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This is really a two-parter:

Firstly, It would facilitate changing the Topic Classification and Topic status on pages if they had drop downs listing the current Classifications and status options, along with an "update" button.

Secondly, I would like to see the whole block at the bottom of the view and edit pages be more compact. 3 of the (nearly) 5 lines it takes up could be consolidated to just over 2 by putting Topic Classification, Topic Status and Implementation date on a single line and have the Project Group be on the line below.

-- DavidLeBlanc - 03 Jan 2002

They do have dropdowns of course, once you hit Edit. I suppose you are suggesting that the dropdowns work without doing Edit - not a bad idea for pages that are mainly designed for form filling, but then you can just link directly to the Edit page of course.

-- RichardDonkin - 03 Jan 2002

This would be great if it was implemented on the form topic, adding an extra column to define a fields display. You could then have the option to Hide a field in view mode, show as Editable in view mode or just the standard Display in view mode.

Of course if this is happening it would also be great to be able to use a variable or search results as the source of the drop down as well... smile

-- AdrianLynch - 03 Jan 2002

I vote for this proposal, too. Especially Category Dropdown will be nice to have.

I am working on TWiki for our group (Yet Another Bug Tracking system), using ideas from Know web. And have problems generating all proper searches. BugReport by bug categories are static, so it is only pain to type all needed SEARCH parameters.

But BugReport by person assigned are worse: person list may change, and after each change in form (or in my case, in topic AssignedTo, defining drop-down option list), I need to remember to go to search topic, and add new search option.

Is there any better way to do it?

Clearly there is somewhere in TWiki function capable of generating drop-down list for a form category, but I did not found it in TWikiVariables. Can it be make public? I am hoping for something like GETCATEGORYLIST{"formname", "categoryname"}.

-- PeterMasiar - 04 Jan 2002

I split this discussion, so here it may continue about skins and visual formatting, and in new topic VariableForCategoryDropdown we can talk about proposed TWiki variable GETCATEGORYLIST (and how to use it to facilitate development of an application based on TWiki).

-- PeterMasiar - 08 Jan 2002

I don't quite see why it is a problem to hit Edit before using the dropdowns - generally, TWiki works by having pages in view mode, then hitting Edit, so there would have to be a good rationale for breaking this model. Some TWiki skins use drop down lists of topics for navigation rather than page editing, for example.

-- RichardDonkin - 04 Jan 2002

Having to go into edit mode just to change a topic classification or status seems clumsy to me and thus less likely to happen would be one reason to break this model. I wonder if it's also necessary to hit RCS just to change the topic classification?

While reading TaggingRelatedTopics, an additional idea came to mind wrt this proposal: put an "update" button in the box to update the classification/topic/project group etc. Button to be greyed out until one of those is changed.

-- DavidLeBlanc - 05 Jan 2002

I like the idea of the update button (on the view page) for two reasons, one (as stated) to avoid the need to go through an edit -- preview -- save cycle to change the classification or status, and second, it seems to provide a way to distinguish changes -- a change made with this button could be shown on a page of "MinorChanges" or "StatusOnlyChanges" and help deal with the problem of too many "incidental" things showing up as changes.

-- RandyKramer - 06 Jan 2002

I think it does make sense to have selectable fields while in View mode in certain circumstances. For example on most Document (or informational) type pages the current method of having to hit edit to change the metadata makes sense, but in a job/bug/task tracking system I think it is quite logical to have the metadata editable in view mode.

Either way it would be good to have the ability to define this on the form as per my post above.

-- AdrianLynch - 06 Jan 2002

Maybe the solution for a job/bug tracking system is to allow certain skins to work directly in Edit mode, and perhaps avoid the Preview state as well. I don't think this should be part of default skins, since it blurs the line between viewing and editing a bit too much.

-- RichardDonkin - 07 Jan 2002

How about an extention of % META{"form", editable="field1 field2"}% [See TWikiMetaData#Rendering_Meta_Data] to allow rendering of a form with editable fields. This version would render editable fields and an update button.

An example for the form at the bottom of the page would be:

% META{"WebForm", editable="TopicClassification, ImplementationDate"}%

to only enable changing of the TopicClassification and ImplementationDate parameters without editing the topic.

If you want all fields enabled for editing something like:

% META{"WebForm", editable="ALL"}%

-- JohnRouillard - 21 Jan 2002

Maybe this topic should be "unforked". Can't the facilities being discussed here be accommodated through the use of the enhanced

 % META{ }% 
facilities proposed in VariableForCategoryDropdown? It should be possible to have a (HTML) form generated from the metadata and inserted in the topic that is the form on the edit page (or a subset or reformatting of it).

Background is that I have been trying to put together a form-based system and found a need for something like this and the VariableForCategoryDropdown feature to make the interface acceptable to users. I see nothing wrong with putting forms that manipulate metadata on a page when it is already possible (and often done) to put (HTML) forms on pages to invoke other actions (in particular creation of pages containing forms and metadata). It seems odd (to user and "developer" if there is such a thing on a wiki) that having created the initial content of a page this way one can't change it via a similar mechanism.

-- DarrylGreen - 18 Jun 2002

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