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  • Name: Grant Bowman
  • Email:
  • Company Name: GrantBow Consulting
  • Company URL: http://www.grantbow.com
  • Country: USA
  • Hear From: Promoted TWiki as an Intranet solution within SuSE.com
  • Comment: TWiki site links on this page are generally to Codev web unless otherwise noted

I welcome your comments on GrantBowDiscuss.

Joachim (GnuSkin author) and I are the proud parents of the HurdWiki:Main/HurdGnuFansOrg site. Here is the Hurd Wiki's "Success" story for our non-TWikiMission focused site.

I was introduced to TWiki when I used one set up for us on the the Intranet at SuSE.com, one of the strongest GNU/Linux distributions in the world and now a United Linux partner. As the IT manager I was trying to train some folks to use Unix (who didn't know Unix very well) to edit the phone list page. As the company grew quickly while I was there this was an important page internally. When we moved it to TWiki it was a much simpler operation for everyone involved.

I am passionate about the effective use of collaborative software tools. I maintain a Collaborative Open Source Software web page. I am also the dmoz.org editor for the Computers:Software:Groupware:Open Source category. I can say with confidence that TWiki is the most useful and flexible software that I have seen.

I feel extremely grateful for knowning and having worked with pioneers in collaborative computer use. My interactions with Howard Rheingold and his BrainStorms community (tell Howard I sent you when you email him, also see CaucusVsTWiki) has and continues to enrich my life. Howard has been practicing on-line "community" since the early days at the Whole Earth 'Lectronic Link (WELL). My work with Dr. Douglas C. Engelbart over the past few years has opened my eyes to just how primitive even our most advanced tools are when compared with the visions of the late 1960's that have preceded the evolution of all modern information processing. Jeff Conklin has helped be to understand the critical area of "WickedProblems" when I attended one of his workshops. I stand in awe at how far we have come and yet how far we still have yet to go in developing truly effective collaborative information systems.

Useful Links

Document Related
TWiki.FormattedSearch, TWiki.TWikiVariables, TWiki.TWikiShorthand (TextFormattingRules almost identical), TWiki.TWikiForms, TWiki.TWikiDocsStyleGuide, WikiEditor, EditDaemonWithGVimIntegration, VimEditor, Sandbox.NewContents_unfinished, Support.RdiffUrls

all links in this paragraph are to the Plugins web unless otherwise noted. Development - Codev.RenderPipeline RestructurePluginsDevelopment, PluginsInCVS, Codev.MorePluginHooks Features - SpacedWikiWordPlugin, SmiliesPlugin, CommentPlugin, InterwikiPlugin, FindElsewherePlugin, SpellCheckAddOn, RecursiveRenderPlugin, SlideShowPlugin, PollPlugin, PeerPlugin (Codev.PeerRatingSystem), TouchGraphAddOn, PurplePluginDev, WebServicesAddOn, TreePlugin, CacheAddOn, Sessions - UserCookiePlugin, SessionPlugin

TWikiAdvocacy, HowToGetInternalBuyInForTWiki, UsabilityIdeas, Main.TWikiPlatformPresentation, Main.TWikiPresentations, Plugins.SlideShowPlugin, TWikiDeployment, Sandbox.TWikiCourseOutlineExample2, http://wiki.org/wiki.cgi?TipsForSiteOperators Some links about the people driving TWiki like CoreTeam, TWikiUserGroup, TWikiUserGroupsInUS, WikiReferences (interesting articles). TWiki.TWikiAdminCookBook and TWiki.InstantEnhancements both have absolutely great ideas. Skin_ideas_from_Peter_Masiar

Sandbox: Sandbox.GrantBowTest for me. cool!

RestructureCodevWorkFlow, ProductionReleaseChecklist, PatchGuidelines has requirements for helping out the core team with code. VariableVARS_request, TWikiDebugging, TWikiTemplatingSystem, GatewayTopic, SimplifyInternalMetaDataHandling, PluginApiForTopicHandling, Plugins.PluginCvsToolsAddOn, Plugins.PluginPackagingHowTo, MoveAllPluginsToCvs, StepByStepRenderingOrder

TWikiTrackingTalk, BugTrackingInTWiki, TWikiForge

TWiki Gallery
lists of TWiki sites - Main.TWikiInstallation, Codev.TWikiOnWebHostingSites, Main.TWikiSuccessStories, Main.TWikiStories, Main.OlderTWikiInstallationList Other sites running TWiki in no particular order (loads of great ideas) - visiblearea.com - the best skin I've ever seen, decafbad.com thwackety.com nevadamissouri.net nebuladevice.sf.net Main.LufWiki Danish_apartments Java_IDE] OSA_Foundation foxkid-net twiki coming soon edusmart.sf.net-missing Cleaver.org

TWiki Stories
TicketWiki, Main.TWikiAnnouncements, TWikiVsOtherProducts, bscol.com, decafbad.com, linux.com-article, Clarify-Engine

Ward Cunningham

General Principles

Increased User Centered Focus
The culture of highly textual information overload that TWiki carries with it is frightening to beginning users. It unduly increases the learning curve for those interested in the TWiki development effort. The community badly needs some input from real UI designers. This input needs to be matched up with some skilled TWikiSkins developers. I bet it wouldn't take long to get done with the right people. Documentation must be updated as you go, not an afterthought.

Stellar technology is not enough. Wiki perception must be repositioned. You can't redefine people's existing associations for key terms or force strange spelling on users. Terms must be clearly defined and consistently used. "Open Source" expectations must be fulfilled.

Stronger Community
Not all current CoreTeam members are active. I don't know if any face to face meetings have ever taken place. The social side of the community needs to be maintained to understand new input in a consistent way, to share the workload of managing the various tasks and to encourage new developers to help out as best they can. You must walk your talk, especially trying to promote a collaboration tool. QA and feedback cycles can also be improved.

Eat Your Own Dogfood
The http://twiki.org site needs to set an example in many different ways. We need to demonstratate through our own actions the right way implement the technology and build a social structure for evolving the TWiki code base itself.

Plugins written on a Perl code base allow many kinds of translations, filters, lenses, transcoders, intermediaries, etc. Like GNU coreutils (try info coreutils on any *nix system), sed and awk before, Perl is not only a full programming language but is designed for stream processing.

Personal TODO & Interests List

My Efforts
IRC - Codev.TWikiIRC Download Policy - TWiki.TWikiRegistration http://twiki.org/download.html ApprovingRegistrations NoRegisterDownload New Logos - HighResolutionLogos Purple - Plugins.PurplePluginDev Caucus Skin - Plugins.CaucusSkinDev My - MyTWikiOrg Diffs - HumbleDiffs Success - Hurd story webalizer - WebalizerStatistics

Holes MUST be fixed, especially for corporate use. I see no security team or process in place to address issues that come up. TWikiSecurity is a discussion, not a gateway topic. ShouldNoViewImplyNoEdit - GrantBowPrivate is an experiment.

Streamlined Defaults
I have many percieved and real concerns, some are barriers to TWiki adoption. Install - TWikiDeployment InstallationForDummies TWiki.TWikiAdminCookBook TWikiUnixInstaller Ease of use perception - TooUglyForNonTechnicalUsers ShorterURLs ShorterCaseInsensitiveURLs GoBox Case issues - FileSystemNameClash DontUseCaseToFindWikiTopics Simplification - Support.StrippedDownTWiki TWiki.RoundEdgeSkin SimplerTWikiDistribution GoIsSearch ThreadedDiscussions - sf.net software integration used by Edusmart-missing-site

Streamlined Administration Features
The BeijingRelease feature of automated Web creation helps quite a bit. LinkChecker WebalizerStatistics Password stuff - EmailResetPassword ForgettingPasswords

TWikiIRC InstantNotification Bookmarks - MyTWikiOrg TWikiBookmarklets TWikiAsABookmarkManager SupportMoinMoinStyleBookmarks Email Integration - The implementation details of email integration are key to easier adoption and use. There's been much discussion on Codev but little (from what I can see) forward movement on email use in the core code. EmailNotificationEnhancements - Mail Lists like list.org - Mailman Support.TWikiManagedMailingLists Wikilearn.MailingListArchives (Wikilearn.SearchingMailListArchives, Wikilearn.MailListManagers) Collaboration - TWikiAsWebProxy ties together ideas like no other document I've written before. Also see SemanticWeb, IbisWiki (also ACzWikiNameEncodingIsCryptic) and Plugins.TouchGraphAddOn. Applied to developers the concept becomes similar to SourceForge - TWikiOnSourceForge TWikiForge WorkFlow (older) weblogs - WebLog (example Main.WikiBlog)

TWiki Philosophy & Goals
TWikiMission - note this is in Codev not TWiki web! ReadmeFirst AlternativeTWikiTargets Higher Profile for TWikiMission, a highly important document.

Development Lifecycle
QA - streamline, develop and maintain processes. Feedback paths are not yet optimized. Alphas can be downloaded but Betas still require a registration. TWiki Help Needed - new maintainer for Plugins.CommentPlugin

RenameTWiki (a case issue) RenameWebToZone RenameMainWebToHome RenameTheMainWeb HighResolutionLogos - You can't ship logos with questionable intellectual property.

Offline - ReadWriteOfflineWiki Palm - MegaWiki sounds fascinating. I want to find time to install and try it soon. XML & Integration - TWikiAsWebServicesServer XmlRpcForWebApps

Codev Form
The form applied to every Codev page needs to be redone. It's clear that the MasterRefactor started previously was NOT completed. This highly visible and social task of redoing this needs to be saved until after BeijingRelease is out the door.
I feel this is important. Before potential users even install the software they will rightfully want to exercise (try out) a public TWiki system. After installation, new users who come to TWiki from other software packages use the main twiki.org site as a model. Many users will also look toward twiki.org for help - with either the blessing of the sysadmin in charge of their site or out of desperation for lack of support from local resources. A good example needs to be set. The Codev web can demonstrate the right technical & social implementations that are possible with a well run and well maintained TWiki knowledge management effort.

No matter what state the Codev web is in, it will be seen as an example. I hope that it will be viewed by OUSTSIDERS as well as insiders as a positive example. I will try to codify and edit these thoughts into a form of problem - solution - result. Identification of a user audience is important. Is access available to the Apache logs on sf.net? I'll have to check for the sf.net projects I am an administrator for.

Here is a listing of topics I've contributed to at some point. GrantBowAllChanges is similar but lists all changes to the webs. The topics are listed by the pages' last update time. This list is extremely useful for tracking topics I probably want to contribute to again.

All dates are UTC, so during daylight time that's a seven hour time difference for me in California.

TWiki (WebChanges)

Topic: Changed: By:
WebStatistics 2018-05-19 - 07:01 - 5787 TWikiAdminGroup
TWikiVariables 2017-06-06 - 09:49 - 146 TWikiGuest
ManagingWebs 2017-03-14 - 18:00 - 64 PeterThoeny
TWikiAccessControl 2016-11-01 - 22:08 - 140 PeterThoeny
TWikiSystemRequire- ments 2016-05-05 - 18:50 - 72 PeterThoeny
FormattedSearch 2016-03-12 - 23:31 - 90 PeterThoeny

Main (WebChanges)

Topic: Changed: By:
BenoitFauvel 2008-11-19 - 10:23 - 92 BenoitFauvel
GrantBow 2006-02-05 - 08:21 - 60 PeterThoeny
TWikiAnnouncements 2005-06-01 - 06:17 - 68 PeterThoeny
TWikiUsersEtoH 2005-04-04 - 09:37 - 1 PeterThoeny
GrantBowDiscuss 2004-02-21 - 12:09 - 2 NigelBray
TWikiStoryOfHurd 2003-01-25 - 22:30 - 2 GrantBow

Support (WebChanges)

Topic: Changed: By:
WebStatistics 2018-05-19 - 07:01 - 5779 TWikiAdminGroup
BrowserIssues 2012-01-05 - 22:03 - 104 PeterThoeny
DefaultSecurityIss- ue 2004-05-05 - 05:56 - 6 PeterThoeny
TWikiManagedMailin- gLists 2003-10-02 - 05:05 - 10 PeterThoeny
GnuSkinGoButton 2003-01-23 - 03:25 - 6 MattVargas
WhyUsePluginsAndTW- ikiForPluginTopics 2003-01-21 - 17:45 - 7 PeterThoeny

Plugins (WebChanges)

Topic: Changed: By:
WebStatistics 2018-05-19 - 07:01 - 5635 TWikiAdminGroup
SlideShowPluginDev 2013-02-22 - 22:56 - 65 PeterThoeny
SpreadSheetPluginD- evArchive 2012-06-24 - 19:09 - 10 PeterThoeny
SourceHighlightPlu- ginDev 2010-08-07 - 07:00 - 27 PeterThoeny
RecursiveRenderPlu- ginDev 2008-04-02 - 20:41 - 21 DavidHoughton
PollPluginDev 2007-12-17 - 22:17 - 50 GuilhermeGarnier

Codev (WebChanges)

Topic: Changed: By:
WebStatistics 2018-05-19 - 07:01 - 6061 TWikiAdminGroup
TWikiOrgStatistics 2018-05-02 - 22:47 - 219 PeterThoeny
DevelopersNews 2015-11-30 - 07:49 - 205 PeterThoeny
TWikiOnDebian 2013-06-03 - 06:53 - 130 PeterThoeny
TWikiUserGroupsInFrance 2011-06-23 - 19:36 - 7 PeterThoeny
TWikiUserGroupsInUS 2011-06-23 - 16:18 - 9 PeterThoeny
TWikiUserGroup 2011-06-23 - 16:04 - 17 PeterThoeny
CoreTeam 2011-04-25 - 05:58 - 42 GeorgeTrubisky
WindowsInstallCookbookComments 2010-09-05 - 00:55 - 123 PeterThoeny
ReadmeFirst 2010-09-03 - 23:24 - 75 PeterThoeny
DebianPolicy 2008-09-17 - 05:14 - 2 TWikiJanitor
ConsolidateFunctionalityFromSkins 2008-09-15 - 06:05 - 95 TWikiJanitor
ConfigurationChecklist 2008-09-15 - 05:47 - 5 TWikiJanitor
NamedIncludeSections 2008-09-13 - 04:56 - 40 TWikiJanitor
ClikI 2008-09-12 - 03:34 - 2 TWikiJanitor
MyTWikiOrg 2008-09-11 - 07:14 - 8 TWikiJanitor
LongTopicNav 2008-09-11 - 06:54 - 14 TWikiJanitor
CaucusVsTWiki 2008-09-11 - 06:52 - 7 TWikiJanitor
CVSBackendProgress 2008-09-04 - 04:23 - 7 TWikiJanitor
BackupScripts 2008-08-25 - 04:33 - 11 TWikiJanitor
BugTrackingInTWiki 2008-08-25 - 04:25 - 5 TWikiJanitor
AuthorChangeBars 2008-08-25 - 03:41 - 10 TWikiJanitor
BewareOfTheQuietLeavers 2008-08-24 - 17:59 - 15 TWikiJanitor
BeijingDefaultWebNames 2008-08-23 - 17:58 - 2 TWikiJanitor
BetterDefaults 2008-08-23 - 17:42 - 25 TWikiJanitor
TWikiOnDebianPlugins 2008-08-20 - 21:37 - 23 SvenDowideit
AlternativeTWikiTargets 2008-08-14 - 07:21 - 8 RafaelAlvarez
RcsLite 2008-07-23 - 05:56 - 42 SrikanthNagella
TWikiFormsDocWithExamples 2008-05-09 - 01:05 - 4 DavidWolfe
TWikiWithSubversion 2007-10-30 - 20:21 - 17 JonArmitage
ConsolidateNotification 2007-09-16 - 16:56 - 28 DavidWolfe
HighResolutionLogos 2007-09-07 - 12:55 - 83 MichaelCorbett
TWikiReplacingPowerpoint 2007-03-02 - 02:53 - 20 PeterThoeny
BeijingRelease 2006-12-27 - 02:09 - 159 PeterThoeny
RegisterCgiScriptRewrite 2006-09-03 - 08:01 - 41 RichardDonkin
TWikiAsABookmarkManager 2006-08-23 - 08:39 - 15 FranzJosefSilli
TWikiBookmarklets 2006-08-23 - 08:35 - 9 FranzJosefSilli
RuleOne 2006-07-12 - 05:22 - 9 PeterThoeny
SubmitTopicByEmail 2006-07-08 - 23:20 - 42 JadeCravy
TWikiAdvocacyDiscussions 2006-06-30 - 00:59 - 9 PeterThoeny

Personal Preferences (details in TWikiVariables)

  • Horizontal size of text edit box:
    • Set EDITBOXWIDTH = 70
  • Vertical size of text edit box:
    • Set EDITBOXHEIGHT = 17
  • Style of text edit box. width: 99% for full window width (default), width: auto to disable.
    • Set EDITBOXSTYLE = width: 99%
  • Optionally write protect your home page: (set it to your WikiName)

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