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Rejected Bugs

This is a list of TWiki bugs that are rejected. This can have several causes, i.e. a browser issue.

Note: Under the new ChangeProposal workflow, if a bug is rejected because it is not deemed a bug (i.e. "It's a feature") it can have it's TopicClassification changed to FeatureRequest and be refactored into a proposal for a new feature/fuctionality. If you do this please either copy the content of FeatureRequestTopicTemplate or alternatively use the form on FeatureRequest with a fictitious topic name submitting the form and then instead of saving the topic, copy the content and paste it into the old topic and refactor the original content under the new headings. If the bug report was submitted because of a misunderstanding due to insufficient documentation it could be changed to a DocRequest (Again use the form on the topic or copy the DocRequestTopicTemplate).

Bug Outstanding Issues No. of Issues Priority
Codev.PatternSkinDoesNotSupportTemplateLoadingOrder   0  
Total: 9 Proposals   0 Issues  
Codev.RememberUserBug   0 100
Codev.NoBoldWikiWords   0 100
Codev.TopicVariablesInNestedInclusions   0 100
Codev.ExclamationMarkInsideAsterisksDoesNotWork   0 100
Codev.EmailObfuscationSpams   0 100
Codev.RdiffErrorNoSuchFileOrDirectory   0 100
Codev.SearchMessesUpPath   0 100
Codev.EarlyInitHandlerNeverCalled   0  

Old WebForm Bug Reports

OLD WORKFLOW: The following is using the old WebForm workflow. We are now using ChangeProposals. Forms for creating new topics should have been removed. See WebCreateNewTopic for alternate forms.

Any topics listed here in dynamic tables will need to be converted from WebForm to the new ChangeProposalForm if you want to propose them for a release. Please read the preferred method to use for conversion.

Bug: Submitted by -
Last Author:
Last Change - Version:
AccidentalMetaDeclInTopicTextIsNasty: Bug: Accidental Meta Declaration In Topic Text Is Nasty. I managed to accidentally create a form declaration in a topic during an edit. It was of course for a non... DarrylGreen -
2002-07-22 - 08:10 - 2 - Diffs
AndDoesntWorkInTopicNameSearch: The (fairly) new `and` syntax (using the `;`) does not work in a topic name search. On the Wikilearn web try searching for search ; templ in the advanced search... RandyKramer -
2002-07-16 - 19:36 - 3 - Diffs
ApacheExampleCode: Bug: Need another `Directory` directive in the apache example code This is a documentation bug, basically. If the user cuts and pastes the example code into the... LucianSmith -
2003-12-12 - 06:18 - 4 - Diffs
AttachDoesNotRenderTWikiSyntax: Bug: attach does not render TWiki syntax The attach perl script which comes with the distribution does not render TWiki syntax when viewing the table on the attach... ShawnBradford -
2005-02-17 - 17:37 - 9 - Diffs
AttachedImageMangled: Bug: Attached images are mangled PNG and JPG images (maybe other formats too) are mangled on upload. BMP works okay. source file 32,703 vtp.png c:\temp\... MattWilkie -
2004-09-28 - 19:29 - 9 - Diffs
AttachementSaveError: Bug: attachement save error In the file bin/upload there is a misspelling (twice): oopssaveerrr oopssaveerr When I solved this problem I got: Topic save error... BeatJucker -
2001-08-23 - 12:46 - 3 - Diffs
AuthenticationNeedsAllowOverride: Bug: Authentication Needs AllowOverride I recently installed Twiki (Twikibeta20010803). The installation documentation was good for the most part. I did have... EugeneKim -
2002-08-28 - 19:10 - 3 - Diffs
BehaviourOfSpaceInForcedLink: Bug: BehaviourOfSpaceInForcedLink Upgraded to 01 Feb 2003 release from 01 Dec 2001, and this looked like a bug in generating forced links containing spaces until... JasonShortt -
2003-07-21 - 13:06 - 4 - Diffs
BraceInFormField: Closing brace in a form field leads to bad parsing Inserting a closing brace in a form field make the metadata parsing wrong. I am currently using the following patch... NicolasBurrus -
2004-09-06 - 06:29 - 3 - Diffs
BugInHttpEquiv: Solved! Thank you, MichaelSparks. Read SkinFAQ Reporting possible bug in HTTP EQUIV tag as in current distribution. TWikiPreferences advises to setup HTTP EQUIV... RichardDonkin -
2003-07-03 - 08:26 - 11 - Diffs
CanNotCallFindOneInView: Bug: Can`t call method `findOne` Can`t call method `findOne` without a package or object reference at ../lib/TWiki.pm line 1624. Test case On the page TWiki.TWiki... JanIvarPladsen -
2002-12-21 - 22:32 - 8 - Diffs
CantAddUserInHtpasswdFile: I just installed the 7/17/2001 beta, and found that while I had no personal page, TWiki thought I was already registered, so I couldn`t add a personal page. Since... DavidLeBlanc -
2004-01-01 - 05:28 - 3 - Diffs
CategoryRadioChecking: The category radio button code in edit currently allows selection of two items if: name UseCategory value is supplied via form e.g. input type `hidden` name... JohnTalintyre -
2001-08-22 - 05:40 - 3 - Diffs
ChevronAsLastCharacterGetsReplaced: Bug: Chevron as last character gets replaced. If a chevron (greater than) is the last character in my edit window, even if a closure of a tag, then it looks... MichaelKearns -
2004-04-22 - 12:13 - 6 - Diffs
CodeCleanup: Bug: General code cleanup This topic is here purely for minor code cleanup, particularly comments and SMELL type changes. Please don`t abuse this, and let me know... RichardDonkin -
2005-03-23 - 19:54 - 3 - Diffs
ColorInVerbatimArea: Bug: Color in verbatim area doesn`t get rendered When I try to use colorcodes in a verbatim area, it gets rendered correctly in the preview. However, in the final... BjoernStierand -
2003-11-19 - 17:48 - 5 - Diffs
CorruptingTopicsWithTransparentProxy: Bug: Corrupting posts and previews , especially TWikiPreferences Test case Brand new install of 03/Feb/03 release, on www.phpwebhosting.com, specifically www.baanwiki... PhilCole -
2003-02-08 - 16:52 - 6 - Diffs
DefinitionListNotParsed: Bug: Definition List Not parsed Both in http://www.wiki.org (RobCampbellTest) and on a test site I installed on my own server, the following test case does NOT get... RobCampbell -
2002-03-25 - 06:37 - 3 - Diffs
EachPageMustBeReloaded: Bug: Each page must be reloaded Using the latest beta, I notice that each page gives this error: Template file view.tmpl not found or template directory /home/httpd... MurrayCumming -
2004-08-20 - 05:02 - 3 - Diffs
EatsLeadingWhitespace: Bug: Leading Whitespace lost Im having a problem with either: Loss of leading whitespace in topics when editing them and/or Rendering of twiki builtins... JohnCavanaugh -
2003-03-26 - 07:00 - 3 - Diffs
EditTablePluginAndCachePluginProblem: Bug: EditTablePlugin does work together with CachePlugin We installed first the EditTablePlugin. It works well. We installed the CachePlugin and activated... NorbertWindrich -
2003-01-29 - 15:22 - 6 - Diffs
EditWithUserTWikiAttachmentBug: Bug: User added attachment tag would truncate the text The current twiki.org instalation is showing a bug in the Edit script. A user unkowingly added the ! TWikiCat... EdgarBrown -
2001-08-27 - 00:09 - 3 - Diffs
EmptyDiffsOnTWikiDotOrg: Bug: some diffs are blank http://twiki.org/cgi bin/rdiff/Codev/FormattedSearch?rev1 1.24 rev2 1.23 is empty. So are .27 thru .25, 25 24 is okay, 24 23 is not, 23... MattWilkie -
2004-06-04 - 05:38 - 2 - Diffs
EndlessLoopWhenIncludingSelf: Bug: Percent include handleIncludeFile doesn`t check to see if it is self referential If a file percent includes itself directly, any page view of that file, or any... RichardWilliamson -
2003-12-16 - 15:26 - 4 - Diffs
FatalBugOnBeta010803: Bug: 404 error with Beta 03 Aug 2001 on Windows Unable to access any page beyond http://myserver.com/twiki010803/bin/view.pl (typical link not actual). Generated... DavidLeBlanc -
2001-08-07 - 16:28 - 4 - Diffs
ForceTopicCreateBroken: Bug: Force Topic does not permit override Normally TWiki will allow the user to override the wikiword filter check. Test case http://twiki.org/cgi bin/viewauth/Sandbox... MartinCleaver -
2005-02-18 - 17:50 - 4 - Diffs
ForceUseCategory: Context: I set up a hidden field in order to force the default value for the UseCategory field to `Yes` when creating a new page. I could... DanielKabs -
2001-08-22 - 05:41 - 7 - Diffs
ForeignLettersInWikiWordNotSupported: WikiWords don`t support foreign characters Foreign characters, like the norwegian ... ErikWinge -
2002-09-01 - 07:59 - 2 - Diffs
FormattedSearchLacksSummaryTypes: Summary Types not fully documented in 1742 If you look at http://www.phoneboy.com/bin/view.pl/TWiki/FormattedSearch (or any TWiki20040901 installation) and compare... MartinCleaver -
2004-10-27 - 08:01 - 3 - Diffs
FormattedSearchNotBehavingItself: See the first line of the table returned by the search in CategoryCategory. I`m qute sure it shouldn`t look like that! The search is: % SEARCH{`^CategoryDescription... CrawfordCurrie -
2004-03-02 - 10:03 - 5 - Diffs
FunnyTopicSorting: Bug: (title) FUNKY RESULTS WHEN USING `SEARCH` MACRO Test case In brief, when I use the `SEARCH` macro with defaults designed to yield the X most recently changed... MichaelKitchin -
2002-11-10 - 09:34 - 2 - Diffs
HeadingRenderingIsBroken: Bug: Heading rendering is broken after lists 1 If I have a numbered bullet with red text followed by a heading then it doesn`t render correctly. View topic raw... CrawfordCurrie -
2004-09-27 - 14:47 - 3 - Diffs
HeadlineRendersIncorrectly: Bug: Headline renders incorrectly The rendering of a headline depends on the capitalization of the text, which seems unituitive. Please consider the test case below... ThomasWeigert -
2002-08-09 - 16:23 - 4 - Diffs
ImproperRendering: Bug: Premature ending of code block Something in the following line stops it from being rendered correctly. The example uses the html tag code but the results are... MattWilkie -
2004-07-23 - 08:00 - 3 - Diffs
IncludeAttachFails: Bug: %INCLUDE attachment fails on twiki.org Attach a text file to a topic. INCLUDE that text file into a topic and you get: ERROR: TWiki::Net::getUrl connect: Connection... MattWilkie -
2002-12-12 - 07:12 - 2 - Diffs
InconsistentApiCallsInRendering: Bug: Data is passed inconsistently between the rendering functions TWiki::getRenderedVersion is always called with 2 arguments, text and web. However, it is defined... ThomasWeigert -
2004-01-02 - 05:03 - 3 - Diffs
KnowWebHomeInstructionsUnclear: Know.WebHome Instructions unclear On the Know.WebHome page under Starting points there is a bullet point telling the user how to submit a problem solution pair... MartinWatt -
2004-07-22 - 08:01 - 3 - Diffs
LoseIconsWhenModPerl: Bug: File Not Found Errors When Switching to ModPerl I hope I`m doing the right thing by opening a bug report instead of adding to ModPerl or TigerSkin... Everthing... MattWilkie -
2001-12-02 - 10:16 - 3 - Diffs
MailNotifyIssuesWithToLine: Bug: Mailnotify.tmpl page causes issues with the From: line I was trying to use mailnotify with the latest Twiki Beta, but kept getting the following error message... NathanReeves -
2004-02-10 - 08:41 - 2 - Diffs
MinorBugs: NOTE: Please do not use this topic, it makes tracking of fixes difficult. Submit a separate BugReport for each defect PTh List of minor / trivial bugs: Resolved... RichardDonkin -
2004-05-30 - 23:42 - 8 - Diffs
MoreIncludeProblems: Bug: More Include Problems I tried to attach a document containing HTML markup to a toic then include the attchment into the topic. This had a couple of problems... DarrylGreen -
2003-03-06 - 07:18 - 3 - Diffs
MozillaWontDisplayGraphicsOnTwikiOrg: UPDATE: Problem resolved. It was my mistake under `Tools Image Manager Manage Image Permissions` I had images disabled for this site. (For like 6 months?... RandyKramer -
2003-03-25 - 05:31 - 6 - Diffs
MultipleContentTypeHeaders: Bug: Multiple Content Type Headers output by TWiki All pages return a duplicate Content Type header. Browsers intermittently display header information, which is... ChrisWinters -
2003-01-23 - 13:10 - 3 - Diffs
NameNotFound: Bug: $name Not Found in apache error log In TWikiPreferences, if I use the automatic method of generating WIKIWEBLIST: Set WIKIWEBLIST % WEBLIST{`$name` separator... PeterThoeny -
2003-09-13 - 14:26 - 4 - Diffs
NoRobotsMetaTagInPageHead: Bug: Page Head has no robots meta tag meta robots tag is displayed as a blank line in page source though twiki.pattern.tmpl shows robot tag line in template. Test... GeoffJohnston -
2004-09-29 - 05:42 - 4 - Diffs
PagesDoNotValidate: Bug: Running the W3C validator against a page fails Pages do not validate with the W3C validator. Obviously sources of problem can be myriad. Templates in the TWiki... DickFurnas -
2004-07-18 - 08:12 - 2 - Diffs
PolishLanguageSetup: (Copied from ProposedUTF8SupportForI18N) I would like to make a small remark. I installed last stable release in Win 2000 using Cygwin, and all was OK except Polish... AndrzejGoralczyk -
2004-03-21 - 15:17 - 7 - Diffs
PreviewScriptTopicVariable: The $topic variable has been omitted from the readTemplate call on line 133 of the prieview script. Also, there is a typo (`use Category`) in the twikicatitems.tmpl... BenPhillips -
2001-11-23 - 09:46 - 1 - Diffs
ProblemSaving: If you have a page with a EDITTABLE table at the end, you can`t save it. CrawfordCurrie 21 Mar 2004 This only happens if there is only one line return at the end... CrawfordCurrie -
2004-04-21 - 14:23 - 4 - Diffs
RawViewWithMetaData: topic deprecated use ?raw debug Here is a small hack that may prove useful: a variant of the raw view where you also see the raw metadata . Apply the attached... ColasNahaboo -
2002-02-28 - 14:34 - 3 - Diffs
RcsRevisionsNotIncrementedForNewEditor: Bug: Enter bug title here See revision 1.63 of: http://twiki.org/cgi bin/rdiff/Plugins/KoalaSkinDev It looks like Colas was credited with a number of revisions... JohnRouillard -
2002-09-12 - 00:29 - 2 - Diffs
RememberRemoteUser: Bug: $doRememberRemoteUser `1` in lib/TWiki.cfg does not work properly. If use this Option with restricted view and 2 different users on the same host use the twiki... GuentherFischer -
2004-01-01 - 11:40 - 3 - Diffs
RenameParentCausesChildToLoseLink: Bug: RenameParentCausesChildToLoseLink If you rename a parent topic (e.g. from `TestTopicFoo` to `TestTopicFooRenamed`), then visit a child, the `Parents:` path at... TWikiGuest -
2004-07-14 - 08:26 - 3 - Diffs
SearchAndSpreadSheetPluginProblem: Bug: Search and SpreadSheetPlugin Problem There appears to be some issue with using functions from the SpreadSheetPlugin in a formatted search. I was trying to... ThomasWeigert -
2003-05-08 - 06:07 - 7 - Diffs
SearchDocumentationError: Bug: Unsupported parameters documented in TWikiVariables The documentation for % SEARCH% in TWikiVariables lists as supported parameters topic excludetopic... ThomasWeigert -
2004-01-03 - 08:35 - 6 - Diffs
SearchFormattingParsingBroken: Bug: Parsing of a formatted search breaks When entering legal wiki constructions in a formatted search, not all of them are working. This is not a regular expression... ThomasWeigert -
2003-05-05 - 00:18 - 2 - Diffs
SingleWikiWordInTableNotRendered: Bug: Single WikiWord in an HTML table isn`t rendered consistently Test case WikiWord becomes: WikiWord WikiWord becomes WikiWord I suggest a change like this... StefanLindmark -
2002-02-07 - 05:52 - 2 - Diffs
SitemapIgnoresSitePreferences: Bug: Sitemap ignores site preferences I need to be able to keep WEBBGCOLOR of a few webs in sync, so I assigned a default WEBBGOLOR in TWikiPreferences and specified... JohannesMartin -
2003-03-26 - 07:44 - 2 - Diffs
SkinNotUsed: Bug: (Skin Not Used) I installed the tiger skin plugin, set the skin tiger in twiki preferences and the skin doesn`t display automagically. It does display if I manually... DavidLeBlanc -
2001-12-20 - 09:46 - 2 - Diffs
SmileyEmoticonsNotWorking: Oops, nevermind. I think I have a problem with Mozilla 0.9.8. Ever since I tried to edit a TWikiDrawing with it, it has stopped showing gifs and some other graphics... RandyKramer -
2002-09-03 - 21:03 - 3 - Diffs
SortingTableWithRowspan: Bug: Sorting tables that use rowspan fails Since sorting only reorders the rows in the table, rowspan appear in wrong places. A solution is to repeat the content of... LouisGranboulan -
2004-06-11 - 14:41 - 2 - Diffs
SourceForgeImageSlow: Bug: The SourceForge image load is slow TWiki.org is now loading an image from SourceForge on every page (including Edit and Preview), via a PHP script which is currently... RichardDonkin -
2002-04-07 - 19:09 - 2 - Diffs
SpamProofing: Bug: Spam proofing not working in all cases Email addresses included indirectly in TWikiPreferences settings, e.g. % WEBCOPYRIGHT%, are not spam proofed. This is... RichardDonkin -
2002-11-10 - 11:56 - 3 - Diffs
StatisticsNotUpdating: Bug: Statistics not updating on Support web Support.WebStatistics only updated once in Oct 2004, on 3 Oct. The update before that was on 26 Sept. Codev.WebStatistics... RichardDonkin -
2004-10-31 - 17:01 - 2 - Diffs
StrangeWordWrapBeforeLiteralVariable: Bug: Strange word wrapping before ` ` variable When text enclosed in ` ` does not fit into the current line, a line break is rendered before the word preceding that... ThomasWeigert -
2005-01-30 - 19:34 - 2 - Diffs
TWikiCVSSitemapAllBlack: Bug: TWiki CVS: Sitemap Renders as all Black Using today`s (6/13/2002) TWiki CVS, all Sitemaps show up as solid black rectangles with only links showing in dark blue... DavidLeBlanc -
2004-09-06 - 06:38 - 5 - Diffs
TWikiOrgChanges: Bug: WebChanges on TWiki.org using old script Test case The Changes link, on the Codev web at least, is using the old changes script rather than WebChanges... RichardDonkin -
2002-02-13 - 17:44 - 3 - Diffs
TWikiStoreTopicImplInStorePm: Bug: $TWiki::StoreTopicImp is not set in Store.pm An `Edit` returns the message Software error: Can`t locate object method `new` via package `TWiki::Store... JanIvarPladsen -
2003-09-28 - 20:36 - 4 - Diffs
TWikiTemplatingSystemTopic: Bug: Error Rendering the page TWikiTemplatingSystem The first 25% or so of the page is not being converted from WikiNotation to html. The page appears to... MikeMannix -
2001-10-07 - 04:32 - 4 - Diffs
ThttpdTWikiCombination: environment: i386, openbsd 2.9 stable, thttpd 2.21b, lynx 2.8.4. it is not easy to get even `read only` mode to work when thttpd (a lean http daemon from http://acme... ClemensFischer -
2002-09-15 - 16:16 - 5 - Diffs
TopicParamInSearchDoesnotExpandVariablesError: Bug: Topic param in SEARCH does not expand variables such as URLPARAM topic parameter in SEARCH limits searches to specific topics. Like many other parameters, this... VinodKulkarni -
2004-07-18 - 03:39 - 3 - Diffs
TopicSaveError2: Bug: TopicSaveError2 After using the TWiki without problems for a couple of weeks, I got this error message: Topic save error During save of file Unix.WebHome... AndreasRother -
2004-07-20 - 07:50 - 3 - Diffs
TwikiDrawMozillaExplorerIncompatibility: Bug: TWiki Draw Mozilla/Explorer Incompatibility Text is rendered differently in TWikiDrawPlugin between IE/Win2K and Mozilla/Linux. The observed difference is specifically... JohnMcLaughlin -
2003-12-22 - 05:26 - 3 - Diffs
TwikiSiteMapUpdateForWebs: Bug: Site Map does not update properly for web wiki words WebPreferences for the TWiki.ACSA1 web set Set SITEMAPWHAT Getting Started Apple Certified System... VickiBrown -
2003-09-02 - 03:18 - 3 - Diffs
UninitializedValueTopicVarsPlugin: Bug: Uninitialized Value Messages in Apache`s error log file I installed this plugin and it works but when one makes a query to any TWiki page this message appears... PabloChamorro -
2002-01-09 - 06:52 - 2 - Diffs
UrlCorruptionWithMozilla: Refactored to just include essential info on this problem not a Mozilla bug. RichardDonkin 29 Sep 2001 View the pre refactored page here (opens a new window... RichardDonkin -
2002-07-17 - 18:02 - 14 - Diffs
UrlparamProblemWithSpace: Bug: Error when using urlparameter with space inside The error happends when including a .PHP script in twiki and passing GET variables with whitespace between those... NickyPrecht -
2003-12-08 - 17:33 - 3 - Diffs
UseScriptSuffix: I just installed the MikebSkin and had to edit it (view.mikeb.skin) to add `.pl` to all the references to the view script to make it work. This bug also exists on... DavidLeBlanc -
2001-09-28 - 16:46 - 4 - Diffs
UseXMPInsteadOfPRE: Bug: Instead of suggesting PRE tag try suggesting XMP tag (or suggest both) In various TWiki examples it`s stated that users can use the html tag, {PRE} this... TWikiGuest -
2002-01-01 - 01:51 - 2 - Diffs
VariableDifferencesInTemplates: Bug: TWikiVariables don`t seem to display consistently in templates There seems to be some difference between different types of variables, and the way they are displayed... RossC -
2002-10-20 - 07:28 - 2 - Diffs
VariableNotExpanded: Bug: TWiki variables are sometimes not expanded I have set SKIN to pattern in my personal page. But sometimes the new skin does not appear until I have used Edit.... ArthurClemens -
2004-08-04 - 05:55 - 2 - Diffs
VariableWIKINAMEDoesNotWork: Bug: Using % WIKINAME% doesn`t seem to work Installed production dec 2001 on red hat apache 1.3. Using .htaccess authentication which works great. I can... TWikiGuest -
2004-01-01 - 10:14 - 3 - Diffs
VerbatimSquareBracketBug: Bug: Verbatim on single line has problems, and square bracket link with ampersand has problems 1 Double square bracket breaks with inside 1 Double square bracket... JonathanCline -
2004-07-23 - 07:39 - 3 - Diffs
ViewAfterSaveLosesText: Bug: View after Save loses text This was previously reported indirectly as the reason for SavePreviewTextOnServer, see discussion there and in ViewAfterSaveCachesOldPage... RichardDonkin -
2004-07-29 - 01:26 - 9 - Diffs
WebChangesSortedWrongly: Bug: included WebChanges are sorted A Z instead of by modified time This bug is in RcsLite. This was found during the testing of RevisionDateJan1970. Test case... SvenDowideit -
2004-06-30 - 10:27 - 4 - Diffs
WebNameExpansion: Bug: WEB NAME EXPANSION WITH CERTAIN TEXT Test case The following notation will create a link to a .WikiWord using different text (see raw text): Edit: <nop... MichaelKitchin -
2001-11-23 - 09:39 - 2 - Diffs
WebNotifyIgnoresEMailChange: Web Notify ignores changes to EMail I`ve changed my email on the Subscribe / Unsubscribe page: http://TWiki.org/cgi bin/view/Codev/WebNotify But mail is still... JimAtkins -
2003-05-24 - 06:01 - 2 - Diffs
WhyBaseTag: We`ve recently noticed the use of the BASE tag in the TWiki templates. This sometimes causes problems and we can`t work out why it`s needed, given that relative URLs... JohnTalintyre -
2001-09-28 - 16:40 - 11 - Diffs
WikiSyntaxDisablesWikiWord: Bug: WikiSyntax makeup disables WikiWords autolinking Typing something like this WikiWord does not result in WikiWord . Neither WordWord , nor WordWord... VladimirPodryvanov -
2004-09-17 - 13:34 - 3 - Diffs
WikiWordCreatedWithHypen: Bug: WikiWords can be boundary ified with hyphens LikeThis AndSuch See test case. Not a critical bug. I thought that wiki words were indicated by \sCapitalizedWords... JonathanCline -
2002-07-17 - 05:40 - 2 - Diffs
WikiWordInTagsNotCreated: Bug: Wiki Word in Tags not created WikiWord links are not created when the WikiWord is surrounded by html, xml, or xhtml tags. This bug effectively embargos Twiki... LeeBottemiller -
2003-01-27 - 22:33 - 5 - Diffs
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