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Feature Proposals under Investigation

Proposals that are under investigation and don't yet fulfil the basic criteria in the release process mainly

  • Proposals must have a developer that commits to drive the feature to completion (there is no demand on how soon).

Topic Summary Bugs Item
AccessControlInFormFields Adding Access control to Form Fields  
AddDepthLimitToWebList The WEBLIST feature could be improved with a depth limit  
AddDescriptionSettingToGroupTopics Add DESCRIPTION setting to group topics  
AddFormatParamToMetaParent Add format to META{"parent"}  
AddFormfieldParamToMetaParent add $formfield to META{"parent"}  
AddSettingsTopicParamToEditAndSave add a settingstopic parameter to edit&save Bugs:Item5701
AddTextAreaPlusRichToTWikiForms Add textarea+rich type to TWiki Form Definitions  
AddTruncateVAR Add TRUNCATE variable  
AddUserAgentToConfigure Add User Agent to configure  
AgeSensitiveTopicDates Age Sensitive Dates on Topics  
AllowTopicNameThatBeginsWithSmallLetter Allow Topic Name That Begins With Small Letter  
AllowUrlParamsInBracketNotation Allow url params in bracket notation  
AlternateFormRendering Allow alternative rendering of forms as directed by a template  
ApacheCompatibility When can one use mod_perl, fastcgi, speedycgi?  
ApprovingRegistrations An extension to the AuthenticationSubSystem  
AttachLockRequest Implement Collaborative Editing Flow for attachments  
AttachUrlForOtherTopics Allow the ATTACHURL variable to reference other topics  
AttachedFileLinkFormatExt Enhancement of ATTACHEDFILELINKFORMAT (and ATTACHEDIMAGEFORMAT) with $date, $fileext, ...  
AttachmentRenameOnUpload Rename Attachment to Match Latest Upload  
AutoConnection Automatic Connection (two way link)  
AutoCreateOnViewProposal Auto-create topics upon view, if they're non-existent, in webs with a WebAutoCreateViewTemplate topic  
AutoIncStep AUTOINC step value  
AutomatedTestingFramework Automated Testing Framework  
AutomaticAttachments Attachment tables automatically based on PubDirectory  
AutomaticHeaderAndFooterInclude Automaticly include header and footer in form based topic  
AvoidNonWebsInWeblist Avoid non-webs in %WEBLIST%  
AvoidRenameLosingHistory fix for broken links and history created by renaming topics  
AvoidShootingSelfInFoot Prevent Users from Locking Themselves out of their pages  
BatchMoveAndReparent Discussion regarding mass moving groups of topics from one web to another.  
BetterLists Relaxed list syntax  
BetterRevisionControl Revision Control should have a better Diff-View  
BetterVirtualHostSupport Current configure assumes individual installs  
BulkCreatePagesUsingTemplate Generic variation on BulkRegistration  
CalendarPluginNeedsGui The CalendarPlugin needs a GUI  
CanonicalTWikiVariables Simplify and make consistent the syntax for defining and referencing TWiki variables.  
CellSpanFeatureForEditTablePlugin New cell span feature for EditTablePlugin Bugs:Item4910
CgiObjectShouldHandleA CGI object should handle the a method like CPAN:CGI  
ChangePrivilegesTopicAction More Topic Actions: Change Privileges  
ConfigurableEditAnyway Configurable Edit Anyway Link  
ContextIsAdmin Add Context IsAdmin to IF Statements  
ContinueListNumbering Give possibility to (manually) continue list numbering  
CorrectParameterPassing URL parameters with 0 value are not passed properly by getScriptUrl  
CreateNoEditSkin Create a Skin without Editing Links  
CreatePackagesForLanguages Create Packages For Languages  
CreatedateOutputFormat Configure output format of search variable $createdate  
CustomPageTitle Ability to change page titles on a per-page basis  
DOMAccessibleToPlugins Make the SafeWikiPlugin DOM tree available to other plugins  
DatalistFormFieldType Add a datalist to the form field types  
DefaultMobileSkin Standard Skin for Mobile Devices  
DefaultTextInSearch SEARCH to have parameter "default"  
DefineSettingInForm Posibility to define a setting for all Topics using the TWikiForms  
DelayPasswordChangeUntilResetLinkClicked Delay Password Change Until Reset Link is Clicked  
DiffShouldSupportByWord Topic Diffs should support by-word comparison  
DisplayFormFieldToolTipInEdit Provide option to display the "Tool tip" attribute in the form when editing.  
DynamicFormOptionDefinitions Allow definition of TWikiForms field values using a FormattedSearch  
EasySettingOfViewTemplate Easy Setting of View Template  
EnableOrDisableSeveralTWikiTipsOfTheDay It should be possible to enable or disable several TWiki tips of the day  
EnhanceAllowWebTopicChange Need Higher Granularity for Privileges  
EnhancedTopicTemplateCapabilities Enhance Topic Templates with more "sections"  
ExplodeHierarchalWebsInBreadcrumbs Hierarchal webs should be exploded in the breadcrumbs  
ExtendSECTIONToSupportConditionals Support block-level IF  
FederatedSearch Expose twiki store to federated searches  
FinerGranularityOfEnablingRegistrationBasedOnPatternMatchingEmail Finer Granularity Of Enabling Registration Based On Pattern Matching Email  
FixIncorrectPluginAbort Fix incorrect way of aborting a plugin invocation  
FixSMTPAuth Fix SMTP Auth  
ForcedRegistration Force users to register  
GeneralisedCHARTdefinition create a generalised CHART Var definition that several ChartPlugins can re-use  
GetRidOfPseudoHTML HTML is HTML, and TWiki is TWiki  
GoogleDocs Integration of Google Docs and Spreadsheets in TWiki  
GroupsAdditionalFunctionality Add Additional Functionality to GROUPS variable  
HTMLBreaksAutoLink Auto Links break when inside tags with no whitespace  
HackAndSlashTWikiDotOrg Clear cutting agriculture for a new season  
HandleParamsInLinks Better Handling of Link options and params  
HarmonizeSchemaDefinition Harmonize the Schema Definitions Used  
HarmonizeTextAreaDefinition Harmonize Text Area Definition  
HideAttachments Hide all attachments in topic  
HighlightRecentChanges Automatically highlight recent changes in a twiki page  
HowToDeleteUserAccount TWiki should provide a user interface to delete accounts, rather than needing the administrator to edit files on the backend. TWikibug:Item4905
INCLUDEdSetvariablesshouldwork INCLUDEd Set variables should work  
IdentifyUsers Identiify users and groups in TML using a simple syntax  
ImagePluginTogetherWithImageGalleryPlugin ImagePlugin doesn't work with different topics  
ImplementSortingByRelevanceInStandard Implement a sorting by relevance in TWiki-Standard-edition  
ImproveWYSIWYG Let us improve WYSIWYG experience  
ImprovingPerformanceWithApacheModCache Performance With Apache ModCache  
IncludeSupportInterwiki INCLLUDE Should Support Interwiki links  
InlineDocsAccordingToPodSpec Make TWiki inline documentation conforming to POD spec  
InsertImage Easier inserting and resizing of images  
KeystrokesForSlideShowPlugin Enhance Slide Show Plugin for keystroke shortcuts  
LimitNumberOfRevisionsDisplayedInHistory Limit or Make Configurable the number of revisions shown in History results  
LiveForms Add "Live Forms" to TWiki  
MakeAnchorVariable Make it easier to link to unique headings  
MakeSignatureFormatConfigurable Make signature format configurable TWikibug:Item5335
MakeTWikiCfgPublicToExtensions Proposal to make TWiki::cfg public to plugins  
MissingGrepUnreported Twiki should complain when e or fgrep are missing  
MoreThanPreLessThanVerbatim Need Something Between Pre and Verbatim  
NeedAccessControlDENYWEBNEW Adding DENYWEBCREATE and ALLOWWEBCREATE to access rules  
NeedWebRootVariable new variable "WEBROOT"  
NewLayoutForMoreScreen New Layout for More Screen  
NoUpdateIfNoChange Save script not to update if there is no change  
NoWrapInTableCells Stop table cells from wrapping  
NotificationTimeChoice Add time granularity to MailInContrib  
NotifyByTag MailInContrib Notify with Tags  
NumberedHeadersAndLists patched TWiki.pm for numbered headings and lists  
Odf2TWiki translating .odf files to TWiki markup Language  
PackageTwistyContribInTwistyPlugin Package TwistyContrib into TwistyPlugin  
PluginGarbageCollection Plugins need a working/temp file cleanup mechanism  
PreventTagExpansionInEditTable Prevent premature tag expansion in editable tables  
ProblemAddingReportError Have problem_adding report the actual error  
ProcessAddToBodyStart Need a mechanism to add to the start of the body tag  
ProposedUTF8SupportForI18N Support for UTF-8 in TWiki in three phases, starting with UTF-8 URLs  
RecentViews List of recently viewed topics  
RefactorPluginsPipeline Plugin execution order mechanism is too crude  
RegexSearchWithEmbeddedKeywordSearch Regex Search with Keyword Search  
RemoveInfoFromViewPrint Remove topic info from viewprint mode  
RemoveSubscriptionFunction removeSubscription() function is absent in MailerContrib  
RenameAttachments Rename attachments  
RenameTheMainWeb change name of "Main" web to "Users" or "People" to reflect most common usage  
ReplaceParameterForIncludeVariable Introduce new parameter "replace" to INCLUDE variable  
RequiresPluginVariable A TWiki variable to check if a plugin is enabled  
RestructuringWebLeftBarProposal Factor common web left bar stuff to a common topic  
RtspExternalLink Support automatic external links for rtsp  
SaveByAdmin Save Topics by Admin User  
SearchAllPublicWebsVariable Search All Public Webs Variable  
SearchProperHandlingOfDateStrings SEARCH cannot order according to date strings in forms  
SearchWordDocsPlugin Be able to search MS word doc attachments.  
SegregateWikiness Segregate Wikiness  
SetMultipleDirsInSetlibDotCfg CPAN installs into multiple directories, not into a single one. $localPerlLibPath needs to take an array.  
SkinSelectionUsingAgent Enable skin selection via Web Agent name / request  
SoYouWantToWriteAPlugin So you want to write a plugin  
SupportAccessToArbitraryMetaDataFromSEARCH Support access to arbitrary meta-data in search results format  
SyntaxHighlightingEditor Syntax Highlighting Editor  
TWikiCommentSyntaxInTopics Create code commenting syntax  
TWikiLevelComments way to make TWiki-level comments in topics  
TWikiPluginForSproutliner TWiki Plugin for Sproutliner  
TWikiStoreWithMongoDB TWiki Store with MongoDB  
TWikiTopicUpdateMetadata Save Metadata about topic changes.  
TableOfContentsIgnoreNullHeaders TOC variable to ignore null headers  
TemplateAclInheritance Template ACL Inheritance issue  
TimePickerPlugin Request for Time Picker Plugin  
TopicTitleH1Enhancement Enhancement To Topic Title Variable  
UpdateAttachmentsDontWorkAsExpected Change file uploads so that selecting a file's action and then uploading a different filename will not create a new file.  
UseFckeditorForWysiwyg Use FckEditor as the default wysiwyg editor  
UseUTF8 Use UTF-8 internally in TWiki  
UserAgentSpecification Set User Agent for TWiki's Include Requests TWikibug:Item5830
UserContributions Improved System for User Contributions  
UserMailList User Mail list for support  
UserSuppliedHeadingAnchorNameForToc Auto-generated anchor name for ToC varies  
VarENCODETransformNewlineIntoHTML VarENCODE with an adicional parameter type to convert newlines into HTML  
VarIncludeOptionallyUsesProxy Allow INCLUDE to optionally use proxy  
VersionSpecificFileLinksInAttachmentsTable Have file links in attachment table include a URL param to get latest version  
VersionUpdates Features List For Newest Version  
ViewNonExistingTopicShouldHttp302 view non-existing Topic should HTTP 302  
WYSiWYGAttachPaste WYSIWYG auto attach/paste img  
WebAdminPages Default topics that handle admin topics  
WebAdminTopic Add a WebAdmin Topic  
WebClusters Web Clusters  
WebSegregation Separating Webs with their own WEBMASTER  
WebTopBarShouldBeWebPerWeb WebTopBar and WebBottomBar Should be Customizable on a per-web basis  
WhatTWikiNeedsForAStructuredWiki UI Elements TWiki needs to be a real structured wiki  
WizardForFirstUserAndAdmin Wizard like way to become first user and admin  
WorkFlow a six year evolving discussion on the best WorkFlow for twiki.org  
Number of topics: 194

Feature Proposals Hidden in the Attic

Proposals that where once under investigation but today they don't have a Committed Developer. Most likely an unimplemented feature from the old workflow.

Topic Summary Bugs Item
AccessControlLists Implement proper access control lists  
AddAutoLinkTags Add <autolink> tag  
AddCopyTopic It would be nice if a topic could be copied, not just moved  
AddFormatToMetaSearch MetaSearch is kinda useless  
AddInstallerLinkToExtensionInfoTable Add Installer Link To Extension Info Table  
AddTemplatesToBulkRegistration Add templates to bulk registration  
AddToMyLinks Add current topic to "My Links"  
AddWorkareaFunctions The plugin workarea is great but...  
AdditionOfRolesToUserInfo The role a user serves often affects content  
AllowFileNameChangeForAttachment Users should be able to choose the attachment file name  
AnchorToolTipSummary include text at/after #MyAnchor in title="..." of references to the anchor  
AppendTextToTopic API level append makes refresh unnecessary and mail-in easier and quicker  
AttachmentsVisibleWhenEditing Make Attachments Visible When Editing  
AutoTableRowNumbering Auto Table Row Numbering  
AutomateDefaultPluginBinAccessPermissioning Provide the means for a plugin to specify what permissions it needs in bin  
AutomaticLinkLabelBasedOnHeading Automatic link label based on first heading in topic  
BackslashesInLogin Want Backslashes in Login, to support Windows Authentication  
BringTopicVarsIntoCore Bring TopicVars into Core  
BrokenPluginKillsTWiki FIX for: a plugin breaks during a handler call, it breaks TWiki.  
BrowserCacheFixes Improve browser page cacheing  
ComponentisingForceWikiWord generalised jscript component from TWikiRegistration form which can used in %COMMENT%  
ConfusingPerWebWikiLogoSettings Confusing per-web WIKILOGO Settings  
DefaultWebName Setting for the default web  
DefaultWebsInSubversion Change the names of the webs in the kernel package  
DefineLogicalPageParts Logical page parts should be defined  
DenyPasswordChangeForTWikiGuest Deny Password Change for TWikiGuest  
DisableWYSIWYGforUnsupportedBrowsers Disable the WYSIWYG action button if the user's browser doesn't support the WYSIWYG editor  
DoRememberRemoteUserEnhancement New TWiki Config var remoteUserNets  
DocumentedDefaultParameterValuesForInclude %INCLUDE% : Default Parameter Values (with documentation)  
DontShowPreferencesToNonAdmins Don't show WebPreferences to non-admins in WebLeftBar  
DynamicText Dynamic Text  
EasierLinking A simpler syntax for internal links (drop internal ][ square brackets)  
EditOnPreviewPage edit topic text while previewing  
EditTablePluginDHTML Use DHTML to enhance functionality of EditTablePlugin  
EditTablerowPluginAsDefaultPlugin EditTablerowPlugin As Default Plugin  
EmbedPHPScripts Allow adding PHP code to Wiki pages  
EmbeddedHTMLInTopics Add <literal> tag to protect pure HTML content  
EncryptUnderlyingPages Feature Request for Encryption of the Data Pages  
ExcludeFromWebStatistics the top ten stats include six that have little or no value  
ExtendedModeForTemplates Easing into readable template files  
FileSystemNameClash Under Windows topic name case differences are ignored in filenames  
FormattedSearchCountVariable Add varaible to FormattedSearch that returns number of topics found  
FormattedSearchFormfieldEncode Formatted search $formfield needs encode option  
FormattedSearchSectionVariable Offer ability to return a named SECTION in FormattedSearch  
FreeBusy ProposedFor a plugin  
GetRidOfTWikiUsersPage Dynamically generate TWikiUsers page  
GoogleSitemap Have twiki generate a Google Sitemap .xml file  
HierarchicalAttachmentFolders Allow hierarchicy inside attachment folders  
HowToShowParentTopics approaches for for showing topic parent metadata, a mix of proposed and already implemented solutions  
HtmlAnchorsOnRdiffSequentialOutput Put anchors in Rdiff output so users (browsers) can jump directly to the diffs  
ImportingExternalDataToTWiki Create way to import external data into TWiki  
ImproveAttachmentHandling Improve attachment handling for using TWiki as document repository  
ImprovePluginStartingTimes Redesign the Plugins architecture to accelerate plugins  
ImprovePluginsInstaller The plugins installer doesn't update topics  
IncludePermissionDeniedWarning Display warning on including denied depending on INCLUDEWARNING var  
IncludeWarnTopic A modification of handleIncludeFile to enable warn to use a topic.  
InhibitTopicSelfLinking References to own topic name should not link back to the topic  
InterestingChanges Add an option to %SEARCH to show the end of a topic in the summary  
InvisibleMultipleExclamationMarksInHeader Two or more !'s at the end of a header are not rendered  
JavaScriptPluginDependencies Plugins import JS which may be dependent on each other.  
JumpBoxSlowInLargeWebs Restructure "Topic not found page"  
LinkOpensNewWindow For external links, I like to pop open a new window to make it more obvious to the user that they've left our web site.  
LookAndFeelSuggestions Fix regression of page styles  
MailNotificationEnhanced More powerfull mail notification  
MakeViewTopicActionsCustomizable Make view topic actions customizable  
MapUserToWikiNameCaseInsensitive LoginName to WikiName mapping should be case insensitive  
MegaTWiki A feature-full fork that could provide some quick wins  
MoreApiFunctions More API Functions  
MoreWebBasedTWikiManagement More Web Based TWiki Management  
MoveSettingsOutOfText All settings should be moved out of the topic text, not just ACL  
MultiLevelWikiWebsAllowsTrashWebPerWeb Support a per-web Trash sub-web  
MultipleSelectionBox Add support for selection boxes with multiple selections  
MultipleStartincludeStopinclude Have multiple STARTINCLUDE and STOPINCLUDE tags  
NeedProperNestingWikiVariableParameterSyntax Wiki Variables that take parameters use a horrible syntax that makes nesting nearly impossible, and parsing slow. This needs to be fixed.  
NoSearchResultsForALLOWWEBVIEW split search into public and authorised methods, patch provided  
ObfuscatingEmailAddresses We need a better way to protect addresses from reapers  
ObjectOrientedTWikiPluginSystem OO-Plugin infrastruture (or Plugins2.pm)  
PatternSkinWithConditionals Add conditional output of imports in pattern skin  
PermaLinks It would be great to be able to have permanent links  
PersistentSaveOpts Save further save options for better handling of topics  
PersonalWidgetPage Using TWiki to create a single log-in personal portal page with gadgets and email  
PersonalizedRss Personalized RSS  
PluginsPerWebOrPageNeeded Plugins Per Web Or Page Needed  
PluginsShouldRegisterSymbols Plugins should register variables  
PrecalculateSearchResultCount Show number of search results at top of search page  
PreserveAttachmentTypes Preserve Content-Type from HTTP form upload in attachment  
ProperLanguageSwitching Simple convenient language switching should work  
ProvideMechanismToSendEmailsToRegisteredUsers Provide a way to send emails to Users and Groups  
PunctuationAndFontChanges Dealing with punctuation and font changes  
QueueChanges queue changes but don't commit until another wants to edit, or timelock expires.  
RandomSearchOrder Add a "random" option for order attribute in VarSEARCH  
RawModeTextPlain a mode to show only the wiki text, in a text/plain page  
ReadingTWikiPrefCookieFromCore Reading TWIKIPREF from Core code  
RegistrationShouldNotBeInTheTWikiWeb Registration should not be in the TWiki Web.  
RegistrationWikiNameHandler During registration, a plugin may wish to dictate what WikiName is picked.  
RemoveOldSkinsFromDevelop Remove old skins from develop  
RenameBinToCgiBin Separate CGI and non-cgi scripts into separate directories  
RenamingWithoutBreakingOldLinks Rename a twiki page without breaking links to the old name  
RequirementsForMultipleFormSupport Proposed requirements for multiple forms in a topic  
RunningTotalStatistics total the last xxx changes instead of since the beginning of the month  
SaveFormulaResultInForm SaveFormulaResultInForm  
SearchByFormField Allow search of TWikiForm fields using SEARCH variable  
SearchByMultipleTags Search topic by multiple tags  
SearchOrderAndLimitBehavour SEARCH - behavour of order and limit  
SearchOrderOnFormfieldNoCase Optional case-insensitive sort on form fields for search results  
SectionalWysiwygEditor Basic WYSIWYG editor that is restricted to specific sections of a topic.  
SetTimezoneInTWikiDotCfg SERVERTIME uses localtime(3) and that in turn picks up the TZ variable.  
ShowRelativeDatesInWebChanges Show relative dates in WebChanges  
SimplerDefaultTemplates Simplify the OOB templates  
SimplifyCustomSkinCreation Make it easier to create and manage custom skins.  
SlideOutMenuContribRequest Could someone wrap this thing?:  
SomethingGoodAboutChanges Flexible WebChanges alternative using .changes  
SpecifyTopicPostAndOrPrefixesDuringTopicCreation Ensure correct naming of topics of a certain type. Solution proposed.  
StaticFormOptionDefinitions how to store unexpanded form fields in DakarRelease  
StoreFacade Promote Store from an ABC to a Facade  
SubversionAsStore Subversion could be used in place of RCS  
SuggestionConfigureAuthScriptsInstructions Add Comment to Configure Page - AuthScripts section  
SupportDATEInAllLogFilenames Support date-based debug and warning file names  
SwitchDefaultBehaviourOfRenderNonExistingWikiWord link to "view" instead of "edit"  
SysadminJohnMechalasTWikiComments Comments on sysadminning TWiki from John Mechalas  
TWikiNewsletter Discussion about creating a newsletter within TWiki  
TWikiPerformanceEnhancements speed up performance, especially plugins, by implementing hash'd Prefs.pm (attached)  
TabCompletionForWikiWords Table of existing topics/WikiWords, or tab completion for same  
TopicReparenting Topic Reparenting Problems for Large Webs  
TopicTemplatesNeedMetaAbility Topic templates need the ability to define %META data  
TwistyTOC A Twisty TOC would be Very Useful  
TypeCheckParameters Support type checking on tag parameters  
URLParamPersistence URL Parameters are not persistant  
UnregisteredUsersShouldBeTWikiGuests Retaining REMOTE_USER has too many problems  
UseHttpsOrUseSslTagForTopic Topic tag to render topics using SSL (https)  
ViewInClientTime Enhance search to display time in the timezone of the client  
ViewWikiSource "Read-only" alternative to Edit  
WatchList Support tagging interesting topics from the webchanges page  
WebNotifyButton An easier way to subscribe to topics  
WebStatisticsShouldBeAPlugin It would be more consistent if WebStatistics and the associated entries in TWiki.cfg were refactored into a plugin.  
WordWrapLongUrls Patch proposal template  
WouldLikeReadTopicMetaInFuncDotPm Add TWiki::Func::getTopicMeta  
Number of topics: 179

-- Contributors: CrawfordCurrie, RafaelAlvarez, PeterThoeny - 2010-03-20


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