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TWiki Tagline

New official TWiki logo TWiki's tag line is now: "Collaborate with TWiki"

-- PeterThoeny - 12 Oct 2005

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Twiki or twiki? - this is a separate topic: RenameTWiki

Teamwork Platform? - There seems to be general leaning toward Platform over Tool.

Teamwork Tool?



Collaboration Platform?

Collaboration Tool?

Collaboration? - see InternationalImpactOfCollaboration

http://www.twiki.org or http://twiki.org or http://TWiki.org?

Here's a topic spurred by HighResolutionLogos for discussion of what tagline should be used in a new set of TWiki logos.

-- GrantBow - 22 Jan 2003

I vote for Teamwork Tool (short, and teamwork is a friendlier word than collaboration) and http://twiki.org/ (easy to type and read - very few domain names are ever written as mixed case these days).

-- RichardDonkin - 22 Jan 2003

twiki is ok for me. But being still at the stage of InternalBuyIn, I tend to present twiki as a 'Shared Virtual, Paper, Pencil and Rubber' but I have not much success so far, its looks like no one wants to use pencil now a day :-). Collaboration has a (very) bad conotation in France as somebody else stated.

-- MarcelTrap - 22 Jan 2003

Is any tagline other than TWiki required in the logo?

-- GrantBow - 22 Jan 2003

Twiki could have tagline Teamwork wiki - and we could fix strange spelling as well. With name like Twiki, user

  • knows what wiki is, and Twiki makes perfect sense
  • or does not know what wiki is, and then need explanation anyway.

-- PeterMasiar - 22 Jan 2003

"Teamwork Wiki" does a good job of justifying the two initial capitals (TWiki). It does however imply that regular wikis are somehow not team enabled or capable, which is far from the truth. I'm not suggesting that teamwork should not be used, just pointing out that it can lead to erroneous understanding.

-- MattWilkie - 23 Jan 2003

I vote for "Teamwork Wiki" - TWiki. It gives a flavour approriate to a corporate environment.

-- CrawfordCurrie - 23 Jan 2003

I want to "vote" since I voted before. wink

I can accept (i.e., vote for) Teamwork Wiki (even though I recognize and agree with MattWilkie's caveat). (I still prefer Teamwork Platform.) Actually, I would prefer Collaboration Platform except for the negative connotation -- if that is not a big issue, I would vote for it first. -- RandyKramer - 23 Jan 2003

-- RandyKramer - 23 Jan 2003

Twiki is for sure more teamwork enabled than other wikis, because has version control and user authentication. Without these features, at least in corporate environment, other wikis look anarchy-anabled, not teamwork-enabled. We need to use teamwork as business users, not as hackers, IMHO.

I do not like capital W in twiki. Users might be tempted to spell it, Tee Double-U - then what? Use RuleOne: write is as in email. For sure, without training, user will be tempted to write name of something with one capital letter only. Twiki. No trainig, no explanation required. Newbies will not fell embarrassed they misspelled it.

-- PeterMasiar - 23 Jan 2003

Just to add some variety to the mix: Take 5 Wiki works too. It 'Takes 5'

  • minutes to write and add a new topic
  • moments to find what you are looking for
  • seconds to fix a typo
  • moments to attach a file (seconds when JavaPasteAddOn is ready for prime time)
  • minutes to add a drawing
  • ...and last, in this incomplete list, it is the historical reason for the name TWiki in the first place

As for FUnky CApitilisation, I vote for the name follow Title Case convention; 'Take 5 Wiki' and Teamwork and Twiki.

-- MattWilkie - 23 Jan 2003

The tangential issue of RenameTWiki is where the Twiki capitalization issue belongs. Regardless of what is decided for the tagline, specifically for the logos we may not even need to addres this at all, just have TWiki there (exactly that spelling) so that it's visible, so that people associate the logo with the name and since TWiki (while there are opinions floating around) is the REAL product name for now.

Maybe a new topic is needed to separate the tagline issue from the LOGO tagline issue.

-- GrantBow - 24 Jan 2003

NewLogoTagline created. This discussion can continue but I do not think it really MUST effect the new logo implementation.

-- GrantBow - 27 Jan 2003

To me:

  • Teamwork suggests a group's work. I associate it with a short term feel and worrying about things like effective coordination, and everyone pulling their weight. IBM Lotus has used this this keyword in their recently announced program to simplify their product names and marketing language.

  • Collaboration suggests people who don't usually work together, creating something together. I associate it with creative output, a short or medium term effort to create something that lasts a long time. And expensive large scale Enterprise software systems.

  • Team Web suggests a permanent web site, perhaps an Intranet, perhaps a public web site, used and/or built by a short or medium term group.

I've also played with the 'iki' after 'TW' in 'TWiki'. Nothing really clicked. The best I thought of was something like 'intranet -> knowledge <- internet' or 'instant knowledge intranet'.

-- RalphMellor - 22 Feb 2003

At least as it applies to the logo, I think that only TWiki (or whatever) is sufficient.

-- GrantBow - 24 Feb 2003

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