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There seems to be much discussion of search issues but no index / gateway topic to all the issues which is prehaps why the duplication is occuring. So I have created the following table.

I think some of the topics on search functionality need refactoring. There seems to be much duplication of effort, and combining of issues. For Example: KeywordSearchWithImplicitAnd covers two issues, one of which also appears to be discussec in SearchSuggestion, SearchIsBroken, and SearchEnhancementsWithAndOr.

-- SamHasler - 10 Feb 2003

Topic TopicClassification Changed: By:
SearchAttachmentsInAWeb FeatureRequest 2015-06-18T23:09:07Z - 2 PeterThoeny
WebSearchAttachments   2015-05-15T21:21:44Z - 1 PeterThoeny
ControlOverFormFieldRenderingI... FeatureRequest 2015-03-05T23:56:09Z - 5 PeterThoeny
SearchAttachurlHandling FeatureRequest 2014-06-26T09:15:59Z - 11 HideyoImazu
SearchWithSortByMultipleFields FeatureRequest 2013-11-29T08:03:38Z - 5 PeterThoeny
CombineJumpBoxAndSearchBox FeatureRequest 2013-10-11T05:20:51Z - 9 PeterThoeny
SummaryBasedOnSearchTerms FeatureRequest 2013-10-11T04:51:41Z - 27 PeterThoeny
AddCreatedateAndEncodeToSEARCH FeatureRequest 2013-02-18T01:30:34Z - 6 HideyoImazu
VarSEARCHFormatTokenEncodePara... FeatureRequest 2013-02-18T01:20:10Z - 11 HideyoImazu
SearchResultsPagination BugReport 2013-02-03T20:05:02Z - 43 PeterThoeny
SearchWithSortByParent FeatureRequest 2012-11-09T20:55:45Z - 4 PeterThoeny
SearchWithDefaultParameter FeatureRequest 2011-10-25T22:37:20Z - 4 PeterThoeny
GoIsSearch FeatureRequest 2010-10-25T17:53:57Z - 40 PeterThoeny
RelativeHeadingLevelsforSEARCH FeatureRequest 2010-08-21T05:48:06Z - 4 PeterThoeny
FormattedSearch FeatureRequest 2010-08-06T19:06:28Z - 31 PeterThoeny
DelegateMoreProcessingToSearch... FeatureRequest 2010-08-01T09:07:45Z - 7 PeterThoeny
RegexSearchWithEmbeddedKeyword... FeatureRequest 2010-07-29T08:07:36Z - 18 PeterThoeny
AllowIncludeOrSearchToChangeHe... FeatureRequest 2010-07-29T07:44:10Z - 3 PeterThoeny
FederatedSearch FeatureRequest 2010-06-04T19:22:20Z - 2 PeterThoeny
QuerySyntaxInSearchFormat FeatureRequest 2010-03-21T01:12:19Z - 7 PeterThoeny
AddAttachmentsVarToFormattedSe... FeatureRequest 2009-11-24T08:49:43Z - 8 PeterThoeny
SearchAllPublicWebsVariable FeatureRequest 2009-11-17T22:05:38Z - 2 PeterThoeny
FormattedSearchPatternAndCount... FeatureRequest 2009-09-28T17:35:46Z - 27 PeterThoeny
AddNumberOfTopicsToFormattedSe... FeatureRequest 2009-02-16T05:07:30Z - 4 PeterThoeny
AddFooterParameterToSEARCH FeatureRequest 2009-02-16T05:06:16Z - 11 PeterThoeny
SearchProperHandlingOfDateStri... FeatureRequest 2008-10-09T07:48:16Z - 7 ShawnDowler
FirefoxTWikiSearchPlugin BrainstormingIdea 2008-10-08T20:46:01Z - 4 MatthiasThullner
FormattedSearchFormTesting AdminTopic 2008-10-06T08:46:40Z - 14 FranzJosefGigler
ConditionsInFormattedSearch BrainstormingIdea 2008-09-15T05:39:06Z - 3 TWikiJanitor
ExtractToDocsSearch GatewayTopic 2008-09-13T10:58:05Z - 4 DavidWolfe
CaseSensitiveFlagInSearchIncon... BugReport 2008-09-10T05:10:43Z - 5 TWikiJanitor
AddGoogleFormToSearch BrainstormingIdea 2008-09-02T00:27:28Z - 8 TWikiJanitor
AddSearchToFuncInterface CodeRefactor 2008-08-28T19:53:32Z - 11 TWikiJanitor
AddExcludeWebParamToSearch FeatureRequest 2008-08-28T19:53:19Z - 10 TWikiJanitor
SearchPatternCookbookNestedFor... DocRequest 2008-08-26T19:26:28Z - 4 OlivierThompson
BetterSearchOutputFormatting BrainstormingIdea 2008-08-24T18:19:12Z - 2 TWikiJanitor
MakeMETASEARCHSimilarToSEARCH FeatureRequest 2008-08-13T04:32:59Z - 11 RafaelAlvarez
GoodSortingForSearchResults FeatureRequest 2008-08-06T19:06:34Z - 25 MartinSeibert
SupportAccessToArbitraryMetaDa... FeatureRequest 2008-05-24T07:08:00Z - 16 CrawfordCurrie
SimpleFieldQueriesInMETASEARCH FeatureRequest 2008-03-18T06:53:28Z - 18 SvenDowideit
SearchWordDocsPlugin FeatureRequest 2008-03-17T14:14:27Z - 2 GuilhermeGarnier
ResearchSurveyOnWikiAdoption TWikiDevQuestion 2008-03-07T04:43:47Z - 2 PeterThoeny
SearchWithTWikiQueryLanguage FeatureRequest 2008-02-06T00:06:11Z - 49 ArthurClemens
ResearchSurveyOfCorporateWikiU... TWikiDevQuestion 2008-02-02T19:56:24Z - 12 PeterThoeny
DecisionOnNativeSearch FeatureRequest 2007-10-31T06:56:08Z - 5 PeterThoeny
NativeSearch TWikiCommunity 2007-09-27T10:13:38Z - 27 CrawfordCurrie
SearchAttachmentContent FeatureBrainstorming 2007-09-16T10:29:23Z - 9 MarkusHesse
SearchAttachments FeatureBrainstorming 2007-09-16T10:28:34Z - 14 MarkusHesse
GoogleAjaxSearchDevelopment BrainstormingIdea 2007-08-14T05:03:24Z - 15 KeithHelfrich
FormattedSearchRegexCantReturn... TWikiDevQuestion 2007-07-28T23:56:42Z - 6 PeterThoeny
PurePerlBackendForSearch FeatureBrainstorming 2007-07-01T09:53:15Z - 16 RichardDonkin
SoundexSearch FeatureRequest 2007-06-02T21:18:15Z - 3 MichaelDaum
DefaultTextInSearch FeatureRequest 2007-05-31T01:47:16Z - 2 PeterThoeny
KeywordSearch FeatureRequest 2007-05-08T02:28:10Z - 27 PeterThoeny
FormSearches FeatureEnhancementRequest 2007-04-24T02:22:17Z - 20 PeterThoeny
EmptySearchAndSpreadsheetProbl... BugReport 2007-04-24T02:19:49Z - 5 PeterThoeny
SearchOrderOnFormfieldNoCase FeatureRequest 2007-03-13T16:34:47Z - 2 PeterThoeny
StrangeGoingsOnWithSearch TWikiDevQuestion 2007-02-27T13:33:29Z - 15 StephaneLenclud
BacklinksSearchDoesNotWork BugReport 2006-11-28T23:34:47Z - 49 SteveStark
PerlfectSearch GatewayTopic 2006-11-16T21:02:23Z - 1 ArthurClemens
PrintviewOfParameterisedSearch FeatureRequest 2006-10-22T22:22:09Z - 11 ThomasWeigert
SecurityAlertExecuteCommandsWi... FeatureRequest 2006-10-08T02:14:14Z - 51 SvenDowideit
SearchWithRegexSort BrainstormingIdea 2006-10-06T17:11:27Z - 3 CraigMeyer
NestedKeywordSearch Select one... 2006-08-22T17:58:17Z - 1 CrawfordCurrie
FormattedSearchWithNewlineFilt... FeatureRequest 2006-08-01T06:19:13Z - 6 PeterThoeny
GoogleDesktopSearch BrainstormingIdea 2006-07-26T03:52:14Z - 4 PeterThoeny
FlamencoSearch GatewayTopic 2006-07-17T22:07:15Z - 2 PeterThoeny
SearchedURIsCanChange   2006-07-08T02:18:24Z - 46 PeterThoeny
WikiResearchMailingList DefineTerm 2006-07-06T22:40:50Z - 1 PeterThoeny
SearchIndex BrainstormingIdea 2006-06-27T11:38:14Z - 3 ArthurClemens
FormattedSearchWithParentTopic FeatureDone 2006-06-27T00:08:47Z - 2 ArthurClemens
SearchEngineOptimization TWikiDevQuestion 2006-06-11T13:10:32Z - 4 ArthurClemens
RandomSearchOrder FeatureRequest 2006-06-08T19:58:26Z - 2 PeterThoeny
SearchText TWikiDevQuestion 2006-06-07T18:46:04Z - 1 ShawnPFitzgerald
SomeSearchedTWikis TWikiCommunity 2006-06-03T11:49:57Z - 22 MeredithLesly
HighlightSearchTerms FeatureEnhancementRequest 2006-05-20T23:55:08Z - 5 ArthurClemens
SearchCgiScript TWikiDevDoc 2006-05-04T00:54:33Z - 3 SamHasler
UiSearchDotPm TWikiDevDoc 2006-05-04T00:37:44Z - 3 SamHasler
SearchDotPm TWikiDevDoc 2006-05-04T00:26:57Z - 7 SamHasler
SearchByCreateDate FeatureRequest 2006-04-29T10:26:18Z - 12 TobiasRoeser
SearchByMultipleTags FeatureRequest 2006-04-18T03:46:15Z - 1 GreenLaw
SearchByDate FeatureRequest 2006-03-30T20:03:08Z - 35 TobiasRoeser
SelectableSearchResults TWikiDevQuestion 2006-03-13T01:20:39Z - 3 PeterThoeny
SearchWithImplicitAnd   2006-03-09T19:51:21Z - 3 PeterThoeny
NationalCharactersEncodedInSea... FeatureBrainstorming 2006-03-09T17:14:19Z - 2 CrawfordCurrie
FormattedSearchSectionVariable FeatureRequest 2006-02-27T04:01:50Z - 5 PeterThoeny
FormattedSearchCountVariable FeatureRequest 2006-02-27T03:21:06Z - 2 PeterThoeny
AddFormatToMetaSearch FeatureRequest 2006-02-25T15:55:44Z - 5 ArthurClemens
FormattedSearchRegexCountVaria... FeatureRequest 2006-02-23T21:55:22Z - 12 LynnwoodBrown
CategorySearch GatewayTopic 2006-02-15T00:57:35Z - 1 PeterThoeny
FormattedSearchFailing BugResolved 2006-02-04T09:04:53Z - 6 PeterThoeny
BadTwikiNamesCauseSearchToFail BugReport 2006-01-27T19:02:50Z - 5 NicolasRaibaut
SearchedTopicnameCannotContain... BugReport 2006-01-19T17:55:19Z - 3 NicolasRaibaut
CannotExcludeL10NTopicFromSear... BugReport 2006-01-17T19:53:29Z - 2 NicolasRaibaut
VariableExpansionBugInFormatte... BugReport 2006-01-12T06:06:23Z - 1 DickFurnas
TopicCreateDateInFormattedSear... FeatureDone 2006-01-03T08:41:45Z - 6 PeterThoeny
SearchTopicNameAndTopicText FeatureDone 2006-01-03T08:36:44Z - 18 PeterThoeny
FormattedSearchWithSeparatorPa... FeatureDone 2006-01-03T08:25:21Z - 10 PeterThoeny
ExcludeWebTopicsFromSearch FeatureDone 2006-01-03T08:23:30Z - 14 PeterThoeny
SearchOrderAndLimitBehavour FeatureRequest 2005-12-15T22:15:52Z - 4 PeterThoeny
ReplaceGoBoxBySearchBox NextGeneration 2005-10-18T17:53:42Z - 14 SteffenPoulsen
FormattedSearchIgnoresAccessPe... BugReport 2005-10-03T23:35:24Z - 1 HolmRauchfuss
FormattedSearchinTopics FeatureBrainstorming 2005-09-30T20:53:26Z - 5 WillNorris
InternalServerErrorOnInvalidRe... BugReport 2005-09-30T19:00:53Z - 2 PeterThoeny
WhyDoesWebSearchContainASearch... FeatureRequest 2005-09-04T19:22:41Z - 16 ArthurClemens
InfiniteLoopInSearchInPatternS... BugDuplicate 2005-08-29T09:40:25Z - 3 FrancescoLovergine
SearchInTemplateHangsTWiki BugReport 2005-08-21T09:54:19Z - 23 JamesMollison
SearchEngineIndexOnlyPlainView FeatureRequest 2005-07-18T12:48:07Z - 19 CrawfordCurrie
UserTopicTemplateNotFoundCompa... BugReport 2005-07-02T17:53:23Z - 2 WillNorris
FindGrepsUsingSearchPath FeatureRequest 2005-06-27T23:13:10Z - 6 WillNorris
SearchMessesUpPath BugReport 2005-06-26T06:36:48Z - 9 CrawfordCurrie
SearchCantUseStringError BugReport 2005-06-21T17:30:32Z - 5 SvenDowideit
SummaryLinesOnTablesFromSearch... FeatureRequest 2005-06-06T22:45:12Z - 4 SamHasler
SkinSearchPath FeatureRequest 2005-05-23T02:28:58Z - 27 WillNorris
SearchByFormField FeatureRequest 2005-04-20T18:53:01Z - 3 LynnwoodBrown
SearchSuggestion FeatureDone 2005-04-14T16:28:36Z - 27 DanielKabs
SecurityAlertExecuteCommandsWi... TWikiCommunity 2005-04-07T21:08:07Z - 34 TravisBarker
UnfriendlyErrorMsgWithInvalidR... BugReport 2005-03-30T23:49:37Z - 1 PeterThoeny
WebChangesCalledFromWebSearchB... BugReport 2005-03-08T13:47:15Z - 2 CrawfordCurrie
SearchShouldRespectAccessContr... BugReport 2005-03-06T10:23:36Z - 5 CrawfordCurrie
SearchForAttachments FeatureEnhancementRequest 2005-02-24T16:58:01Z - 6 FranzJosefSilli
NoSearchResultsForALLOWWEBVIEW FeatureRequest 2005-02-21T16:26:30Z - 7 CrawfordCurrie
MetaSearch FeatureRequest 2005-02-21T05:57:50Z - 14 MattWilkie
SearchFailsIfStartedWithDash BugReport 2005-02-15T23:34:21Z - 4 SamHasler
FormattedSearchWithNesting FeatureRequest 2005-02-15T23:31:51Z - 10 SamHasler
SearchWithAnd FeatureRequest 2005-02-15T22:53:14Z - 7 SamHasler
PrecalculateSearchResultCount FeatureRequest 2005-02-15T08:18:16Z - 4 CrawfordCurrie
SearchsTooManyDirectories BugReport 2005-02-15T01:41:26Z - 4 SamHasler
FixUnixProblemInSearch BugReport 2005-02-14T16:56:21Z - 6 SamHasler
FormattedSearchWithSummary FeatureRequest 2005-02-13T15:50:54Z - 10 SamHasler
FormattedSearchFormfieldEncode FeatureRequest 2005-02-05T19:25:18Z - 1 SamHasler
FormattedSearchSummaryWithExpa... FeatureRequest 2005-02-04T08:07:21Z - 2 PeterThoeny
BugInfiniteRecursionInSearch FeatureRequest 2005-01-17T22:58:15Z - 12 SamHasler
METASEARCHdefautParameterDoesn... BugReport 2005-01-03T09:43:10Z - 1 CrawfordCurrie
ExtendMETASEARCHForFieldValues Select one... 2005-01-03T09:08:17Z - 1 CrawfordCurrie
QueryByExampleSearch FeatureEnhancementRequest 2004-12-13T12:17:36Z - 11 AntonAylward
MetaTableSearch FeatureEnhancementRequest 2004-11-12T00:13:11Z - 7 SamHasler
FormattedSearchLacksSummaryTyp... BugRejected 2004-10-27T08:01:35Z - 3 MartinCleaver
FormattedSearchSummaryDoesNotR... TWikiDevQuestion 2004-10-26T19:02:48Z - 1 MartinCleaver
RecursiveSearchingForAllGroupM... FeatureBrainstorming 2004-10-05T19:23:47Z - 7 FranzJosefSilli
HistoricizedSearch FeatureBrainstorming 2004-09-24T13:54:15Z - 3 MarioFrasca
SecurityViewOnSearchChangesNot... FeatureEnhancementRequest 2004-09-11T08:40:03Z - 7 GuidoBrugnara
InlineSearchArgListTooLong BugResolved 2004-08-20T10:09:12Z - 5 CrawfordCurrie
ArgumentListIsTooLongForSearch FeatureDone 2004-08-16T05:57:31Z - 5 PeterThoeny
FormattedSearchUsesTitleInstea... BugResolved 2004-07-23T07:22:55Z - 2 PeterThoeny
TopicParamInSearchDoesnotExpan... BugRejected 2004-07-18T03:39:01Z - 3 VinodKulkarni
MoreNestedSearchLevels FeatureToDo 2004-07-10T06:34:06Z - 2 PeterThoeny
KeywordSearchWithImplicitAnd FeatureUnderConstruction 2004-05-20T06:10:14Z - 44 PeterThoeny
FormattedSearchWithConditional... FeatureDone 2004-05-20T06:10:13Z - 4 PeterThoeny
MetaDataBreaksSearch FeatureEnhancementRequest 2004-05-20T06:10:12Z - 20 PeterThoeny
WhatAboutSearchEngines   2004-05-03T19:24:18Z - 10 MattWilkie
FormattedSearchPatternExtracti... BugResolved 2004-04-28T06:47:10Z - 8 PeterThoeny
TypeRegexSearchDoesNotWorkAsEx... BugResolved 2004-04-28T06:45:22Z - 2 PeterThoeny
SearchDoesNotWorkAsExpected FeatureDone 2004-03-18T06:58:21Z - 17 PeterThoeny
ExpandVariablesOnFormattedSear... FeatureDone 2004-03-12T01:35:56Z - 2 PeterThoeny
SortSearchByTopicCreateDate FeatureDone 2004-03-05T09:43:00Z - 1 PeterThoeny
FormattedSearchNotBehavingItse... BugRejected 2004-03-02T10:03:02Z - 5 CrawfordCurrie
FormattedSearchWithSubstitutio... FeatureBrainstorming 2004-02-24T13:12:28Z - 4 SvenDowideit
FormattedSearchFormnameVariabl... FeatureDone 2004-02-15T21:09:37Z - 4 PeterThoeny
InvertedSearchFeature FeatureDone 2004-02-14T09:05:08Z - 7 PeterThoeny
SearchEnhancements FeatureDone 2004-02-09T03:18:38Z - 22 AndreUlrich
AllowSearchAlsoInRevisions FeatureBrainstorming 2004-02-07T23:38:00Z - 4 MichaelSparks
SearchScopeForTopicAndText DocsToDo 2004-01-20T07:31:01Z - 9 PeterThoeny
WebSearchAdvanced   2004-01-18T10:53:40Z - 1 PeterThoeny
WebSearch   2004-01-18T10:44:26Z - 6 PeterThoeny
ShortUserNameInFormattedSearch FeatureDone 2004-01-03T09:41:45Z - 13 PeterThoeny
SearchWithNoPipe FeatureDone 2004-01-03T09:33:41Z - 20 PeterThoeny
MultipleSearchesInSameTopic FeatureDone 2004-01-03T09:03:21Z - 22 PeterThoeny
SearchDocumentationError BugRejected 2004-01-03T08:35:54Z - 6 PeterThoeny
SearchAndSecurity BugResolved 2004-01-01T11:27:12Z - 8 SvenDowideit
SearchWebHasTooManyParameters FeatureDone 2003-12-17T17:33:37Z - 15 PeterThoeny
FormattedSearchAcrossMultipleW... TWikiDevQuestion 2003-12-02T22:22:15Z - 4 LynnwoodBrown
SearchInINCLUDE FeatureEnhancementRequest 2003-11-15T00:18:20Z - 3 RaymondLutz
XSearchAnomaly BugResolved 2003-11-01T10:14:19Z - 2 PeterThoeny
SearchMultipleWebsUnifiedOutpu... FeatureBrainstorming 2003-11-01T09:58:57Z - 7 PeterThoeny
RefBySearchMissesLinks BugReport 2003-09-18T08:23:01Z - 2 RichardDonkin
SearchDotPmInvokesGrepUnsafely BugDuplicate 2003-09-14T23:46:00Z - 3 PeterThoeny
SearchInTwikiForms FeatureBrainstorming 2003-09-04T17:48:07Z - 6 MattPounsett
SearchUnInitVar BugResolved 2003-07-20T01:57:43Z - 2 MichaelSparks
PhotonSearch FeatureUnderConstruction 2003-06-14T13:03:26Z - 17 EstebanManchado
SearchModuleDependency TWikiDevQuestion 2003-06-10T16:38:50Z - 1 DavidSachitano
SearchingWithFixedTerms TWikiDevQuestion 2003-06-07T07:17:30Z - 5 PeterThoeny
SearchAndSpreadSheetPluginProb... BugRejected 2003-05-08T06:07:00Z - 7 PeterThoeny
SearchFormattingParsingBroken BugRejected 2003-05-05T00:18:00Z - 2 PeterThoeny
IgnoreWebIfNotSearchHit FeatureDone 2003-04-28T15:59:58Z - 5 ColasNahaboo
NationalCharactersEncodedInSea... BugReport 2003-04-16T15:05:21Z - 8 RichardDonkin
ImprovedSearchByKeywordIndex FeatureEnhancementRequest 2003-04-03T18:39:00Z - 2 PeterKlausner
HighlightSearchTermsInTopicSum... FeatureEnhancementRequest 2003-04-02T07:37:16Z - 4 PeterThoeny
FormattedSearchGetMultipleHits... TWikiDevQuestion 2003-04-02T07:33:00Z - 3 PeterThoeny
GooglismSearch DefineTerm 2003-03-26T08:45:00Z - 1 PeterThoeny
CategorySearchForm FeatureUnderConstruction 2003-03-07T04:34:13Z - 24 SvenDowideit
CaseInsensitiveSearchInternati... BugResolved 2002-11-30T22:10:08Z - 6 RichardDonkin
SearchSortByColumnHeaders FeatureEnhancementRequest 2002-11-24T03:13:00Z - 1 GrantBow
FormattedSearchUsingTextAndFor... BugReport 2002-11-10T08:44:40Z - 2 PeterThoeny
DirectSearch FeatureUnderConstruction 2002-10-15T10:13:04Z - 2 EstebanManchado
MultiLineSearch FeatureNotSuitable 2002-10-13T13:03:19Z - 4 AlexandreDuretLutz
MetaDataSearching FeatureEnhancementRequest 2002-10-13T09:18:02Z - 5 EdgarBrown
SearchEngineVsGrepSearch FeatureBrainstorming 2002-09-24T18:53:00Z - 36 TomKagan
SearchShowsWebsWithZeroMatches FeatureEnhancementRequest 2002-09-15T15:09:27Z - 1 MartinWatt
SearchEnhancmentsRFC FeatureEnhancementRequest 2002-09-15T15:05:49Z - 11 MartinWatt
SearchCanBypassAllowWebView BugReport 2002-09-05T05:31:28Z - 4 MattWalsh
SearchFailsIfSingleQuoteInclud... BugReport 2002-08-07T00:31:00Z - 1 JohnRouillard
SortSearchByMetaField FeatureDone 2002-07-26T01:11:41Z - 10 DarrylGreen
FormValuesFromSearch FeatureHack 2002-07-25T06:13:28Z - 2 PeterThoeny
UsingSearchWithTWikiForms BugReport 2002-07-17T16:27:30Z - 3 DavidSachitano
AndDoesntWorkInTopicNameSearch BugRejected 2002-07-16T19:36:53Z - 3 RandyKramer
CantAnchorSearchREToEnd BugResolved 2002-07-16T10:40:51Z - 5 RandyKramer
SearchReturnsNumberOfHitsOnly FeatureEnhancementRequest 2002-07-11T16:34:13Z - 3 DavidSachitano
SearchesAsRSS FeatureBrainstorming 2002-06-12T05:35:44Z - 8 PeterThoeny
InterleavedSearchResults FeatureEnhancementRequest 2002-06-03T08:55:19Z - 2 ColasNahaboo
SherlockAndMozillaSearching FeatureHack 2002-05-29T07:06:53Z - 7 RichardDonkin
RenameLockRESEARCH BugResolved 2002-05-20T17:00:44Z - 2 JohnTalintyre
SpacedTopicNameFormattedSearch FeatureEnhancementRequest 2002-05-07T16:18:00Z - 1 MikeMaurer
CustomSearchForm BugResolved 2002-03-25T06:22:00Z - 5 PeterThoeny
SearchScriptWithFormattedSearc... FeatureUnderConstruction 2002-03-23T07:52:00Z - 1 PeterThoeny
QuickSearchDev FeatureHack 2002-03-12T20:19:20Z - 3 DaveAlsup
MovedLinksAreNotUpdatedInNoSea... FeatureBrainstorming 2002-03-08T08:46:43Z - 4 JohnTalintyre
StartEqualsArgumentForSearch FeatureBrainstorming 2002-03-01T15:15:00Z - 3 AndrewTetlaw
FormattedSearchBroken BugResolved 2002-02-17T07:30:00Z - 3 RichardDonkin
SkinForSearch FeatureDone 2002-01-15T21:16:58Z - 4 JohnTalintyre
InlineSearch FeatureDocumented 2001-12-09T08:42:46Z - 8 MikeMannix
SearchProblem   2001-08-07T01:50:13Z - 3 PeterThoeny
SearchResultsDisplayProblemIn2...   2001-07-20T07:29:24Z - 2 PeterThoeny
SearchWithoutGrep   2001-07-17T19:36:46Z - 7 RichardDonkin
NewSearchWebSelector   2001-07-15T10:20:14Z - 2 PeterThoeny
SearchEnhancementsWithAndOr   2001-07-08T20:18:53Z - 3 RichardDonkin
SearchAllWebsSelectors   2001-05-31T07:45:43Z - 3 SteveRoe
ShowLockStatusInSearch   2001-03-12T00:48:45Z - 2 PeterThoeny
SearchSpeedOfWebChangesTopic   2000-11-04T08:03:13Z - 2 PeterThoeny
DrawingTagInSearch   2000-10-01T06:13:42Z - 2 PeterThoeny
SearchAllWebsBugs   2000-08-19T18:08:24Z - 2 PeterThoeny
SearchAndIndexInNewClone   2000-08-16T01:31:39Z - 3 PeterThoeny
BookViewSearch   2000-07-23T08:28:14Z - 1 PeterThoeny
OrderBySearchOption   2000-07-07T02:58:06Z - 10 PeterThoeny
SearchAllTWikiWebs   2000-06-10T16:05:26Z - 7 KevinKinnell
Number of topics: 235

Search enhancements

  • Replace the grep search with a search engine.

-- PeterThoeny - 06 Sep 1999

A good search engine is something that every site needs. Dynamic sites like Twiki-powered ones cannot rely on the services of external search engines for both speed and up-to-date-result reasons. All the dynamic sites I know of, including twiki, use some kind of home-grown search engine. Surely out of all this work, someone, some where, has built this wheel in a portable format already.

Is there really no Perl::AwesomeGooglifyYourOwnSite module available that twiki could use? All of the problems mentioned in the above categories have already been solved. Why does twiki need to solve them again?

I am not a programmer, maybe I just don't understand the implementation issues and this is really a Google:Wicked-Problem, but I really think more stuff could be leveraged from other projects.

-- MattWilkie - 10 Feb 2003

From the table above the topics related to search engines and logic in searches are:

SearchEngineVsGrepSearch FeatureBrainstorming
SearchIndex Select one...
SearchEnhancementsWithAndOr FeatureEnhancementRequest
SearchSuggestion FeatureEnhancementRequest
SearchIsBroken BugRejected
KeywordSearchWithImplicitAnd FeatureEnhancementRequest

I'm brainstorming some ideas for giving searches extra functionality so that they can return more search engine like results. I think for a search such as "blue green" what people new to TWiki expect are pages with "blue AND green", they assume an implicit AND (KeywordSearchWithImplicitAnd).

I think people would also expect pages to be ordered based on relevance, i.e. how many times the search term appeared in the Topic (SearchOrderByRelevance). I think the basis of it might be using grep -c to get a count of the number of times a pattern is found in a file.

I'm also thinking about a kind of TWiki page rank (SearchWithTopicRank) that scores pages based on how many references there are to them, or how many children they have. Although if this has to be done on the fly it may be too slow to be useful.

So we have a road map for getting from the current state (SearchWithAnd) to more search engine like feature.

I suggest that each be fully implemented before moving on to the next, and that they should each have to be specificaly turned on using a parameter, i.e. off by default so that all the %SEARCH% tags already written don't have to be changed.

-- SamHasler - 12 Feb 2003

Sam, I agree that some of the search topics need to be rearranged. Following your proposal on SearchSuggestion I was about to create SearchTopicAndText as I wanted to separate the two problems (1. search topic and text , 2. KeywordSearchWithImplicitAnd) discussed in SearchSuggestion. But then I figured that in this special case the issues are connected and should be solved together.

My reasoning is: The title of a page (i.e. the TWiki topic name) is a component of the page. Thus if you do a simple search it should be regarded and included in the search as well.

Additionally to help users, simple search should return as many pages as possible. To do this one has to make the search set as big as possible. Adding the topic names would increase the search set.

We also have to keep in mind that the average users does not know how the TWiki search function is implemented and thus he/she does not know that the internal data structure separates the topic title from it's content. These ramifications do exist for the programmer but as they are hidden to the users we have to overcome them.

If you agree on that we should follow-up on KeywordSearchWithImplicitAnd.

-- DanielKabs - 12 Feb 2003

My reasoning for wanting two topics is that it's easier to discuss and implement them separately. It also means that anyone looking for one or the other set of functionality would have a descriptive topic name and only the information they are interested in. There are already patches for both issues in separate topics. As long as both of those patches make it into the core does it matter to you if they are handled separated or together?

-- SamHasler - 12 Feb 2003

I've already argued why those problems are so closely related that they should be implemented together. You could even say it's only one issue because it's all about improving TWiki's search interface. Therefore I recommended to discuss both problems in one topic. In Star Trek parlance: The need to get both features implemented outweighs the need to reduce combining of issues. smile

If we have two separate topics KeywordSearchWithImplicitAnd and SearchTopicAndText, how do we express their close relationship (if you agree on that "close relationship"): Link one from the other or create a superior topic that refers to both?

-- DanielKabs - 13 Feb 2003

You are right, Daniel. Both features need go to core. Both are just Twiki quirks. Average users not only do not know how search is implemented: they cannot care less why Twiki decided to handle search differently. They compare search features in Twiki with experience on other web sites and Google, and all diferences will be counted as Twiki bugs.

RuleOne: If Twiki does the search as other do, it's intuitive and no further explanation is needed. Could be documented, and each reader will just say: "yeah, fine, no surprises here".

-- PeterMasiar - 13 Feb 2003

When I said implemented, perhaps I meant documented. We should discuss and document them separately, so that they are in topics with meaningful names and people can find patches for applying to old instalations.

-- SamHasler - 13 Feb 2003

I'm not sure if this is the right topic (please move it if there is a better place), but I have made my own search that works rather well. Here is a description of how it works:

My search ANDs all the search terms together, and it uses the command line tool "bool" instead of grep. It uses proximity searching, so all of the search terms must occur within 60 words of each other. Then rather than displaying results by individual webs one web at a time, all of the results are displayed together, with the web name next to the topic name. Several factors are taken into consideration when sorting the results. Each page gets sort of a 'score' or 'ranking'. This number is a function of how many times the search terms appeared in the topic, how many views the page has (taken from WebStatistics), and how many search terms are in the title of the topic. The number of page views has the least impact on the score, and the number of search terms in the title has the greatest impact. WebStatistics and WebPreferences are automatically given scores of zero, because they are not usually what you are looking for, but they come up in the results frequently. Each individual search result also includes the first 150 word block from that topic that had all the search terms in it, wich the search terms in bold. This way you can see if that topic uses the words in the correct context.

At the top of the page, above where your search results are, it shows the number of times each term was found. It also shows the search string that was actually used. If you type in a search string of several terms, and one of them isn't found anywhere at all in the twiki, then the entire search will fail because none of the other search terms will be proximate to a non-existant word. Because of this, terms in your search string that don't occur anywhere are automatically dropped. So if you type in a search for "PI#JE Installation EJLWKFUISAJ31JK Guide", it will actually use "Installation Guide". The user interface is a text box, "Enter Search Words", a "submit search" button, and a link to the regular search if people want it. It's very basic, and not intimidating to the timid user.

It has been surprisingly good at putting exactly what we're looking for right at the top of the list. However there are a few drawbacks. In my implementation, it is an extra sub added to Search.pm, which some people don't like to do. It can be slow sometimes (but we have a rather large twiki installation, so that might be the cause), and it's large (~1000 lines, but lots of comments). It requires the installation of bool.

I'll have to talk to my supervisor about it, but I don't think it will be any problem for me to post the code here in a day or two. My code might be a little ugly because I started out by copying the searchWeb function in Search.pm, and then I just modified it a bunch. So it's probably not how it would look if I had started this from scratch. searchWeb is still in Search.pm though, so the normal search still works. Anyway, this new search tool has worked great for us so far, just thought you people might be interested.

-- DavidSachitano - 02 Jul 2003

I'm interested in your search modifications David. If you haven't discovered them already you might find PhotonSearch and GoIsSearch intersting.

As for what might be the proper place for this discussion, BoolSearch seems appropriate.

-- MattWilkie - 17 Jul 2003

I'm currently playing around with the ability to put the parent of a found item in the formatted output - perhaps this would be useful in the next release?

-- PaulPetterson - 19 Jul 2003

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