry Edit entry Isaac's Web Site Individual IsaacRabinovitch 2004/01/02 Some Internet Self-study collaboration area; recreational TWiki hacking http://picknit.com/twiki
View entry Edit entry Carancho Engineering Corporate TedCarancho 2004/01/27 Some Internet LabVIEW Software Development http://www.carancho.com/cgi-bin/view
View entry Edit entry Retrograde Non-profit MadsTroest 2003/02/02 None Internet Collaboratorium between geographically dispersed developers working on an open source project. http://wiki.retrograde.dk
View entry Edit entry WeBWorK Project Non-profit SamHathaway 2003/10/22 None Internet web presence, project management, collaborative documentation http://xxxxxxxxx/
View entry Edit entry Foundation for Human Rights in Guatemala Non-profit DavidLindstrom 2004/01/01 None Internet Collaboration on Human Rights http://fhrgtwiki.dyndns.org/bin/view/FHRGpublic/WebHome
View entry Edit entry Unit for HPS, Sydney University Academic Catie Flick and JasonGrossman 2003/10/01 Some Internet Students and academics at the Unit for History and Philosophy of Science at Sydney University http://luddite.cst.usyd.edu.au/cgi-bin/twiki/view
View entry Edit entry http://news-kiste.de Individual PeterLittmann 2004/05/20 Some Internet USENET Information, Documentation, Research http://news-kiste.de/cgi-bin/twiki/view/
View entry Edit entry PubliCooperation Corporate FrancoisGranger 2004/02/07 Some Internet TWiki localization to french http://publicooperation.com/cgi-bin/view/Fr
View entry Edit entry Zefram Cochrane Shipyards Individual GeneTurnbow 2004/07/21 None Internet a small development group creating the world's first warp shuttle simulator http://www.zeframcochrane.com/twiki/bin/view/Main/WebHome
View entry Edit entry Camp Tipsy Non-profit ((((( radar ))))) 2004/04/27 Some Internet Organisation of Camp Tipsy 2004 http://wiki.camp-tipsy.de
View entry Edit entry PGMFI Non-profit DavidBlundell 2004/02/17 Some Internet Documentation of development efforts, community FAQ for education, more structured resource than forum http://wiki.pgmfi.org
View entry Edit entry Ferkel for managing a Lux Agent SDK Individual RichardWilliamson 2004/08/01 Many Internet Management of a differently licensed Agent SDK for Lux, a Java Risk(tm) clone. http://risk.ferkel.co.uk/twiki/bin/view/SDKAgent/WebHome
View entry Edit entry SpaceBit Individual KenMankoff 2004/09/22 Some Internet personal home page http://spacebit.org/
View entry Edit entry EdGCM Cooperative Academic KenMankoff 2004/09/30 Some Internet code development (features, bugs, releases), other, misc. http://edgcm.org/twiki/bin/view.cgi/Main/WebHome
View entry Edit entry   Individual     None Internet Personnal home page, used by friends and family.  
View entry Edit entry Kisikew.Org Other EricCote 2004/03/01 Some Firewalled knowledge base for PowerPC Linux, Debian OS-centric, though other distributions that support PPC platform are welcome http://wiki.kisikew.org/bin/view/
View entry Edit entry Australian Virtual Observatory Academic DavidBarnes 2002/12/01 Some Internet Virtual Observatory collaboration http://www.aus-vo.org/twiki
View entry Edit entry tonfreunde.de Non-profit JuriKrause 2004/12/01 Some Internet german community site on filmsound, sounddesign and music including an online sound-archive http://www.tonfreunde.de
View entry Edit entry pma-developer.org Non-profit RobLaLau 2005/05/10 Some Internet Dedicated to hacking the Archos PMA400. http://pma-developer.org/TWiki
View entry Edit entry StepWiki Individual StefanoCiccarelli 2005/05/01 Some Internet   http://www.stepwiki.com/
View entry Edit entry   Individual AlexL 2005/12/31 None Private    
View entry Edit entry http://simonraven.kisikew.org/ Non-profit SimonRaven 2006/01/28 Some Internet personal use, knowledge base, blog, web site management  
View entry Edit entry   Individual RenatoSerodio 2006/03/15 None Private    
View entry Edit entry Adobe Systems Incorporated Corporate Foster Brereton 2005/09/23 None Internet Collaboration on Adobe Source Libraries (ASL) and information about other Adobe open source projects http://opensource.adobe.com/twiki/bin/view/AdobeSource/WebHome
View entry Edit entry Sonologic Corporate KoenMartens 2006/04/01 Some Internet Used as a cms http://www.sonologic.nl/
View entry Edit entry WikiWorks Corporate TomTansy 2007/01/24 None Internet Publishing corporate web site from wiki pages http://www.wikiworks.com
View entry Edit entry Brian Houle's website Individual BrianHoule 2006/04/01 Some Internet Managing various projects and resources relating to my work at UMass Amherst, both academic and professional. The TWiki is not hosted by or at UMass. http://twiki.brianhoule.net
View entry Edit entry http://wiki.kisikew.org/ Non-profit SimonRaven 2003/09/13 Some Internet personal, news, blog  
View entry Edit entry //SEIBERT/MEDIA GmbH Corporate MartinSeibert 2007/07/05 Some Firewalled Corporate Documentation, Knowledge Management, Enhancement to Document-Management-System and E-Learning-Software  
View entry Edit entry   Corporate DavidWolfe   Some Firewalled    
View entry Edit entry   Corporate     None Firewalled    
View entry Edit entry Accenture Corporate MatiasSantiago 2009/02/12   Firewalled Sales http://www.com.ar
View entry Edit entry test_cz Other MartinKalda 2010/01/29 None Private testing  
View entry Edit entry   Corporate     None Firewalled    
View entry Edit entry   Individual     None Other    
~Total: 93 ~Installed at ~Org:
Academic: 13
Corporate: 18
Individual: 28
Non-profit: 26
Other: 8
~Installed by ~Install Date ~Customized:
R2:C6..R2ROW(-1):C6: 1
~Type of Use:
Firewalled: 11
Internet: 78
Other: 1
Private: 3
~Used by/for ~TWiki URL

See also TWikiInstallations

-- PeterThoeny - 12 Oct 2002

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