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TWiki doesn't release lock when you save a page

When you save a page, TWiki should release the RCS lock so that someone else can edit the page right away. Currently, after you save a page, the lock remains in effect for an hour; if someone else tries to edit the page, they get a message saying that it's locked.

-- BenjaminGeer - 27 May 2002

Follow up

I believe this is a designed feature, which is why there is a "release edit lock" check box at the end of the edit page. Even if it's not a feature, I like it. It is not uncommon for me to finish editing a page, preview it, save it, read it again and discover I wasn't really finished with it yet after all.

The lock duration can be set in Twiki.cfg, look for $editLockTime, near line 270 in mine.

-- MattWilkie

It seems to me that, if this is a feature, it doesn't make much sense in a collaborative editing tool. For example, in my organisation, we use TWiki to collaboratively write summaries of meetings. Anyone who attended a meeting can contribute to the summary by adding whatever they remember. Generally, everyone goes home and wants to edit the same page within the space of a few hours. When ten people are trying to edit the same page, it's bad enough having to wait for someone else to save their changes; having to wait an additional arbitrary period of time makes TWiki nearly useless for this type of work.

If I set the lock duration to 0 in TWiki.cfg, will the lock be held only until I save my changes?

-- BenjaminGeer - 27 May 2002

I've changed this to a TWikiDevQuestion as this is not a bug. First this is an explicit TWiki lock (held in a .lock file) not an RCS lock. As it happens RCS locks are always held by the user TWiki runs as. The first purpose of the TWiki lock is to give you time to work on a page after you start an edit. When you have finished the edit you can decide if you want to release the lock - this defaults to no, but you can always change this behaviour (I would guess by changing the edit.tmpl). You can set $editLockTime to zero in TWiki.cfg, but this means you get no lock when you are editing. As there is no support for optimistic locking you could overwrite someones changes without realising. You can of course overirde someone else's lock. I hope this helps.

-- JohnTalintyre - 27 May 2002

I have previously thought that many would want release lock to be default. Perhaps this could be a Preference?

-- MartinCleaver - 27 May 2002

smile It is a preference. * Set RELEASEEDITLOCKCHECKBOX = checked in TWikiPreferences

-- MattWilkie - 28 May 2002

I think it is an usability issue. That was the first think I changed when installing TWiki: make the default to release the lock. If I want to -re-edit immediately, it is very rare that the topic is locked by someone else, and if it happens, knowing that I will not have to wait 1 hour is nice smile

I would vote for the defaut to be to release the lock (it is the default for the KoalaSkin)

-- ColasNahaboo - 28 May 2002

It is up to the site admin to decide on the RELEASEEDITLOCKCHECKBOX flag.

I believe we should keep the current spec for the distribution. Waiting for one hour is less disturbing then loosing text because someone hit the back button on a released topic. Loosing text when editing a topic that has no edit lock can be very confusing and can also anger people as happended in the past.

-- PeterThoeny - 28 May 2002

Personally I think it's very reasonable to have REALEASEEDITLOCKCHECKBOX set to true by default. I always check the box before I save, and I've never run into problems. OTOH, it is annoying when someone else has not unlocked the topic - and there's no indication to the user that they have a topic lock in preview or view.

Perhaps that would be a good thing to add: some text in the header on topic preview that notes whether you will keep the topic locked after you save. That way, if someone has simply forgotten to check the box, or was unaware of how it worked, they would find out and be able to go back and fix it.

-- WalterMundt - 16 Feb 2004

I agree - i can't think of any time that i don't manually tick the box (unless i forget)

-- SvenDowideit - 16 Feb 2004

on my wikis, i run with savemulti and the checkbox turned on. the checkbox is only even seen if you do a preview, as hitting "save" releases the edit lock (from the preferences setting), and checkpoint naturally retains the lock.

i must say that i definitely tire of waiting for someone who forgets to release the lock here on twiki.org; and then, i'm faced with the unenviable choice of waiting it out (and i might not get back to it), or deciding someone forgot and possibly overwritting their changes. heavy sigh.

if there's a technical issue (i think i remember a discussion about problems about setting the timeout really low, and maybe that's related, maybe not), then i'd like to know that so that i can go about patching it... i'm not interested in losing contributions in my wikis, either wink )

-- WillNorris - 16 Feb 2004

this bug seems to be back. when using the PatternSkin, both save and save quiet fail to release the edit lock (and the proper settings are even in my home page preferences to release the lock (though i realise this may or may not even apply, depending on how the code is configured))

-- WillNorris - 07 Aug 2004

I just added the 2 tickboxes to the preview and edit templates for pattern (and to edit on default). its in SVN smile

Arthur may have to make it look good though

-- SvenDowideit - 07 Aug 2004

Adding the checkbox to the Edit template is a design issue that won't be too difficult to solve. I will probably make it similar to the Preview template instead of the fieldset.

I am more worried about the false feeling of safety that this checkbox gives. If either people are checking the box automatically or setting it in their user topic to on, the safety feature (safe to hit the back button and edit further) is gone.

So the functionality is reduced. But what the checkbox does is give people a bit more awareness how locks work - if you would remove it entirely people would assume it would always be safe to go back and edit and save again.

I don't have a final conclusion to be drawn.

-- ArthurClemens - 07 Aug 2004

Done for PatternSkin.

-- ArthurClemens - 09 Aug 2004

Removed scheduled for CairoRelease since this is an incremental enhancement needed by new SavemultiCgiScript feature.

-- PeterThoeny - 16 Aug 2004

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